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Talismans are special accessories that can be equipped to provide passive skills for your hunter. They’re unlocked after progessing relatively far in the game.

How to Unlock Talismans

(1 of 2) The Melding Pot will unlock as you play the game.

The Melding Pot will unlock as you play the game. (left), You may be here for a long time… (right)

You’ll be able to craft and equip talismans when the Melding Pot is added to the market. To make the Melding Pot appear, you must complete any quest after unlocking 5-star Village Quests or 3-star Hub Quests. This will require beating the Urgent Quest “Comeuppance” or “Hellfire”, where you’re tasked with defeating Magnamalo.

Using the Melding Pot

Speak to the merchant who usually sells items (Kagero in Kamura Village or Maido in the Gathering Hub) and you’ll be given a tutorial about using the melding pot. From then on, you can access the melding pot from the shop menu.

To start with, there will only be one melding option: Reflecting Pool. However, more melding options will be unlocked as you keep playing the game.

Melding Options

Option Description How to Unlock
Reflecting Pool Can choose 1 skill Unlock 5-star Village Quests or 3-star Hub Quests
Haze Can choose 1 skill Unlock 5-star Hub Quests
Moonbow Can choose 1 skill Unlock 7-star Hub Quests
Wisp of Mystery Skills are random Clear the Hub Quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder”
Rebirth Skills are random Clear the Hub Quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder”

How Melding Works

(1 of 2) Step 1: Pick a skill (if given the chance).

Step 1: Pick a skill (if given the chance). (left), Step 2: Pay up. (Optional Step 3: Pray.) (right)

When you select one of the first three melding options, you’ll be shown a big list of passive skills, from which you can choose one. Be aware that your chosen skill may not be guaranteed to appear on your talisman; each skill has a probability, displayed on the left when choosing (shown as “rate of earning skills”).

The available skills (and their probability) depends on the melding option. So be sure to browse around.

After choosing your desired skill or selecting the last two melding options, you’ll then be asked to pay a certain amount of Kamura Points, earned by finishing quests and optional sidequests. In addition, you must deliver enough points worth of materials to fill the meter on the right. The rarer the material, the more points it’s worth.

Once you’ve confirmed your payment, your talisman request will appear in the orders window on the right. You may notice you can queue multiple orders at once (3 at the start, but increases up to 10). Doing so won’t speed up production, but it’s useful if you want to order everything at once.

Receiving Your Talisman

(1 of 2) Select the “Take” option to pick up your talisman.

Select the “Take” option to pick up your talisman. (left), Eh… Not the greatest talisman in the world, but you’ve got to start somewhere! (right)

After placing an order for a talisman, one order will be fulfilled per finished quest, except for Expedition Quests. By “finish”, failing a quest also works. In fact, it’s the fastest way to get your talismans. So long as you don’t mind the indignity of being carted!

When receiving your talisman, the skills, their skill level and the number of slots are all randomized. Also, you cannot upgrade talismans, so if you want better ones, you need to keep ordering talismans until you get ones with higher skill levels and more slots. Welcome to the talisman grind!

Equipping a Talisman

To equip your Talisman, go to your item box (eg. in your room), select “Manage Equipment” and “Change Equipment”. There will be an equippable slot for talismans near the bottom, below Petalace. If the Talisman slot isn’t there, you don’t have any Talismans to equip.

Passive Skills

Reflecting Pool


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Coming Soon!

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