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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


Scott Peers

Bannerlord Intelligence Perks: Steward

The Steward perk tree broadly enhances the growth and efficiency of your kingdom. This is manifest in significantly extracting more taxes from your villages and mines, increasing the production of all farms, and increasing the growth rate of settlements and villages (especially while you wait in them). In addition you can increase the rate of recovery for any villages that have been raided, and decrease food consumption for a settlement while it is under siege, allowing not just for an extended siege capacity, but also faster regrowth. You can also choose to increase the cap on the number of companions that you can recruit, initially by 1 at level 200, but later by 1 for each town that you own at level 250.

Steward Perk Skill Levels:

Skill Level 25:

  • Spartan:

(Quartermaster) Party consumes 10% less food
(Party Leader) No morale penalty from having single type of food

  • Frugal:

(Quartermaster) Party wages are 5% less
(Party Leader) Recruitment costs are reduced by 15%

Skill Level 50:

  • Seven Veterans:

(Quartermaster) Tier 4+ troops gain +4 XP each day
(Governor) +1 militia per day

  • Drill Sergeant:

(Quartermaster) All troops gain +2 XP each day
(Governor) Garrison wages are 5% less

Skill Level 75:

  • Stiff Upper Lip:

(Quartermaster) Reduce food consumption while in an army by 10%
(Governor) Garrison wages are decreased by 20% for castles

  • Sweatshops:

(Personal) Workshops owned by you have 20% increased production
(Quartermaster) Siege engines are built 20% faster

Skill Level 100:

  • Efficient Campaigner:

(Quartermaster) Troop wages are decreased by 25% while in an army

  • Paid in Promise:

(Party Leader) Companion wages and recruitment fees are reduced by 25%
(Quartermaster) Discarded armors can be donated to troops for increased experience.

Skill Level 125:

  • Giving Hands:

(Quartermaster) Discarded weapons can be donated to troops for increased experience.
(Governor) Tariff income is 10% higher

  • Logistician:

(Quartermaster) Increase party morale by 4 if number of mounts is greater than non-cavalry troops
(Governor) Tax income is 10% higher

Skill Level 150:

  • Aid Corps:

(Quartermaster) Do not pay wages for wounded soldiers
(Governor) Increase village hearth growth rate by 20%

  • Relocation:

(Quartermaster) Influence gain from donating troops are increased by 25%
(Governor) Project boosting is 20% more effective

Skill Level 175:

  • Gourmet:

(Quartermaster) Morale bonus from having diverse food is doubled
(Governor) Reduce food consumption of garrisons during siege by 10%

  • Sound Reserves:

(Quartermaster) Cost of upgrading units are decreased by 10%
(Quartermaster) Reduce food consumption of parties during siege by 10%

Skill Level 200:

  • Forced Labor:

(Quartermaster) Prisoners in your party provide carry capacity as if they are a normal troop
(Governor) Construction speed is increased by 10%

  • Contractors:

(Quartermaster) Mercenary troops’ wage and upgrade cost are decreased by 25%
(Governor) Town projects are 10% more effective

Skill Level 225:

  • Arenicos’ Mules:

(Quartermaster) 20% increased carrying capacity for pack animals
(Quartermaster) Trade penalty for pack animals are reduced by 20%

  • Arenicos’ Horses:

(Quartermaster) 10% increased carrying capacity for troops
(Personal) Trade penalty for mounts are reduced by 20%

Skill Level 250:

  • Urban Developer:

(Governor) Continuous projects for settlements are 20% more effective

  • Master of Warcraft:

(Quartermaster) Troops wages are decreased by 25% while in siege camp
(Governor) Town population consumes 5% less food

Skill Level 275:

  • Price of Loyalty:

(Quartermaster) Your party food consumption, wages and combat morale loss decrease by 0.5% per skill level above 200
(Governor) Governed cities tax increases by 0.5% per skill level above 200

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The empire of Calradia is plagued by inner conflict, tearing the structure of the old order as new lines are drawn on the map. The chaos creates a dangerous world, with opportunities to capitalise on the uncertainty of the future. Control trade routes to manipulate production and distribution of resources, join factions to gain renown and influence world politics, or create your own clan to build a world of your own. Whatever path you choose, this guide will help you to understand the intricacies of the Bannerlord economy, combat, factions, skills and perks, tactics, troop types, character builds, smithing system, quests, and much more to ensure that you are never left wondering what to do next, or how you might go about doing it. The guide covers:

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