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Great Baggi

Ben Chard

Great Baggi is a Bird Wyvern monster that was first introduced in Monster Hunter 3. During the story, it’s first encountered in the 2 Star Quest, Out Cold. It’s characterized by it’s ability to stun it’s prey with a tranquilizing fluid.


(1 of 2) Fighting Great Baggi in the Frost Islands

Fighting Great Baggi in the Frost Islands (left), Great Baggi’s profile from the in-game Hunter’s Notes. (right)

You encounter Great Baggi early enough in your hunting career that it shouldn’t pose too many problems, especially at Low Rank. If you’re following the Village Quests in order, this is most likely your second hunt for a Large Monster and Great Baggi is not too different from Great Izuchi.

Great Baggi’s hunt revolves around it’s Tranquilizing Fluid that it spits out at regular intervals. Get Struck by this and you’ll soon be taking a nap, leaving you completely open to follow up attacks from Great Baggi. Learn the tell behind this attack however and you’ll find there are plenty of openings to take advantage of.


(1 of 2) Great Baggi’s part and elemental susceptibility

Great Baggi’s part and elemental susceptibility (left), Great Baggi’s ailment susceptibility. (right)

Parts Elements Ailments
Head Fire, Water and Electric Paralysis, Blast and Exhaust

Attack Patterns


(1 of 2) When you see Great Baggi wind up like this

When you see Great Baggi wind up like this (left), get out of the way to avoid the incoming ram that will knock you back. (right)

One of the more common attacks that Great Baggi will use against you. If you look carefully, you’ll see it quickly wind back before launching itself at you. Great Baggi will attempt to use this attack when you’re striking from the side and will perform it at greater speed when it’s enraged.


Great Baggi will lunge forward and attempt to take a bite out of you.

Like the Ram above, this is an attack you’ll see often when attacking from the front. This is a simple, quick attack that deals light damage to you, it won’t kill you outright but if you take too many hits, it will build up overtime.

Sleep Fluid

(1 of 2) Great Baggi will always start by getting its distance from you

Great Baggi will always start by getting its distance from you (left), before spewing a bubble that will inflict Sleep on you. (right)

This is by far Great Baggi’s most damaging attack. Great Baggi will gain some distance on you and then spit out sedative venom that if struck by, will cause your character to wander around a little before falling asleep. This leaves you open to all of Great Baggi’s other attacks however you can avoid falling asleep by quickly using an Energy Drink when struck by it. Likewise, if your chosen weapon features a shield, such as the Lance, Gunlance or Sword and Shield, you can block through this to take damage but not the Sleep effect.


(1 of 2) When you see Great Baggi approach you with its head held high

When you see Great Baggi approach you with its head held high (left), it will attempt to sweep you, causing knockback in the process. (right)

Great Baggi won’t use this attack as frequently as some of his others however it will appear more often when it’s enraged or while you’re asleep. This deals more damage than any of Great Baggi’s other attacks can be particuarly lethal when used if you’re asleep.

Tail Spin

Great Baggi will usually use the Tail Spin twice in a row.

This is another attack that is common when attacking Great Baggi head on. Great Baggi will swing its tail in a wide arc and then follow this up with another for a quick double attack. This does minor damage but can add up if you’re struck by both hits.


Great Baggi is never a great threat regardless of what rank you’re fighting it on but to make like easier, consider bringing resistance to Sleep to make like easier. You’ll also want to try and bring a weapon with the Fire Element for the greatest damage or Water and Thunder otherwise to still cause extra damage. Likewise, consider bringing Energy Drinks with you if you don’t have any resistance to Sleep so that you can avoid falling unconscious if struck by the attack.

When you first approach Great Baggi, you’ll spot regular Baggi’s accompanying it, this can cause a minor nuisance as they too have the ability to use a Sleep Attack and make the hunt a lot more unpleasant. If this is your first time hunting Great Baggi, consider dealing with these first otherwise you can safely ignore them and leave them to your Palicos and Palamutes to deal with. Do beware however, when Great Baggi howls, you’ll have another two to three Baggi’s incoming so adjust accordingly if needed.

Great Baggi’s attacks aren’t overly damaging outside of the Sweep however it is a monster that has some deftness so you’ll need to keep on top of evading or blocking against it. Despite most weapons with shields (outside of Sword and Shield) being on the slower end of playstyles, they’ll have an easier time here as you can block through most of Great Baggi’s attacks, even it’s Sleep Attack but it’s a better option to avoid it altogether.

Where you attack from will have bearing on what attacks Great Baggi attempts to use against you. Attacking from the front will cause it to use it’s Bite and Tail Spin attacks more frequently while attacking from the side will cause it to use its more troublesome Ram attack. The Ram is however a lot easier to avoid due to its telegraph so your primary opening should be to evade the Sleep Attack and then close in from the side to start striking at it.

Its weak point is hits head and there’s some useful materials to obtain by breaking the part. Its size makes its head a tempting target and breaking the part will exhaust the monster, slowing it down greatly. Its also vulnerable to every trap and bomb giving you even more options to take it down quickly. Bring a Shock Trap and use it to allow you to focus on breaking the head quickly and a simple battle following it becoming exhausted.

Material Drops (Low Rank)

Great Baggi’s Low Rank drops.

Target Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
Great Baggi Hide 21%
Great Baggi Claw 36%
King’s Crest 5%
Sleep Sac 24%
Monster Bone M 14%

Capture Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
Great Baggi Hide 21%
Great Baggi Claw 46%
King’s Crest 15%
Monster Bone M 18%

Broken Parts Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
King’s Crest 70%
Sleep Sac 30%


Material Drop Rate (%)
Great Baggi Hide 40%
Great Baggi Claw 33%
Sleep Sac 27%

Dropped Materials

Material Drop Rate (%)
Great Baggi Hide 70%
Great Baggi Claw 30%
Wyvern Tear 50%

Material Drops (High Rank)

Coming Soon!


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