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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Rebuild Your Clan

Scott Peers

How To Rebuild Your Clan

This quest is relatively simple, with four main objectives:

  • Increase your denars by 1,000

  • Grow your party to 20 troops

  • Reach Clan Tier 1

  • Hire 1 Companion

These objectives form the basis of what it means to build and maintain a clan. Once you have accomplished each objective as set out in the quest, you should work toward furthering them at all times to ensure that you are strong enough to contend with threats and expand your influence. This means that you should increase the amount of troops you’re able to recruit whenever you can, and you should try to hire as many companions as you are permitted as soon as possible to ensure that they can progress with you. When you reach a new clan tier, the amount of troops and companions that you can recruit will increase. However, you will need to ensure that you balance any recruitment with a sufficient amount of denars to pay for them.

Recruit 20 Troops

Immediately after the tutorial, you will be left alone just north of the village of Tevea. Before you do anything else, make your way back to Tevea and recruit whatever troops are available. In addition, be sure to purchase some more food so that you can sustain them. You don’t need to worry about spending too much at this point; it won’t be long before you encounter a few groups of enemies which your troops can easily deal with, returning a substantial return for your investment in the form of loot and prisoners. The type of troops that you can recruit at this point are limited, but you will be able to customize their skill path as they level up. You can travel to villages, towns, castles, and other settlements nearby to recruit more troops if you wish, but be sure to leave at least one place in your total number of potential troops for a companion, as detailed below.

You can recruit numerous troops of different individuals in most settlements. If you have a good relations with someone, they may offer higher quality troops for purchase.

Increase Denars by 1,000

There are numerous ways to make money in Bannerlord, but one of the most effective in the early game is to simply hunt down and defeat looters, raiders, and other types of bandits which roam the map. You will find them wherever you go in groups of various sizes, commonly ranging from 6-19 troops. Naturally, defeating the larger groups will yield more prisoners and loot, both of which can be sold at nearby settlements. The loot can be sold to any merchant with enough denars to afford it, whereas the prisoners will need to be sold at a tavern. Another method of earning denars at this point involves participating in arena fights. The nearest arena to Tevea is located in Poros, a castle to the south west. While there may be no tournament on at this time, you can join practice fights and earn 250 denars if you win, with each fight taking no more than 10 minutes. Following these two methods will gain you 1,000 denars in a short amount of time, but if you would like to earn more in different ways, see How to Make Money.

(1 of 4) Assaulting hideouts will provide you with a base amount of denars, usually around 80, in addition to that which you gain from selling loot.

Hire 1 Companion

To hire a companion you will need to visit a tavern within a large settlement. The nearest large settlement is Poros, the castle to the south west of Tevea. However, you don’t need to settle for the first companion that you encounter there. You can visit any number of large settlements throughout Calradia, taking your own time to choose which companion you want to invite to your clan. Once you have found an appropriate candidate, you will need to pay a substantial amount of denars to hire them. The amount usually ranges anywhere between 1,300 - 1,900 denars to begin with. When choosing a companion, listen carefully as they tell you their story. If the story reveals aspects of their character which seem boastful, deceitful, or cruel, they may prove more trouble than they’re worth. An untrustworthy companion is likely to revolt or betray you later on. If a companion seems genuine and honest, you can count on building a good relationship with them to the point where you can rely on their loyalty.

(1 of 3) Go to any settlement and enter the tavern menu to see if there are any companions available for hiring.

Reaching Clan Tier 1

Once you have recruited 20 troops, hired 1 companion, and earned 1,000 denars, it is likely that you will have already attained 50 renown. This is required to reach Clan Tier 1, and can be tracked in the quest description or the clan tab. If for whatever reason you haven’t yet reached it, you can engage in more battles with local bandits or complete minor trading quests to raise your renown. In addition, you can compete in tournaments or engage in practice arena fights to earn renown. To find out where the nearest tournament is taking place, speak with a tournament master at any arena.

The battles are the quickest method, but if you prefer the trading route you can find minor quests by entering any large settlement and looking for characters with blue exclamation marks associated with them. This indicates that they are available to offer a quest, but the quest may not always benefit you. Some quests are given by criminals who will ask you to break the local law and exchange goods with other criminals.

You can identify these quests by the tone of the dialogue, which usually explicitly states that the action you’re being asked to take is criminal. However, if you’re willing to earn denars at any cost and don’t mind being vilified by the local population, you can get away with a few of these quests without any serious consequences. Otherwise, just focus on taking quests from honest merchants to earn renown in a peaceful way.

(1 of 4) You can track your renown amount by checking your quest log, or from the Clan menu.

Once you have achieved all four requirements, the quest will complete.

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