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Scott Peers

Bannerlord Cunning Perks: Roguery

This perk tree is useful for a range of situations, from battle scenarios to negotiations. In terms of battle scenarios, you can choose to increase the speed of raids or increase the amount of loot that you gain per raid. You can also reduce the chances of being caught while sneaking in towns, allowing you to access restricted areas with less hassle. Perhaps the most useful perks from this tree are those which reduce the cost of bribes, eventually allowing you to bribe others without needing to pay anything. One of the best ways to level Roguery is selling captured prisoners at taverns or recruiting bandits into your army.

Roguery Perk Skill Levels:

Skill Level 25:

  • No Rest for the Wicked:

(Party Leader) Bandit units in your party gain XP 20% faster
(Party Leader) 5% faster raiding

  • Sweet Talker:

(Party Leader) Bandits are 20% easier to convince to leave in peace while bartering
(Governor) Prisoners are 20% less likely to escape from towns

Skill Level 50:

  • Deep Pockets:

(Personal) Double the amount of betting you can use in tournaments
(Personal) Bandit units in your party require 20% cheaper wage

  • Two Faced:

(Personal) 50% better chance of success with disguise missions
(Party Leader) Convert bandit prisoners without suffering morale penalty

Skill Level 75:

  • In Best Light:

(Party Leader) Notables of villages give +1 extra troop when successfully forced for volunteers
(Party Leader) Villagers of your clan recover 20% faster

  • Know-How:

(Party Leader) Defeated villagers and caravans give 5% more access to their inventory
(Governor) Increase security of the settlement you govern by +1 per day

Skill Level 100:

  • Promises:

(Party Leader) Bandit units in your party consume 50% less food
(Party Leader) Bandit prisoners can be recruited to party 30% faster

  • Slave Trader:

(Personal) 20% better deals with ransom broker for regular troops
(Party Leader) Increase prisoner limit by 20%

Skill Level 125:

  • Scarface:

(Personal) 30% higher chance of enemy surrender (bandits, villagers, caravans)
(Governor) 5% daily chance to improve relations by 1 with random gang leaders in the settlements you govern

  • White Lies:

(Personal) Your crime rating decreases 20% faster
(Governor) 2% daily chance to improve relations by 1 with random notable in the settlement you govern

Skill Level 150:

  • Partners in Crime:

(Party Leader) Bandit parties always offer to join you
(Captain) Bandit units in the formation you control deals 2% more damage

  • Smuggler Connections:

(Personal) Increase the armor provided by civilian body armors by +10
(Party Leader) When you have any amount of criminal rating you suffer 50% less trade penalty

Skill Level 175:

  • One of the Family:

(Party Leader) Bandit units in your party have +10 in Vigor and Control skills
(Governor) Gang leaders in your settlement offer you 1 more recruitment slot

  • Salt the Earth:

(Party Leader) When villagers comply with hostile actions, you gain 20% more access to the available resources
(Governor) Increase tariff revenue by 5%

Skill Level 200:

  • Carver:

(Personal) 10% increased damage with civilian weapons
(Captain) Troops under your command deal 2% more damage with one-handed swords

  • Ransom Broker:

(Party Leader) Hero prisoners gain a 25% better deal from ransom broker
(Party Leader) Hero prisoners are 30% less likely to escape

Skill Level 225:

  • Arms Dealer:

(Party Leader) 20% decrease in sell price penalty for weapons
(Governor) Increase daily militia by +2 per day while under siege

  • Dirty Fighting:

(Personal) Your kicks stun your opponents for 50% longer
(Governor) Town can smuggle in a 2 random food item per day while under siege

Skill Level 250:

  • Dash and Slash:

(Personal) Increase speed bonus effect to damage by 50% while on foot
(Captain) Troops under your command deal 2% more damage with two-handed weapons

  • Fleet Footed:

(Personal) Increase your movement speed by 10% while no weapons or shields are equipped
(Clan Leader) Increase escape chance by 30% from mobile parties

Skill Level 275:

  • Rogue Extraordinaire:

(Personal) Increase loot amount by 1% for every skill point over 200


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