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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

Behemoth Boss Fight

Jarrod Garripoli

Strategy for how to defeat the "Behemoth" iconBehemoth during the Prologue in Crisis Core Reunion.

At the end of the Prologue, you will be pitted against a more powerful enemy than the normal enemies before it. You will be facing a Behemoth, who is basically the first boss of the game. You will still getting used to the battle system at this point, and will be introduced to a bunch of mechanics, mostly revolving around the Digital Mind Wave, or DMW.

The Behemoth will be your first boss of the game

How to Defeat the Behemoth in Crisis Core Reunion

The Behemoth is the first boss, so you really won’t have a lot of options for fighting it. You will have your basic attacks, assigned to the DualSense-ButtonSquare/Xbox-ButtonX/Joy-Con-ButtonY button, then you will have your Materia/Special Attacks. In order to use these, you have to hold down DualSense-L1/Xbox-BumperLeft/Joy-Con-L, then press the corresponding face button. For this battle, you will have "Thundaga" iconThundaga, "Firaga" iconFiraga, "Blizzaga" iconBlizzaga, and "Assault Twister+" iconAssault Twister+ assigned to the face buttons. The first three will use MP, while "Assault Twister" iconAssault Twister+ uses AP. The Behemoth doesn’t have elemental affinities here, so you’re free to use whatever you want on it.

For now, let’s take a quick look at some of the Behemoth’s attacks:

Double Claw Swipe

The Behemoth will do a quick one-two attack with its claws. This comes out pretty quick, so it’s best to not get too greedy with attacks and just dodge away from the Behemoth every few hits.

(1 of 2) Gyro Tail can knock you down if you get hit with it

Gyro Tail can knock you down if you get hit with it (left), Heave shouldn’t be too much of a concern (right)

Gyro Tail

The Behemoth will lift its tail up, then quickly perform a spin, using its tail as a weapon. This attack is actually named, so you will see it coming for a second or so. This has a bigger range than the claw swipe above, so it might be better to try and block it (DualSense-R1/Xbox-BumperRight/Joy-Con-R).


The Behemoth will use its head to attack you, making it so offense from the front is not recommended during this battle. Similar to the Gyro Tail, this is an actual named ability. The best thing to do is attack a few times, then dodge away from the creature.

The main thing to watch out for in this battle is that attacking the Behemoth from the front is not ideal. Two of its attacks attack straight in front of it, so it’s better to attack the creature from the side or back. You will also not want to commit too much to attacking at one time, since you will leave yourself open to taking damage. So, the best course of action is to strike a few times with your weapon, then dodge away from the Behemoth. This ensures that you don’t get hit with its attacks, as they can come out pretty quickly.

(1 of 3) Don’t forget to use your powerful magic on it

The randomness of the DMW will also determine how things go here, since you may get buffs that make it so you don’t use MP or AP. Should this happen, then you can go wild with magic or abilities. Also, if you get three of the same faces, then you will be able to use a Limit Break. In the original version of Crisis Core, Limit Breaks were used immediately. However, in Reunion, they are banked and you can press DualSense-ButtonTriangle/Xbox-ButtonY/Joy-Con-ButtonX to use them in combat. Note that they aren’t carried over from battle to battle, so use them when you want during the battle you get them. Overall, the Behemoth is a fairly easy battle, as long as you employ the hit and run strategy.

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