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Rathian is a flying wyvern that’s been around since the very first Monster Hunter, nicknamed the “Queen of the Lands”. Appears in the 4-star Village Quest “The Queen’s Procession.”


(1 of 2) Fighting the Rathian at the Sandy Plains.

Fighting the Rathian at the Sandy Plains. (left), Rathians page in the Hunters Notes. (right)

Rathian is one of the classic monsters that’s been around since forever. Her male counterpart is the Rathalos, another Monster Hunter mainstay.

The big things to watch out for are Rathian’s fireballs and her deadly, poison-coated tail. So long as you stay clear of those, you should be able to wreck her eventually.


(1 of 2) Rathians parts and elemental susceptibility.

Rathians parts and elemental susceptibility. (left), Rathians ailment susceptibility. (right)

Parts Elements Ailments
Head Dragon Thunderblight

Attack Patterns


(1 of 2) Rathian lunges forward.

Rathian lunges forward. (left), Before biting in front of her. (right)

A simple attack where Rathian uses her jaws to bite you. She can do it while stationary or after lunging forward. You don’t get a lot of reaction time, but if you make a habit of dodging to the side, you should be OK.


(1 of 2) A single fireball.

A single fireball. (left), A fireball shot to the left. (right)

Rathian can shoot a single fireball in front. Or three fireballs in quick succession, aiming towards the middle, left and right (your perspective). Before she shoots a fireball, she’ll twirl her head around while stationary. As long as you’re not directly in front, you can use this opportunity to get some attacks in or inch closer to the queen.

Double Tail Spin

(1 of 2) Rathian will do two tail spins in a row.

Rathian will do two tail spins in a row. (left), The second tail spin can catch you off guard, but its easy once you know it. (right)

Look out for when Rathian is looking sideways on the ground (like she wants to chase her tail). She’ll spin around 180 degrees, whacking unsuspecting hunters with her long tail. Right afterwards, she’ll do another 180 degree spin to return to her original position. You can keep your distance or go underneath her legs.

Tail Whip

(1 of 2) Watch Out!, Incoming!, Be Careful!

Watch Out!, Incoming!, Be Careful! (left), Dodge to the side when you hear warnings like those. (right)

This is the move you really want to avoid, although it’s not too tricky. You will always get an audible warning before it’s used. Rathian will fly up and do a somersault, swinging her long tail to smack whatever’s in front. If you’re hit by it, it will do a lot of damage and inflict poison. Ouch.

Rathian can use this move from the ground or while in mid-air. Also, she can use it frequently, so you may hear a lot of “watch out!“s at times. This move has a fairly narrow range, so keep to the side or roll away and you should be good. If it’s safe, you can use this opportunity to attack Rathian as she returns to the ground.


(1 of 2) Rathian will turn towards the direction shell charge at.

Rathian will turn towards the direction shell charge at. (left), She will only stop after semi-collapsing. But shell immediately ready another move. (right)

On the ground, Rathian may start charging around the place. When she stops, she’ll turn around and change direction and repeat this until she’s charged 3 times or so. At the end of the final charge, her legs will buckle down. However, it’s still not 100% safe, because Rathian may chain another move, like a Bite or Fireball. Or even another round of 3 charges!

If you get caught by the move, use wirefall to get out of the way ASAP. Or don’t move and take advantage of your i-frames while knocked down. Otherwise, you’re liable to get hit again when Rathian comes back for another charge.

Aerial Dive

(1 of 2) When Rathian flies up and theres no audible warning…

When Rathian flies up and theres no audible warning… (left), Shes likely preparing for an aerial dive. (right)

While in the air, Rathian can swoop down at great speed. Despite Rathian’s big size, the hitbox for this move is fairly narrow–confined to her body, not wings. So you can avoid it by dodging to the side. You can recognize this move because Rathian will fly up and no audible warning will trigger.


(1 of 2) Focus your efforts on her tail.

Focus your efforts on her tail. (left), Once her tail comes off, her attacks will be much easier to dodge. (right)

To begin with, prioritize cutting off Rathian’s tail. This will greatly reduce the attack range of her most annoying moves. Safe opportunities to attack her tail include right after a Tail Whip and during her Fireballs. Try to keep your cool and aim where her tail is–or where you think it’ll be after a Tail Whip.

Generally, you’re relatively safe sticking close to Rathian–behind her or to the sides. If you’re next to her, you can’t be hit by her Fireballs or Double Tail Spin. Just remember to dodge the Tail Whip when you hear the warnings. A disadvantage of being close is that you may be trampled by a Charge, but you can use Wirefall to save yourself.

(1 of 2) After severing the tail, the Double Tail Spin should never hit you.

After severing the tail, the Double Tail Spin should never hit you. (left), Similarly, youd have to be unlucky to get hit by the Tail Whip. (right)

Once her tail’s cut off, her strongest move–the Tail Whip–will be neutered. That said, you should try to dodge it because it can still poison you if you’re very close. Likewise, her Double Tail Spin becomes laughable. From this point, use the exact same strategy as before, but focus on her head.

Another thing you can do is target Rathian’s legs. After dealing enough damage, Rathian will fall down and become stunned for a while. Giving you plenty of time to get some easy hits in. If you’re struggling to cut off her tail, you can target her tail while she’s stunned. Likewise, you can stun her after a successful Wyvern Ride.

Material Drops (Low Rank)

Drop list for Low Rank Rathian. Good luck finding a Rathian Plate.

Target Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
Rathian Scale 14
Rathian Shell 28
Rathian Webbing 19
Rathian Spike 7
Flame Sac 17
Monster Bone L 13
Rathian Plate 2

Capture Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
Rathian Scale 16
Rathian Shell 34
Flame Sac 21
Rathian Plate 3
Rath Wingtalon 14
Rathalos Marrow 12

Broken Part Reward

Material Drop Rate (%)
Rathian Scale 60 (Head)
Rathian Shell 36 (Head), 29 (Back)
Rathian Webbing 20 (Wing)
Rathian Spike 70 (Back)
Rathian Plate 4 (Head), 1 (Back)
Rath Wingtalon 80 (Wing)


Material Drop Rate (%)
Rathian Scale 50 (Tail), 38 (Body)
Rathian Shell 26 (Body)
Rathian Webbing 17 (Body)
Rathian Spike 40 (Tail), 5 (Body)
Flame Sac 13 (Body)
Rathian Plate 3 (Tail), 1 (Body)
Rathalos Marrow 7 (Tail)

Dropped Materials

Material Drop Rate (%)
Rathian Scale 45, 45
Rathian Shell 0, 39
Rathian Spike 4, 1
Rathian Plate 1, 0
Rath Wingtalon 0, 15
Wyvern Tear 50, 0

Material Drops (High Rank)

Coming Soon!


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