If you happened to give the Youth League the Awesome Sphere in Chapter 2, you’re in for a fun time, for we know you’ve just been wanting to get even with Nooj for a while now. No? Well, you’re going to anyway. As you head to the Ravine Path, you’ll watch a scene; speak with Yaibal after and choose “ You bet! “ to start the mission which will essentially be seven consecutive battles!

The first battle will be simple enough, nothing special there. After winning, go north after Lucil and through three more similar battles. The next three battles are more difficult and with no breaks in-between so, before engaging Lucil in battle, be sure to heal up!

BOSS - Lucil

Lucil Details
Max HP / Max MP 7,324 / 370
Elem. Weak / Resis / Immunity / Absorb None / None / Gravity / None
EXP / GIL / AP 800 / 220 / 2
Common Steals / Rare Steals Chocobo Feather / None
Common Item Drops / Rare Item Drops Circlet / None

Boss Analysis: Lucil has one of the more varied repertoires you’ll see here in Mushroom Rock. Aside from a basic Attack, she can also use the Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Water Gems (six attacks of the named element at random targets, each for approx 100 damage). There’s also multiple ailment-inducing attacks: Harbinger (damage + Doom), Gold Hourglass (slow on all), Light Curtain (self-Protect), and Lunar Curtain (self-Shell). Finally, she can also use Hi-Potions to heal herself for 1,000 HP.

Main Strategy: The battle is best approached by jumping straight into an offensive: no real set-up is required as the only blockable damage is from Attack and Harbinger, which are used rarely (relatively speaking). The Ribbon or Shmooth Shailing accessories really help, though, and the ability to throw out Dispel or Dispel Tonics helps a ton when Lucil decides to buff herself, a fact further aided when using Armor and Mental Breaks. (Power Break can also help, though, Attack and Harbinger are relatively rare, and there is no Magic for Magic Break.) Other than the Breaks, there’s nothing really specific an offense ought to rely on. Dole out high damage and heal and revive as needed.

Lucil isn’t really difficult though she has quite a varied offense. At this stage, she is a walkover if you have been levelling sufficiently.

Fighting Lucil actually happens to end the whole tournament! You have no further obligations here, though we’d recommend sticking around. After the tourney, head to the Youth League headquarters. On the way on the ravine path, jump into the ravine and grab the three Turbo Ethers and two separate Elixirs . Return to the main path and head along to the lift to the Youth League HQ and you’ll find a Machina Booster there. Continue to the HQ and, once in front of it, go to the east and get the Crystal Bangle . Head to the war room next and you’ll find Lucil on a balcony; speak with her and you’ll obtain Nooj’s Sphere .

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