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Monster Hunter Rise

Buddy Plaza

Shane Williams

The Buddy Plaza is a new feature added into Monster Hunter Rise. It can be accessed by going across the bridge to the east of Kamura Village.

Overlook of Buddy Plaza.

Available Buddy Plaza Facilities

Within the Buddy Plaza you’ll have access to a variety of things. Below you’ll find a list of the Facilities that can be used in the Buddy Plaza

Buddy Board

The Buddy Board can be used to choose the buddies you wish to take on your next hunt. You can also change their equipment/skills here to better fit your next battle.

Buddy Dojo

The Buddy Dojo who is managed by Shirbuei is where you send your buddies for training. This will increase their level, allowing access to more skills.

Buddy Tickets

Buddy Ticket are a new item added in Monster Hunter Rise and is acquired by Shirubei after you’ve completed a few quests. These can used to craft/upgrade the following Buddy Weapons and Armor.

Buddy Scout

The Buddy Scout facility which is managed by Iori can be used to change the appearance of your current buddies or hire new Palamutes and Palicos to join your team. If you choose “Hire” and you’ll be given a list of available buddies at that time. The types/levels will change after returning from quests. If you choose “Scout a Buddy” you’ll be given a list of options, such as their appearance and type to allow you to be more specific on the buddy you want.


The Meowcenaries who are managed by Kogarashi can be used to dispatch your Palamutes and Palicos to different areas in order to gather items and monster materials. You’ll gain access to more areas and monsters for your buddies to explore and beat once you’ve unlocked and defeated the monsters via Village Quests.

When setting up your buddies expedition, you’ll have an option to use a Lagniapple which will massively increase the effort your buddies put in. These can be acquired through Side Quests, Meowcenaries and sometimes Cohoot will have some in his nest.

The Argosy

The Argosy which is managed by Rondine can be used to order items like you did with the Botanical Research back in Monster Hunter: World. The amount of buddies you can send out is determined by how many submarine you have access to (max 3).

  • How to unlock Submarines
Name Requirement
Submarine 1 Reach 2★ Village/Hub Quest
Submarine 2 Reach 3★ Village/Hub Quest / Complete Cultural Exchange
Submarine 3 Reach 6★ Village Quests / Complete Economic Stimulation

Whilst you’re setting up your Buddies Trade Mission, you’ll be able to add a Bargaining Skill which will increase the amount of items that your buddy will bring back. Like with Meowcenaries you’ll be able to use a Lagniapple which will increase the amount of effort your buddies put in.

  • Bargaining Skills
Name Level Kamura Points
Casual Bargain 5+ 100
Speedy Bargain 15+ 150
Shiny Bargain 25+ 300
EZ-PZ Bargain 30+ 250
Breakneck Bargain 35+ 300

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