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Monster Hunter Rise

Wyvern Riding: How to Ride Monsters

Vincent Lau

Wyvern Riding is a new addition to Monster Hunter Rise, where you can ride large monsters and control them for a period of time. While riding a monster, you can attack other monsters or make them hurt themselves.

How to Ride a Monster

(1 of 2) When a monster is in the mountable state, you can ride them by attacking or by pressing A when sheathed.

When a monster is in the mountable state, you can ride them by attacking or by pressing A when sheathed. (left), Here, a Great Izuchi knocked down an Arzuros for us to mount. (right)

In order to Wyvern Ride, the monster must be in a Mountable State. You can trigger this state via the following methods:

  1. Use aerial attacks (eg. using your Wirebug) or Silkbind attacks to inflict blue-colored damage. Not recommended for the target monster in a quest, because a lot of damage is required. But useful versus other large monsters.

  2. Wait for two large monsters to fight each other (you also can use a Stinkmink to lure monsters). When one of the large monsters is beaten by the other, you can mount them.

  3. While wyvern riding, launch the monster you’re currently riding into another monster. This will make the other monster mountable.

  4. Activate the Endemic Life, Puppet Spider.

When a monster is in the Mountable State, approach them and press the A button with your weapon put away. Or simply attack them.

Wyvern Riding Controls

Once you’re on top of your monster, great. This is where the fun really starts!

(1 of 2) Monsters generally maneuver like trucks.

Monsters generally maneuver like trucks. (left), Luckily, all the button prompts are clearly displayed. (right)

Button(s) Action Description
Left stick, while holding R Move around Take your monster wherever you want!
A Strong Attack Perform a hard-hitting, but slow attack.
B Evade Dodge the enemy’s attack. Consumes 1 Wirebug.
X Light Attack Perform a weak, but fast attack.
Y Launch monster Send the monster charging forward, ending Wyvern Riding.
X + A Mounted Punisher An extremely powerful attack that ends Wyvern Riding.

Time Limit

Obviously, you can’t ride your monster forever. At the bottom, there’s a Wyvern Riding Gauge, with a timer towards the left that slowly ticks down. The clock speeds up when you’re hit by other monsters. Conversely, you’ll gain more time if you damage other monsters.

Shrugging Off Attacks

If you dodge an enemy’s attack at the right time by moving around or pressing the B button to Evade, your opponent will be stunned and your Wyvern Riding Gauge will increase.

Launching Monsters

Pressing the Y button will send your monster charging forwards, while you leap off it, ending Wyvern Riding. You can launch monsters into walls or other monsters to topple them. Some walls and other objects can be broken this way.

If you press the B button at the moment a monster slams into a wall, you can jump back on the monster to launch it a second time.

Mounted Punisher

(1 of 2) Before using the Mounted Punisher, attack your foe to topple them and stop them moving.

Before using the Mounted Punisher, attack your foe to topple them and stop them moving. (left), The Mounted Punisher has a fairly long wind-up time, so you don’t want to miss! (right)

This is a special attack that can be performed when your Wyvern Riding Gauge is full. You can increase the gauge by attacking monsters or shrugging off attacks.

Once the gauge is full up, a “Mounted Punisher” prompt will appear above the gauge. When this happens, press X and A together to unleash a devastating Mounted Punisher on your foe.

You have a limited amount of time to use the Mounted Punisher when it’s available. This is indicated by the Wyvern Riding Gauge decreasing. However, it’s a good idea to use a few strong/light attacks since your mount is invincible during this period and all attacks will topple your foe!

After using the Mounted Punisher (or when the gauge fully depletes), you’ll automatically dismount.

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