By feeding your Creatures certain quantities of certain items, they in turn will be able to learn new abilities or use skills and the like.

Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Adamantite 1 [Stat Change] Defense +40
Amulet 2 Magic Break Physically damages the target and lowers their Magic by one level (-1/12)
Angel Earrings 2 Deathproof Immunizes the wielder from instant-Death
AP Egg 2 Double EXP. Doubles the EXP. earned by the wielder
Arcane Lore 1 Black Sky 10 magical hits to all enemies, but based on user’s Strength
Arcane Tome 2 Turbo Arcana Cuts the wait time for Arcana commands by 30%
Beaded Brooch 3 Sense Preserver Immunizes you from Confuse and Berserk
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Black Belt 1 Eject Attempts to Eject the target from battle
Black Choker 2 Confuseproof Immunizes the wielder from Confusion
Black Lore 1 Flare Extreme non-elemental magic damage
Black Ring 2 Gravityproof Immunizes the wielder from Gravity-based fractional damage
Black Tome 2 Turbo Black Magic Cuts the wait time on Black Magic by 30%
Blind Shock 2 Darktouch The wielder’s attacks may inflict Darkness
Bloodlust 1 Shin-Zantetsu Attempts to KO all enemies
Bloodlust 1 [Stat Change] Strength +30
Blue Ring 2 Water Ward Halves the damage taken from Water-elemental attacks
Bushido Lore 1 Fireworks Physical damage to all enemies; ignores Defense
Bushido Tome 2 Turbo Bushido Cuts the wait time on Bushido skills by 30%
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Cat Nip 1 [Stat Change] Strength +30
Cat’s Bell 1 HP Stroll You regain HP whilst walking in the field
Cerulean Ring 2 Water Eater Water-elemental attacks against the wielder heal HP
Champion Belt 1 Zantetsu Attempts to KO an enemy - higher level, higher success
Chaos Shock 2 Confusetouch Physical attacks can confuse the target
Charm Bangle 1 No Encounters You will not fight any random battles
Circlet 1 No Fear User gains Protect and Shell
Crimson Ring 2 Fire Eater Fire-elemental attacks heal the wielder’s HP
Crystal Ball 1 [Stat Change] Magic +1
Crystal Bangle 1 [Stat Change] Max HP +55
Crystal Gloves 1 [Stat Change] Defense +1
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Defense Bracer 3 Auto-Wall The wielder is always under Protect and Shell
Diamond Gloves 2 Ice Brand An Ice-elemental physical attack
Dragonfly Orb 2 Stopproof You cannot be Stopped
Dream Shock 2 Sleeptouch Your physical attacks may induce Sleep
Electrocutioner 2 Lightningstrike/Waterstrike Your physical attacks are both Lightning- and Water-elemental
Enterprise 1 Break HP Limit You can exceed 9,999 HP, up to 99,999 HP
Faerie Earrings 3 Sanity Preserver You cannot be Confused or Berserked
Favourite Outfit 3 Deathproof/Pointlessproof You cannot be instantly killed or affected by Pointless
Fiery Gleam 2 Firestrike Your attacks are Fire-elemental
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Force of Nature 1 Omnistrike Your attacks are of all elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Holy, and Water
Freezerburn 2 Firestrike/Icestrike Your attacks are both Fire- and Ice-elemental
Fury Shock 2 Berserktouch Your physical attacks may Berserk the target
Gauntlet 1 Cripple Removes half of the target’s current HP (25% under Protect)
Glass Buckle 3 Health Preserver You cannot be afflicted by Sleep or Poison
Gold Anklet 2 Stoneproof You cannot be Petrified
Gold Bracer 1 [Stat Change] Max MP +20
Golden Hairpin 1 Half MP Cost All MP consumption is halved
Gris-Gris Bag 2 Doomproof You are immune to Doom
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Haste Bangle 2 SOS Haste You are automatically Hasted under 1/3 HP
Heady Perfume 1 HP/MP Stroll You regain HP and MP whilst walking in the field
Hyper Wrist 2 Demi Sword Deals Gravity/physical damage to a single target
Hypno Crown 1 Hayate The user gains Haste (Agility x2) and 10 levels in Evasion (Evasion +5/6)
Icy Gleam 1 Icestrike Your physical attacks are Ice-elemental
Invincible 1 Break Damage Limit You can exceed 9,999 damage, up to 99,999
Iron Bangle 1 [Stat Change] Max HP +10
Iron Duke 1 [Stat Change] Max HP +10, Max MP +10, Strength +10, Defense +10, Magic +10, Magic Defense +10, Evasion +10, Luck +10, Accuracy +10
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Kaiser Knuckles 1 [Stat Change] Strength +1
Key to Success 1 Gillionaire Doubles the Gil earned in battles
Kinesis Badge 3 Time Preserver You cannot be Slowed or Stopped
Lag Shock 2 Slowtouch Physical attacks may Slow the target
Lightning Gleam 2 Lighningstrike Your attacks are Lightning-elemental
Lure Bracer 1 More Encounters Your random-encounter rate increases
Minerva’s Plate 1 [Stat Change] Magic Defense +40
Moon Bracer 3 Auto-Shell You are always under the effects of Shell
Mortal Shock 2 Deathtouch Your physical attacks may inflict instant-Death
Muscle Belt 1 Nonpareil Your Strength is upped by 2 levels (+1/6) and your Accuracy by 10 (+5/6)
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Mute Shock 2 Silencetouch Your physical attacks may inflict Silence
Mystery Veil 2 Liquid Steel A Water-based physical attack
Mythril Bangle 1 [Stat Change] Max HP +30
Nature’s Lore 1 Crackdown Damages the target physically and removes Protect, Shell, and Reflect
Nature’s Tome 2 Turbo Instinct Instinct skills’ charge time is cut by 30%
NulBlaze Ring 2 Fireproof You are immune to Fire-elemental attacks
NulFrost Ring 2 Iceproof You are immune to Ice-elemental attacks
NulShock Ring 1 Lightningproof You are immune to Lightning-elemental attacks
NulTide Ring 2 Waterproof You are immune to Water-elemental attacks
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Oath Veil 1 [Stat Change] Magic Defense +1
Ochre Ring 2 Lightning Eater The wielder is healed by Lightning-elemental attacks
Pearl Necklace 2 Pointlessproof You cannot be afflicted by Pointless
Pixie Dust 2 Auto-Life Revives the target upon their KO automatically with 25% HP
Potpourri 2 Berserkproof You cannot be Berserked
Power Gloves 2 Delay Buster Physical damage and a huge Delay to the target
Power Wrist 2 Flametongue A Fire-elemental physical attack
Pretty Orb 2 Slowproof You cannot be Slowed
Rabite’s Foot 1 [Stat Change] Luck +5
Ragnarok 1 Spellspring MP consumption is zero
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Recovery Bracer 3 Auto-Regen You are always under the effects of Regen
Red Ring 2 Fire Ward Your damage intake from Fire-elemental attacks is halved
Regal Crown 1 Darkness Damages all enemies; has no physical or magical designation; uses your Strength and ignores Defense
Regen Bangle 2 SOS Regen You go into Regen under 1/3 HP
Ribbon 1 Ribbon You are immune to most ailments
Rune Bracer 1 [Stat Change] Max MP +30
Safety Bit 3 Life Preserver You cannot be instantly KO’ed or petrified
Shining Bracer 3 Auto-Protect You are always under Protect
Shmooth Shailing 1 [Stat Change] Max HP +5, Max MP +5, Strength +5, Defense +5, Magic +5, Magic Defense +5, Evasion +5, Luck +5, Accuracy +5
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Short Circuit 3 Lightning/Water Eater The wielder is healed by both Lightning- and Water-elemental attacks
Silver Bracer 1 [Stat Change] Max MP +10
Silver Glasses 2 Darkproof You cannot be afflicted by Darkness
Snow Ring 2 Ice Eater The wielder is healed by Ice-elemental attacks
Soul of Thamasa 2 Magic Booster Your MP cost for magic increases, as does its damage
Speed Bracer 3 Auto-Haste You are always Hasted (and thusly also immune to Slow)
Sprint Shoes 2 First Strike You are likely to get the First Strike and to avoid enemy ambushes
Star Bracer 3 Auto-Reflect You are always under Reflect
Star Pendant 2 Poisonproof You cannot be Poisoned
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Stone Shock 2 Stonetouch Your physical attacks may Petrify the target
Sublimator 3 Fire/Ice Eater You absorb both Fire- and Ice-elemental attacks
Sword Lore 1 Excalibur A Holy-elemental physical attack
Sword Tome 2 Turbo Swordplay Swordplay skills’ charge time is cut by 30%
System Shock 2 Stoptouch Your physical attacks may Stop the target
Talisman 2 Momentum Does the damage of a normal Attack with the number of enemies you’ve killed added to it (up to 99,999)
Tarot Card 2 Thunderblade A Lightning-elemental physical attack
Tetra Band 2 Tetra Ward Your damage from Fire-, Ice-, Lightning-, and Water-elemental attacks is halved
Tetra Bracelet 3 Tetra Eater Your damage from Fire-, Ice-, Lightning-, and Water-elemental attacks will heal you
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
Tetra Gloves 3 Tetrastrike Your physical attacks are of the Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Water elements altogether
Tetra Guard 2 Tetra Proof You are immune to Fire-, Ice-, Lightning-, and Water-elemental damage
Tiara 1 Focus Boosts your Magic by three levels (+1/4)
Titanium Bangle 1 [Stat Change] Max HP +30
Twist Headband 2 Sleepproof You cannot be put to Sleep
Venom Shock 2 Poisontouch Your physical attacks may Poison the target
Wall Ring 1 SOS Wall You will be under both Protect and Shell (Wall) when under 1/3 HP
Watery Gleam 2 Waterstrike Your physical attacks are Water-elemental
White Cape 2 Silenceproof You cannot be Silenced
Accessory Amount Skill Effect
White Ring 2 Ice Ward Your damage intake from Ice-elemental attacks is halved
White Tome 2 Turbo White Magic Your charge time for White Magic is cut by 30%
Wizard Bracelet 1 MP Stroll Walking around in the field restores your MP
Wring 1 Black Magic Lv. 2 Cuts the charge time for Black Magic by half
Wring 1 [Stat Change] Magic +3
Wristband 2 Power Break Physically damages the target and lowers their Strength by one level (-1/12)
Yellow Ring 2 Lightning Ward Halves the damage intake from Lightning-elemental attacks

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