Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Adamantoise High HP
Aka Manah Weakness to Holy
Amorphous Gel Variable weaknesses
Armet None
Balivarha None
Blue Elemental Weakness to Lightning
Chocobo None
Daeva Weakness to Holy
Dinictus Weakness to Lightning/Gravity
Flan Azabache None
Flan Blanco Weakness to Fire
Flan Rojo Weakness to Ice
Enemy Name Notes
Gigas Weakness to Gravity
Grim Gaze Flying
Haunt Holy + Variable weaknesses
Leucophylla Weakness to Fire
Lich Holy + Variable weaknesses
Pairika Weakness to Fire/Holy
Peregine Flying
Phantom Weakness to Holy/Fire
Protean Gel Variable weaknesses
Queen Coeurl None
Sahagin Prince Weakness to Lightning
Rhyos None
Skink Weakness to Ice
Taromaiti Weakness to Fire/Holy
Tomb Weakness to Water/Holy
Enemy Name Notes
Ultima Weapon High HP, strong
Varan Weakness to Fire
Vespa Weakness to Ice
Watcher-A None
Watcher-R None
Watcher-S None
Zurvan Weakness to Fire

When you arrive, you should be able to watch a scene involving the two companies in the Calm Lands you were to advertise for; if you got them each enough points, you’ll get a scene. Otherwise, play minigames for both of the companies until you get over 400 points each, then return to the Celsius and come back for the scene. It’s needed for 100% completion, so deal with it now if you were lazy in previous chapters. You’ll be able to get the Free Pass if you got one company or both to their highest PR level.

It’s best to begin by clearing out some treasures. In the center of the Calm Lands, you can speak with the father of the son who needs a wife. (You’ll get a Speed Bracer for having 30+ points in that quest by now, and an Elixir for any less.) Speak with the father and talk about the 50,000 Gil you could’ve taken; if you took it and are honest about it, you’ll get a Sword Lore as well. The rest of the treasures, for the most part, can easily be found by revisiting various areas in the Calm Lands. The Mounted Assault and Strength of One Garment Grids are found by sending Chocobos whose Heart stats are not 100 to somewhere, fighting seven battles, then going back to the Ranch when the Chocobo returns. You can also buy the Disaster in Bloom and Flash of Steel Garment Grids from the Open Air and Argent companies, respectively, when they hit PR Lv. 5.

When you have the Level 1 Bold Chocobos (left) send them off to the Calm Lands (right).

The rest are found in one last dungeon.

First, to open the dungeon:

  • Get four Level 1 Bold Chocobos. They are often found in Kilika, the Thunder Plains, or Bikanel. Catching more than four (14 at most) usually works well enough.
  • Go to the Chocobo Ranch and examine all of them. Release all of them whose maximum level is not able to be Level 5. If you have fewer than four after that, go and get more.
  • Assign the four Level 1 Bold Chocobos to your runners.
  • Send all four to the Calm Lands.
  • Fight seven random battles.
  • Save, then talk to Clasko. If any Chocobos ran off, reset and speak with Clasko again until no more flee.
  • Those four Chocobos should've gone up a level. Restore the birds' Heart stat.
  • Repeat the previous five steps several more times until you end up with four Level 5 Bold Chocobos.
  • Dispatch Runners 1, 2, and 3 to the Calm Lands; do nothing with #4.
  • Fight seven random battles and do the usual thing.
  • Next, send off Runners 2, 3, and 4; do nothing with #1.
  • Seven battles again.
  • When you return to the ranch, you should watch a scene in which you find something in the back of the ranch. It's a dungeon!

BOSS - Anything Eater

Anything Eater Details (Oversoul)
Max HP / Max MP 11,600 / 310 (36,980 / 310)
Elem. Weak / Resis / Immunity / Absorb None / None / Gravity / None
EXP / GIL / AP 3,400 / 1,500 / 1 (4,800 / 1,800 / 2)
Common Steals / Rare Steals Mega Potion / Mega-Potion x2 (Mega Potion / Elixir)
Common Item Drops / Rare Item Drops Power Gloves / None (Power Gloves / None)

Boss Analysis: In its regular form is when the boss is probably the hardest. Then, Anything Eater will use a basic Attack with an inherent Death effect, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Waterga, Flare, and Osmose.

As for the Oversoul form of it? It still will use the “-ga” magic mentioned earlier. However, it will also stop bouncing it off itself because it’ll lose its Auto-Reflect. Instead, it will begin to use attacks on girls wearing particular Dresspheres and also use Dispel to get rid of most of your Reflects you may throw up.

Main Strategy: If you’re fighting the Oversoul form and have something with Auto-Reflect in some way, you win.

Otherwise, begin the battle by using Mighty Guard and then go into a physical offense. As usual, that means Darkness from Dark Knights since it’ll pierce its Defenses, dealing heavy damage. Just note that it is a good idea for those Dark Knights to know Deathproof at this point if you’re fighting a non-Oversoul form of it. After that, it’s mostly just healing and attacking.

At this stage, this guy is easy with your stats. His spells are fairly harmless and the damage from Darkness (right) will be sufficient to kill him in a few turns.

After the battle, notice the wall behind where the Eater was; it’ll rise. Now, think for a moment: remember that door just before you fought the Anything Eater that moved off? There are two more such doors to the north and two more to the south; open them as well. Open the door opposite where the Eater was and you’ll find an Amazing Chocobo beyond and you will also get the Higher Power Garment Grid .

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