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Scott Peers

Bannerlord Control Perks: Bow

This perk tree allows you to specialise in improving your own damage and accuracy with the bow, while also providing the option to enhance the abilities of your ranged troops. If you choose to specialise entirely on your own character, you can make it easier to shoot while moving, including on horseback. You can also choose whether to specialise in developing a kind of quickshot style, allowing you to reach maximum aim strength sooner, or to specialise in being able to carry more arrows and hold your max strength aim for longer. In this case, essentially you’re choosing between fast paced archery suited to attacking, or slow paced archery suited to defending.

Bow Perk Skill Levels:

Skill Level 25:

  • Bow Control:

(Personal) Decreases bow accuracy loss due to movement by 30%
(Captain) +5% damage for bow equipped troops in your formation

  • Dead Aim:

(Personal) +30% headshot damage bonus with bows
(Captain) +20 archery skill for bow equipped troops in your formation

Skill Level 50:

  • Bodkin:

(Personal) Attacks with bows ignore 10% of enemy armor
(Captain) Bow equipped troops in your formation ignore 5% of enemy armor

  • Ranger’s Swiftness:

(Personal) Decreases penalty to movement speed for reloading by 50%
(Captain) +3% foot movement speed for bow equipped troops in your formation

Skill Level 75:

  • Quick Adjustments:

(Personal) Decreases bow accuracy loss due to rotating by 50%
(Captain) Troops in your formation gain 5% accuracy with bows

  • Rapid Fire:

(Personal) Increases your bow reload speed by 25%
(Captain) +5% bow reload speed for troops in your formation

Skill Level 100:

  • Merry Men:

(Party Leader) Increase your party size by +5
(Governor) Governed settlement gain 0.5 militia per day

  • Mounted Archery:

(Personal) Decreases mounted accuracy penalties by 30% while using a bow
(Governor) Range troops in governed settlement garrison provide 20% more security

Skill Level 125:

  • Strong Bows:

(Personal) Increases your damage with bows by 8%
(Captain) Tier 3+ troops in your formation gain 5% damage with bows

  • Trainer:

(Party Leader) Each day, party member with lowest bow skill gains experience in the skill
(Party Leader) Bow equipped troops in your party gain +3 XP each day

Skill Level 150:

  • Discipline:

(Personal) You can hold your aim 50% longer without losing accuracy
(Governor) +1 loyalty per day for governed settlement

  • Hunter Clan:

(Personal) Increases your damage against mounts with bows by 30%
(Governor) Garrison maintenance costs are decreased by 15%

Skill Level 175:

  • Eagle Eye:

(Personal) You can zoom in 50% more with bows
(Party Leader) Increases your visual range in campaign map by 10%

  • Skirmish Phase Master:

(Personal) You take 10% less damage from projectiles
(Captain) Bow equipped troops in your formation take 5% less damage from projectiles

Skill Level 200:

  • Bulls Eye:

(Captain) Ranged troops in your formation gain 10% of total XP earned after battles
(Governor) +2 XP daily to troops in garrison of governed settlement

  • Renowned Archer:

(Party Leader) Increases morale of range troops in your party at the beginning of battle by 10%
(Party Leader) Ranged troops are 30% cheaper to recruit and to upgrade

Skill Level 225:

  • Deep Quivers:

(Personal) You get 3 extra arrows per quiver
(Party Leader) Bow equipped troops in your party gain 1 extra arrow per quiver

  • Horse Master:

(Personal) You can now use all bows on horseback
(Captain) Mounted archers in your formation gain +30 bow skill

Skill Level 250:

  • Quick Draw:

(Personal) Aiming with your bow is 25% faster
(Governor) Increases tax gain in governed settlements by 5%

  • Salvo:

(Personal) Equipped bows do not slow you down
(Governor) Range troops in governed settlements garrison provide 20% more security

Skill Level 275:

  • Deadshot:

(Personal) Each skill point above 200 grants 0.2% speed increase with bows
(Personal) Each skill point above 200 grants 0.5% damage increase with bows


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