General Description: The White Mage, as with every RPG, is an essential class for you to master; you’ll need to keep someone in your party in this job most of the time, especially in the latter half of the game, to keep your party alive. That is their role, after all: heal the party, buff their Defenses, and be sure to remove pesky enemies’ Mighty Guard.

  • **General Info:**
    • *Obtained:* Beat the Flame Dragon in Chapter 1 - Besaid.
    • *For Whom?:* Yuna, Rikku, and Paine
    • *General Stat Increases:* Magic, Magic Defense, MP
    • *General Stat Decreases:* HP, Strength, Defense, Accuracy, Evasion, Luck
  • **Abilities Learned:**
    • **Pray - Auto - 0 MP Cost:** Heals some HP to the party, a small amount less than Cure.
    • **Vigor - 20 AP - 0 MP Cost:** Heals the user's HP by 50% of their max HP.
      • **White Magic Lv. 2 - 40 AP - 0 MP Cost:** Cuts down the charge time for White Magic by 30%.
        • **White Magic Lv. 3 - 60 AP - 0 MP Cost:** Cuts down the charge time for White Magic by 50%.
    • **Cure - Auto - 4 MP Cost:** Heals a single target or a party's HP slightly.
    • **Cura - 40 AP - 10 MP Cost:** Heals a single target or a party's HP moderately.
      • **Curaga - 80 AP - 20 MP Cost:** Heals a single target or a party's HP greatly.
        • **Regen - 80 AP - 40 MP Cost:** Inflicts the Regen status on the target, healing 3% of their max HP each turn.
          • **Full Cure - 80 AP - 99 MP Cost:** The user's HP is fully restored, and all ailments except for KO and Doom are healed. Note that the HP healed cannot exceed 9,999 without Break Damage Limit.
    • **Esuna - 20 AP - 10 MP Cost:** Cures most status ailments from the target, except for Doom and KO.
      • **Dispel - 20 AP - 12 MP Cost:** Removes status effects from the target, most notably Protect, Shell, Reflect, Haste, Regen, Auto-Life, and Spellspring, so long as they were not always there.
    • **Life - 30 AP - 18 MP Cost:** Revives the target from KO with approx 50% of their max HP.
      • **Full-Life - 120 AP - 60 MP Cost:** Revives the target from KO with all of their HP. However, if their max HP is 10,000 or more, the caster of Full-Life must have Break Damage Limit to heal more than 9,999 HP.
    • **Shell - 30 AP - 10 MP Cost:** Applies Shell to a party, halving all magical damage (even curative magic).
      • **Protect - 30 AP - 12 MP Cost:** Applies Protect to a party, halving all physical damage.
        • **Reflect - 30 AP - 14 MP Cost:** Applies Reflect to a party. This will bounce back most White/Black Magic from the Reflected to the other party (allies to enemies, enemies to allies).

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Set two years after the defeat of Sin, Yuna, the High Summoner who brought about its destruction, finds a mysterious sphere of a man who closely resembles someone she thought was gone forever. She sets out on a journey to find him, with help from faces old and new, only to discover the mysteries run deeper than she ever thought possible. Yuna is called on once again to protect the world she loves. Final Fantasy X was Tidus’s story; X-2 is Yuna’s.

The world of Spira may have changed, but we are with you every step of the way! The guide contains the following:

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