The creatures you raise can equip Garment Grids and also obtain a number of Auto-Abilities as a result. In this section you will see a table listing abilities with their effects that are applied to the monsters.

Ability Ability Effect Note
Abominable Ribbon Immunizes you from most ailments
[Stat Change] Strength +10, Magic +10, Defense +10, Magic Defense +10
Bitter Farewell Death Instant kill, if vulnerable
Deathproof You cannot be afflicted by instant-Death
Black Tabard Flare High non-elemental magic damage
Turbo Black Magic Cuts the wait time for Black Magic by 30%
Blood of the Beast Cripple Removes half of the target’s current HP (25% under Protect)
Turbo Instinct Cuts the wait down by 30% on Instinct skills
Ability Ability Effect Note
Bum Rush Assault Applies Haste, Protect, Shell, and Berserk to the party
Chaos Maelstrom Black Sky 10 Strength-based magical attacks to the enemy party
Turbo Arcana Cuts the wait on Arcana down by 30%
Conflagration Flare High non-elemental magic damage
Covenant of Growth Double EXP. Doubles EXP. earned in battles
Momentum Deals damage equal to that of Attack, plus the number of enemies you’ve killed
Covetous Absorb Damages the target’s HP and MP, using that damage to heal those of the user
Disaster in Bloom Sleepstrike Your attacks will usually put the target to Sleep
Envenom Physically damages and Poisons the target
Ability Ability Effect Note
Downtrodder Demi Sword A Gravity- and physically-based attack
Gravity Eater You absorb all Gravity-based fractional damage
Enigma Plate Mental Break Physically attacks the target and lowers their Magic Defense by one level (-1/12)
First Steps Cure Low HP restoration
Flash of Steel Eject May Eject the enemy from battle
Font of Power One MP Cost All MP consumption is 1 MP
Healing Light Full-Cure Fully restores the target’s HP (up to 9,999 without Break Damage Limit)
Healing Wind Cura Moderate HP restoration
Ability Ability Effect Note
Heart of Flame Flametongue A Fire-based physical attack
Fire Eater The wielder is healed by all Fire-elemental damage
Heart Reborn Life The target is revived from KO with 25% HP
Helios Guard Protect Imbues Protect, halving physical damage
SOS Protect You go into Protect when under 1/3 HP
Higher Power Break HP Limit You can exceed 9,999 HP, up to 99,999 HP
Highroad Winds First Strike You often get the first attack and avoid ambushes
Hayate Applies Haste (Agility x2) and Evasion +10 levels (Evasion +5/6) to the user
Ability Ability Effect Note
Horn of Plenty Gillionaire Doubles Gil won in battle
Nab Gil Steals Gil
Hour of Need No Fear Applies Protect and Shell to the user
Howling Wind Intimidate Physically damages and Slows the target
Ice Queen Ice Brand A physical Ice-based attack
Ice Eater The wielder absorbs all Ice-elemental damage
Immortal Soul Full-Life Revives the target from KO with full HP (up to 9,999 without Break Damage Limit)
Intrepid Fingersnap Physically damages the target and nulls their stat buffs/debuffs
Last Resort Hero Drink All attacks are critically-hitting
Ability Ability Effect Note
Megiddo Ultima Extreme non-elemental magic damage to all enemies
Menace of the Deep Liquid Steel A Water-elemental physical attack
Water Eater The wielder is healed by Water-elemental attacks
Mercurial Strike Quick Hit An Attack with a faster recovery rate
Mortal Coil Break Petrifies the target
Stoneproof You cannot be Petrified
Mounted Assault First Strike You are unlikely to be ambushed, and often get the first attack
Unhinge Physically damages and Slows the target
Peerless Always Crit … Does it need much explanation?
Ability Ability Effect Note
Pride of the Sword Delay Buster Physically damages and heavily Delays the target
Turbo Swordplay Cuts the wait time on Swordplay by 30%
Protection Halo Esuna Heals most ailments except KO/Doom
Raging Giant Confuse Confuses the target
Confuseproof You cannot be Confused
Ray of Hope Dismissal Physically damages the enemy and cancels their charged-up attack (if any)
Butterfingers Guarantees that enemies drop rare items
Restless Sleep Sleep Puts the target to Sleep
Sleepproof You cannot be put to Sleep
Ability Ability Effect Note
Sacred Beast Poisonstrike Your attacks usually Poison the target
Excalibur A Holy-elemental physical attack
Holy Eater You are healed by Holy-elemental damage
Salvation Promised Auto-Life The target is automatically revived from KO with 1/4 HP
Samurai’s Honor Shin-Zantetsu Attempts to KO all enemies
Turbo Bushido Cuts the wait on Bushido by 30%
Scourgebane Clean Slate Cures 1/4 of your max HP and Darkness, Poison, Silence, Slow, Curse, and Pointless
Health Preserver You are not vulnerable at all to Sleep or Poison
Seething Cauldron Magicide Unblockable MP damage
Ability Ability Effect Note
Selene Guard Shell Imbues Shell, halving your magical damage intake
SOS Shell Auto-imbuement of Shell below 1/3 HP
Shining Mirror Reflect Imbues Reflect, bounces magic that hits you to the other party (allies to enemies to allies)
Piercing Magic Your magic ignores Reflect
Still of Night Silence Afflicts the target with Silence
Silenceproof You cannot be Silenced
Stonehewn Magic Break Physically damages the target and lowers their Magic by one level (-1/12)
Strength of One Nonpareil Boosts your Strength by 2 levels (+1/6) and Accuracy by 10 (+5/6)
Ability Ability Effect Note
Tempered Will Howl Doubles your max HP (up to 9,999 without Break HP Limit, and 99,999 with)
Tetra Master Tetrastrike Your physical attacks are Fire-, Ice-, Lightning-, and Water-elemental
The End Break Damage Limit Your damage output can exceed 9,999, up to 99,999
Thunder Spawn Thunder Blade A Lightning-based physical attack
Lightning Eater The wielder is healed by Lightning-elemental attacks
Treasure Hunt Double Items You win double the normal items from battles
Mug Attacks the target and also attempts to Steal an item
Tricks of the Trade Quick Flare Casts Flare with a quicker recovery
Ability Ability Effect Note
Undying Storm Sparkling Defense-ignoring physical attack
Unerring Path Crackdown Physically damages the target and removes Protect, Shell, and Reflect
Unwavering Guard Curaga High HP recovery
Valiant Lustre Moogle Curaja Recovers 5/8 of the partys HP and heals all ailments but KO/Doom
Vanguard Armor Break Physically damages the target and lowers their Defense by one level (-1/12)
White Signet Holy High Holy-elemental damage to a single target
Turbo White Magic Cuts the wait on White Magic by 30%
Wishbringer Regen Bestows Regen on the target
HP/MP Stroll Heal HP & MP whilst walking around in the field

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