Completing Quests

Quests aren’t necessarily a strong point of Mount & Blade games, but there are more in Bannerlord than in the previous titles and they can yield some decent rewards. Aside from items, they also provide money averaging 400 - 800 denars. Most of the minor quests relate to trade schemes, either with honest merchants or criminal gangs. Honest merchants might ask you for a favour in the form of taking a certain amount of goods from one settlement to another for a share of the profits.

Alternatively, you can accept the quest and then steal the goods, selling all of them for a profit. This however will result in poor relations with merchants in the region, something which is much easier to lose than to regain. If you’re committed to the life of crime, you can take quests from gang members in any major city to transport goods illegally between gangs. This will upset local honest merchants to the point where it will prove incredibly difficult to win back their favour.

When in a settlement, any NPCs which provide quests will be marked by a teal exclamation mark, as seen here.

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The empire of Calradia is plagued by inner conflict, tearing the structure of the old order as new lines are drawn on the map. The chaos creates a dangerous world, with opportunities to capitalise on the uncertainty of the future. Control trade routes to manipulate production and distribution of resources, join factions to gain renown and influence world politics, or create your own clan to build a world of your own. Whatever path you choose, this guide will help you to understand the intricacies of the Bannerlord economy, combat, factions, skills and perks, tactics, troop types, character builds, smithing system, quests, and much more to ensure that you are never left wondering what to do next, or how you might go about doing it.

  • Guide to quests for each region, includes main quests and side quests
  • Guide to combat system, includes basic and advanced techniques for different weapons
  • Guide to combat tactics, includes how to organise troops on the battlefield and simulation battles
  • Guide to attribute, skill, and perk systems, includes recommended perks for each character build
  • Guide to companion system, includes where to find the best companions and how to get the most out of them
  • Guide to the economy system, includes detailed description of trade system and each method for gaining wealth

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