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M&B II Bannerlord: Best Infantry Troops

Best One-Handed Troops

If you want to build a skilled core infantry of troops who are proficient with one-handed weapons and also have a good level of heavy armor defence and shield defence, there are a number of good options for all of the main factions. These include the Aserai Veteran Infantry, Sturgian Heavy Spearman, Sturgian Heavy Axeman, Imperial Legionary, Vlandian Sergeant, Khuzait Darkhan, and Battanian Oathsworn. The Khuzait Darkhan, Sturgian Heavy Spearman, Sturgian Heavy Axeman, and Aserai Veteran Infantry are particularly well armored, and are therefore well suited to siege battles. These are among the toughest infantry that you can muster, and any one of them will serve the core of your infantry force well. If you’re looking for alternative heavy hitters with one-handed weapons, there’s also the Sea Raider Chief, Sea Raider Boss, and Forest Bandit Boss. These are much less well armored than the faction troops mentioned above, but can still serve as good shock troops.

Best Two-Handed Troops

In terms of troops proficient in two-handed weapons, the Battanian Fian Champion is the ultimate winner. These are excellent shock troops with a two-handed skill level of 220, far higher than the next highest at 150. Aside from this elite troop, you’ll find good options for hard-hitting shock troops in the Battanian Fian, Vlandian Voulgier, Vlandian Pikeman, Sturgian Heroic Line Breaker, and Aserai Mameluke Palace Guard. The Vlandian Voulgier and Vlandian Pikeman have superior weapon range, while the Sturgian Heroic Line Breaker and Aserai Mameluke Palace Guard are equally proficient with bows and two-handed weapons. For this reason you’ll want to use different troops for different battle scenarios. If you’re facing a lot of cavalry troops in battle, the Vlandian options will prove more effective in close combat thanks to their superior melee weapon reach. If your intention is to pick off as many troops as possible before a force reaches you, the superior throwing ranged damage of the Line Breaker and Palace Guard will be useful. For a non-faction option, the Sea Raider Boss has excellent damage with two-handed weapons, and also boasts decent heavy armor.

Best Polearm Troops

In terms of troops with high Polearm proficiency, most of the best are cavalry units such as Vlandian Banner Knight, Imperial Elite Cataphract, Khuzait Khan’s Guard, Aserai Vanguard Faris, and Sturgian Druzhinnik Champion. However, if you’re looking for infantry troops which have high proficiencies with polearms and can therefore serve as excellent anti-cavalry troops, you’ll find good options in some of the heavy infantry noted above such as Sturgian Heavy Spearman, Khuzait Darkhan, Imperial Legionary, Vlandian Sergeant, Imperial Elite Menavliaton, Battanian Oathsworn, Aserai Veteran Infantry, Battanian Veteran Falxman, Vlandian Pikeman, and Vlandian Voulgier. All of these are excellent choices for troops which can hold their own against cavalry, when used in appropriate formations against an attacking force. There are plenty of troops above which have excellent armor as we’ve already discussed, but if you’re looking for some with lighter armor and therefore greater maneuverability, the Battanian Oathsworn, Battanian Veteran Falxman, Vlandian Pikeman, and Vlandian Voulgier are the most appropriate options.

Conspiracy Troops in Bannerlord

There are now special troops referred to as conspiracy troops which are usually first encountered during the conspiracy part of the main story. During this quest there will be an attempt to remove you from power once you gain enough of it, and the conspiracy troops will form part of the forces which will begin to attack you. These troops are usually average in their stats, but some are exceptionally powerful such as the Sturgian Conspiracy Commander and the Vlandian Conspiracy Commander. You can’t currently recruit these by traditional means, but you may be able to recruit them into your army after holding them as prisoners for a long time, or until a patch is released that will allow you to recruit them immediately. Alternatively, you can use the console to manually insert them into your army if you really want them.

Infantry in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.


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