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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Scott Peers

Bannerlord Social Perks: Trade

The Trade perk tree is perhaps one of the easiest to level. All you need to do is utilise the in-game economy to your advantage. You will gain points as you purchase or sell any item, but you will gain much more when you purchase cheap goods from one settlement, and then sell them for a profit at another settlement. This is by far the fastest way to level the skill and can be repeated at different settlements. However, any action will suffice if you would rather level the skill naturally. For more information on how to exploit the economy, see How to Make Money.

Trade Perk Skill Levels:

Skill Level 25:

  • Appraiser:

(Party Leader) 15% decrease in sell price penalty for equipment
(Personal) Your profits are marked

  • Whole Seller:

(Party Leader) 15% decrease in sell price for penalty of trade goods
(Personal) Your profits are marked

Skill Level 50:

  • Caravan Master:

(Quartermaster) Party can carry 30% more weight
(Personal) Mark item prices relative to average price

  • Market Dealer:

(Clan Leader) Your shops have 20% less upkeep
(Personal) Mark item prices relative to average price

Skill Level 75:

  • Local Connection:

(Personal) Your workshops gather trade rumours
(Quartermaster) 15% decrease in sell price penalty for animals

  • Traveling Rumours:

(Personal) Your caravans gather trade rumours
(Quartermaster) 15% decrease in buy price penalty from villages

Skill Level 100:

  • Distributed Goods:

(Personal) Double relationship gain by resolved issues with artisans
(Governor) Every villager party entering your town generates 30 gold income

  • Toll Gates:

(Personal) Double relationship gain by resolved issues with merchants
(Governor) Every caravan entering your town generates 20 gold income

Skill Level 125:

  • Artisan Community:

(Clan Leader) Every profitable shop you own gives you +1 renown per day
(Quartermaster) Increase recruitment slot by +1 when recruiting from merchant notables

  • Great Investor:

(Clan Leader) Every profitable caravan you own gives you +1 renown per day
(Quartermaster) Hiring companions is 30% cheaper

Skill Level 150:

  • Content Trades:

(Governor) Increased tariff income by 10%
(Party Leader) Wage decreased by 50% while waiting in settlements

  • Mercenary Connections:

(Governor) Your workshop production is increased by 25%
(Party Leader) Mercenary troops’ wages are decreased by 25%

Skill Level 175:

  • Insurance Plans:

(Clan Leader) Your caravans return 5000 gold when destroyed
(Quartermaster) 25% decrease in buy price penalty food items

  • Rapid Development:

(Clan Leader) Your shops return 5000 gold when town is captured by enemy
(Quartermaster) 25% decrease in buy price penalty clay / iron / cotton / silver

Skill Level 200:

  • Granary Accountant:

(Personal) 20% decrease in sell price penalty for food trade goods
(Governor) Your towns’ bound villages’ grain / olives / fish / date production is increased by 20%

  • Tradeyard Foreman:

(Personal) 20% decrease in sell price penalty for pottery, tools, cotton and jewelry
(Governor) Your towns’ bound villages’ clay / iron / cotton / silver production is increased by 20%

Skill Level 225:

  • Self-Made Man:

(Personal) Decrease barter penalty for items by 50%
(Governor) Marketplace, kiln, and aqueduct projects are built 30% faster

  • Sword For Barter:

(Personal) You hire mercenaries from taverns for 20% cheaper
(Quartermaster) 15% lower wage for caravan guard troops

Skill Level 250:

  • Silver Tongue:

(Personal) Negotiation for safe passage barter is 50% cheaper
(Quartermaster) Caravans and villagers offer 15% better trade deals

  • Spring of Gold:

(Clan Leader) Gain 0.1% interest per day on gold you have, capped at maximum 1000 per day
(Governor) Gold boosts for town projects are 20% more effective

Skill Level 275:

  • Man of Means:

(Clan Leader) Recruitment of minor factions into your clan is 20% cheaper
(Personal) You will get 30% reduced ransom offer

  • Trickle Down:

(Party Leader) Gain 1 relationship with merchant notables if you buy more than 10000 gold worth of trade goods in a town
(Governor) Governed town gains 1 prosperity per day as long as it is building a project

Skill Level 300:

  • Everything Has a Price:

(Personal) You can now trade settlements when doing barter

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