Investing in a Workshop

There are 10 different types of workshops that you can purchase in most settlements throughout Calradia. These are:

Workshop TypeRequiresProduces
Velvet WeaveryCottonVelvet clothing
Linen WeaveryFlaxClothing
Wine PressGrapesWine
Pottery ShopClayPottery
Olive PressOlivesOlive oil
Wool WeaveryWoolClothing
Wood WorkshopHardwoodBows, Arrows, Shields
SmithyIron OreArmour, Weapons, Tools

Any workshop in Calradia will vary in purchace price between 13,000 to 18,000 denars. To purchase a workshop in Bannerlord requires a bit of planning before you make the investment. This comes in essentially three steps: determining which settlements are the most prosperous in your game world, inspecting what they produce, and finding out what resources the nearby villages supply to that settlement. All of this information can be viewed when you are nearby a specific settlement by hovering over it and pressing [ALT] to reveal more information.

To determine whether a settlement is prosperous, simply hover over the settlement to reveal some basic values such as who owns it, the strength of the garrison, food stocks, and most importantly in this case: prosperity and bound villages. The most prosperous settlements have a value over 5000, but anything above 4000 is reasonable for a good investment, and also allows for significant growth. This is important because as the settlement prosperity increases, so does the value of your workshop, allowing you to sell the workshop for an instant, lump sum profit in the future.

(1 of 5) When inside a settlement, hold [ALT] to see location markers for available workshops.

Once you’ve found a prosperous settlement, you should check the nearby villages by hovering over them and pressing [ALT] to find out what their primary production of resources is. In the example below I have identified Ocs Hall as a relatively prosperous settlement with 4281 prosperity. The settlement has three bound villages, each of which have different primary production resources: Mareiven (Hardwood), Oritan (Clay), and Fregian (Flax). This means that the villages have the capacity to supply a lot of base material for Wood Workshops (Hardwood), Pottery Shops (Clay), and Linen Weavery (Flax).

Now that you’ve identified which resources can be found in abundance from the surrounding bound villages, you can go into the settlement (in this case Ocs Hall) and purchase one of the workshops. It doesn’t matter if the workshop of your type is not currently there; once you purchase a workshop, you can change what it produces.

Tip: It is important to avoid having two of the same workshop types in one settlement, as this will create competition between the two and reduce overall profits. Instead, focus on owning at least one, preferably two, of the workshops which can be supplied with the resources produced from one of the local bound villages.

Once you’ve purchased a workshop which is producing a steady income, you can further exploit the economy by finding a settlement that produces a specific type of goods at extortionate prices. For example, if you find a settlement which is selling beer far above the average price, this is likely because there are no nearby villages which produce grain as their primary production. To exploit this, purchase a workshop in the settlement and turn it into a brewery. You can then find a village which is producing a lot of grain for a cheap price, buy the grain and sell it in the settlement where you just created the brewery. This will then be used to produce more beer which will still be sold at a high price, effectively creating a monopoly on that product.

The one downside to this method is that you will need to continually resupply the settlement with grain, otherwise your workshop will have no resources to work with. However, you can choose to do this for just a couple of weeks, for one specific product when you see that it’s selling for a high price, and then revert the workshop back to one which is well supplied by the resources from local bound villages. To find out which settlements are selling specific resources at the lowest price, simply hover over the resource in the trade menu to see a list of settlements which sell the resource, with a specific price corresponding to each settlement.

Note: If the settlement where your workshop is located is under siege, the workshop will cease production and will not resume until the siege is lifted. The same applies if the settlement is captured by enemy forces, although in this case you will also permanently lose the workshop until you retake the settlement. Therefore, choose your settlements wisely; in the centre of kingdoms rather than outskirts, and in settlements with large garrisons to withstand siges.

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