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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


Scott Peers

Bannerlord Endurance Perks: Athletics

The Athletic perk tree is particularly useful in almost all combat scenarios. The default speed of your character is rather slow compared with your troops, so it is a good idea to invest in athletics as soon as possible. While this will be done naturally by moving around on the battlefield and in tournaments, you can increase the rate of learning by investing in athletic attribute points and focus points. Most of the perks will increase the speed and health of you and your troops, though you will need to choose between the first three perks based on your combat preferences.

Athletics Perk Skill Levels:

Skill Level 25:

  • Morning Exercise:

(Personal) Increases your movement speed by 3%
(Captain) Foot troops in your formation gain 5% movement speed

  • Well Built:

(Personal) Increases your maximum hit points by 5
(Party Leader) Foot troops in your party gain 5 hit points

Skill Level 50:

  • Fury:

(Personal) While on foot, your weapon handling is increased by 10%
(Captain) Foot troops in your formation gain 10% increased weapon handling

  • Form Fitting Armor:

(Personal) Decreases your armor weight by 15%
(Captain) Tier 3+ troops in your formation gain 4% movement speed

Skill Level 75:

  • Stamina:

(Personal) Increases crafting stamina recovery rate by 50%
(Party Leader) Increases your prisoner size limit by 5 and decreases prisoner escape chance by 10%

  • Having Going:

(Personal) Slightly increases your persuasion chance
(Party Leader) Increases your party size by 5

Skill Level 100:

  • Sprint:

(Personal) When no shields and range weapons are wielded, you gain 5% movement speed
(Captain) Infantry troops in your formation gain 3% movement speed during battles

  • Powerful:

(Personal) Increases your damage by 4% with all melee weapons
(Captain) Troops in your formation deal 2% more melee damage

Skill Level 125:

  • Surging Blow:

(Personal) Increases your speed damage bonus by 30% while on foot
(Captain) Foot troops in your formation gain 30% speed damage bonus

  • Brace:

(Personal) Decreases your charge damage taken by 50%
(Captain) Foot troops in your formation take 50% less charge damage

Skill Level 150:

  • A Good Days Rest:

(Party Leader) Increases your hit point regeneration by 10% while waiting in settlements
(Party Leader) Foot troops in your party gain 10 XP every day while waiting in settlements

  • Walk It Off:

(Party Leader) Increases your hit point regeneration by 10% while traveling
(Party Leader) Foot troops in your party gai n3 XP every day while traveling

Skill Level 175:

  • Energetic:

(Party Leader) Your party suffers 20% less from speed penalty for being overburdened
(Governor) 20% hearth increase in the villages you govern

  • Healthy Citizens:

(Personal) Increases your Endurance Attribute by 1
(Governor) Governed settlement gains 1 loyalty per day

Skill Level 200:

  • Strong:

(Personal) Increases your Vigor Attribute by 1
(Party Leader) Foot troops in your party give +5% party speed

  • Steady:

(Personal) Increases your Control Attribute by 1
(Governor) Production is increased by 10% in governed farms, mines, lumber camps and clay pits

Skill Level 225:

  • Strong Legs:

(Personal) Decreases fall damage taken by 50%, kick damage is doubled
(Governor) While under siege, governed settlement consumes 20% less food

  • Strong Arms:

(Personal) Gives 1 focus point to Throwing
(Captain) Troops in your formation have +20 Throwing skill

Skill Level 250:

  • Spartan:

(Personal) Increases your stagger damage threshold by 50% while on foot
(Party Leader) Decreases your party’s food consumption by 20%

  • Ignore Pain:

(Personal) Increases your armor by 10% while on foot
(Captain) Foot troops in your formation gain 5 armor

Skill Level 275:

  • Mighty Blow:

(Personal) You stun your enemies longer after they block your attack
(Personal) Each skill point above 250 grants +1 hit point

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