Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Agama Weakness to Ice
Bandit None
Blackguard None
Chocobo None
Flan Blanco Weakness to Fire
Protochimera None
Quadricorn None
Shell Shocker None
Takouba Weakness to Fire

When you arrive at the Moonflow, head along to the southern bank of the river and speak with the red-clothed man nearby. Tell him that you’ll sell his tickets. This quest, in essence, requires you to go along the northern and southern banks of the Moonflow, selling tickets for a baseline 500 Gil each (1,000 if you did not speak to Tobli in Chapter 1), keeping the profits, usually. You have ten tickets to sell, which means a borderline 5,000/10,000 Gil will be taken in, or at least hopefully. To sell a ticket to someone, simply press Square next to them.

Listed below are the people you can sell to, and the costs they’ll take the tickets for. There are 14 people total, so you have some slight freedom in which 10 to choose. Finally, the last column will tell you if these people are among the ideal 10 (selling prices over 1,000 Gil!): bolded words mark whether you should sell to them or not. Sell to the others if you dare. The list is based on the player going from the south end to the north end.

Area of Moonflow Specific Location/Person Ticket Price Good Sell?
South Bank Road Woman at the southern exit 1,500 Gil **Yes**
South Band Road Man at northern exit 200 Gil No
South Bank Woman with the kid nearby 1,000 Gil No
South Bank Woman with a bandana on 1,500 Gil **Yes**
South Wharf Woman near the Save Sphere 1,500 Gil Yes
South Wharf Man on the right-side bench 1,000 Gil No
Southern Dock Man on the stairs 1,500 Gil **Yes**
Southern Dock Man in the southwest corner 2,000 Gil **Yes**
Northern Dock Girl in northeastern corner 2,000 Gil **Yes**
Northern Dock Boy just to the right of a Hypello 2,000 Gil **Yes**
North Wharf The woman here 2,000 Gil **Yes**
North Wharf The man here 500 Gil No
North Bank Road First man on the roadside 1,500 Gil **Yes**
North Bank Road Man near the elderly lady 2,000 Gil **Yes**

You can pitch some tickets a lot higher depending on who you speak to. There is a potentially massive profit to be made if done correctly!

As a note, taking the highest sellers into account, you can rack up as high as 12,500 Gil here. After the tenth ticket, you will meet with Tobli again. If you sold all 10 tickets, making at least 5,000 Gil or 10,000 Gil (which is outlined at the start of the section), you will end up getting the percentage contribution to your 100%! You also get a reward or set thereof as below. You also get any profit (over 5,000 or 10,000 Gil) you earned.

Tickets Sold Ch 1 Moonflow Quest Done? 5,000+/10,000+ Gil? Rewards
0 - 5 No No None
6 ~ 9 No No Gun Mage Dressphere
6 ~ 9 Yes No None
6 ~ 9 No Yes Gun Mage Dressphere, Seething Cauldron Garment Grid
6 ~ 9 Yes Yes Seething Cauldron Garment Grid
All 10! No No Gun Mage Dressphere, Seething Cauldron Garment Grid
All 10! Yes No Seething Cauldron Garment Grid, Muscle Belt accessory
All 10! No Yes Gun Mage Dressphere, Seething Cauldron Garment Grid
All 10! Yes Yes Seething Cauldron Garment Grid, Muscle Belt accessory

In case you’re worried about skipping Dresspheres ahead of time, you could have gotten the Gun Mage Dressphere from the whole thing in the Chapter 1 Moonflow already, so don’t worry about that. The main prize for 100%-ers is the Seething Cauldron Garment Grid. That does it for this area.

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