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Aknosom is a giant crane-like monster that’s new to Monster Hunter Rise. During the story, it’s first encountered in the Urgent Quest, “Feathered Frenzy”. It has a distinctive frill collar and is capable of breathing fireballs.


(1 of 2) Fighting Aknosom at the Shrine Ruins.

Fighting Aknosom at the Shrine Ruins. (left), Aknosom’s profile from the in-game Hunter’s Notes. (right)

Compared to the Great Izuchi encountered in the previous urgent quest, Aknosom is a big step up. Unsurprisingly for a bird, it’s extremely agile; although–fortunately for you–it’ll spend most of the fight on the ground. Its weapons of choice are its long, sharp beak and massive wingspan. When pushed, it can shoot dangerous fire balls.

Aknosom’s main gimmick is that it supposedly resembles a parasol. Its long legs represent the handle of the parasol, while its large, collar frill can fold in and out like the canopy of parasol. The shape of the frill sometimes provides an indication of what attacks Aknosom will use.


(1 of 2) Aknosom’s part and elemental susceptibility.

Aknosom’s part and elemental susceptibility. (left), Aknosom’s ailment susceptibility. (right)

Parts Elements Ailments
Head, Crest and Wing Water and Electric Blast and Waterblight

Attack Patterns

Beak Stab

(1 of 2) Aknosom will stand on one leg and make a cry.

Aknosom will stand on one leg and make a cry. (left), It’ll then spin towards you and quickly stab the ground. (right)

A basic, but annoying attack. Aknosom will fan out its collar, then briefly stand on one leg. It’ll then quickly turn and slam its beak into the ground. When angry, it can do this attack two or three times in a row, with a brief pause in-between.

Wing Attack

(1 of 2) This move is telegraphed by Aknosom hopping around on one foot.

This move is telegraphed by Aknosom hopping around on one foot. (left), It will then spin in the air while sweeping its wings. Either get away or block/counter. (right)

Watch out if Aknosom starts hopping around on one foot, like it’s “dancing”. This means it’s about to do a big sweeping wing attack. Occasionally it’ll do another of these after the first one. During this move, Aknosom may tighten its collar (like a closed parasol).

Leg Slam

This is a somewhat rare attack where the Aknosom lifts its leg talons up, flies slightly up and then slams its legs straight forward. Afterwards, it’ll usually transition to a different move like the beak stab or wing attack.

Charging Attack

(1 of 2) Aknosom will fold up its wings and charge forward.

Aknosom will fold up its wings and charge forward. (left), If it misses, it’ll crash into the floor. (right)

Aknosom will rush backwards and bow down, before charging straight ahead at high speed. As long as you’re paying attention, this attack is easy to dodge or block. If Aknosom misses, it’ll comedically topple over, giving you a chance to wallop it.

If Aknosom’s collar is fanned out, it may charge in the opposite direction, while swerving all over the place. You might mistakingly think it’s missed you, but it will turn around and charge towards you. Since it’s swerving around, it can hard to dodge on the ground. You can wiredash to leap out of the way.


(1 of 2) This is Aknosom’s most dangerous move.

This is Aknosom’s most dangerous move. (left), But it’s fairly easy to avoid, by being faraway or standing next to it. (right)

There are a few varations of this.

Firstly, Aknosom may swirl its head around, before shooting three fireballs forward. Secondly, it can hover in the air and shoot fireballs; after the first bunch of fireballs, it may rotate in the air and shoot some more. Finally, it can launch multiple fireballs upwards–this is preceded by an audible warning.

Fireballs linger on the floor for a bit, so take care not to step on them. If you touch a fireball, there’s a chance of being fire blighted, which eats away at your health for a while. When Aknosom is flying, if you can interrupt its attack (eg. using a wirebug to fly up), you can often stun it.


If you’re tackling this oversized bird for the first time, it’s a good idea to wear the Great Izuchi armor. This armor has good defense early on and has Fire resistance, helpful for weakening Aknosom’s fireballs. Also, bring Nulberries in case you’re inflicted with fire blight from a stray fireball. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to panic while trying to eat a Nulberry; alternatively you can roll around to put out the fire.

Melee attackers should be cautious as Aknosom has many attacks to punish slowpokes. While you’re attacking close up, keep your eyes and ears peeled. Most of the attacks have visual and audible tells. So try to learn them and then react accordingly, either dodging out of the way or blocking/countering. Some of its attacks can be chained, so you may need to keep your distance after dodging the first time.

(1 of 2) If you’re close enough, the fireballs can’t touch you.

If you’re close enough, the fireballs can’t touch you. (left), Smack its head, crest and wings for big damage. (right)

One of the safest times to hit Aknosom is after its charging attack, where it flops down on the floor. The first variation of this is easy to avoid since it’s a straight line and Aknosom has a pretty narrow hitbox. That said, Aknosom may end up a long distance away from you, so get ready to wiredash to where you think it’ll go. The second variation may catch you off guard at first, but you should recognize it afterwards.

It may seem dangerous, but when Aknosom is shooting fireballs, that’s also a good time to lay the smackdown. For the frontal fireball assault, obviously don’t stand in front of Aknosom–move to the side or behind. If Aknosom is flying, it’s a bit more dangerous; if you’re already faraway, you can instead stun it with an aerial attack. Lastly, if Aknosom is shooting fireballs up, the fireballs won’t hit you if you’re next to it.

(1 of 2) When two large monsters meet, let them fight each other.

When two large monsters meet, let them fight each other. (left), Afterwards, ride the beaten monster and let them work for you! (right)

Don’t forget to take advantage of Wyvern Riding if you haven’t already done so. By the time you fight Aknosom, there should be other large monsters around. During the fight, there’s a good chance Aknosom will end up running to a zone with another large monster. Sit back and let the monsters duke it out, then ride the stunned monster. If Aknosom is stunned, you can launch it at the other monster so you can ride that one and make it hurt Aknosom.

Otherwise, you can begin the hunt by seeking out the other large monster first, then use aerial/silkbind attacks to make it mountable and ride it all the way to Aknosom. It’s slightly long-winded, but it’s a good way to get some easy damage early in. When you’re not taking damage, the time limit for wyvern riding is pretty generous, so don’t worry if Aknosom is halfway across the map.

Material Drops (Low Rank)

Table of Low Rank Aknosom’s materials.

Target Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
Aknosom Scale 24
Aknosom Feather 32
Aknosom Beak 8
Flame Sac 24
Monster Bone M 12

Capture Rewards

Material Drop Rate (%)
Aknosom Scale 24
Aknosom Feather 39
Aknosom Beak 12
Flame Sac 20
Aknosom Crest 5

Broken Parts

Material Drop Rate (%)
Aknosom Scale 30 (Beak), 100 (Tail)
Aknosom Feather 100 (Wing)
Aknosom Beak 70 (Beak)
Aknosom Crest 100 (Crest)


Material Drop Rate (%)
Aknosom Scale 43
Aknosom Feather 31
Aknosom Beak 5
Flame Sac 21

Dropped Materials

Material Drop Rate (%)
Aknosom Scale 35, 70
Aknosom Feather 15, 30
Wyvern Tear 50, 0

Material Drops (High Rank)

Coming Soon!


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