Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Agama Weakness to Ice
Bandit None
Chocobo None
Flan Azul Weakness to Lightning
Protochimera Fairly strong for a low level party.
Quadricorn None
Shell Shocker High HP
Takouba Weakness to Fire

In case that Shell Shocker scares you a little, it’s non-Oversoul form cannot kill you. It has a slight chance to by using Slurp in the Oversoul form, but that’s quite rare. Still, it’s easy EXP.

As you come down, there will be a few options you can do regarding the mission here. What they are is very important to you:

  • **Option #1 - Break HP Limit** : Let's say you want the Enterprise accessory, which has an inherent Break HP Limit ability on it, which allows you to go to 99,999 HP, like in FFX. This can be valuable, but you will have to skip this mission and immediately forfeit 100% completion, and the Gun Mage Dressphere (the latter only temporarily).
  • **Option #2 - Super Magic Armor** : Okay, that's not your taste? In that case, you can get the Minerva's Plate accessory - it massively lowers Strength (-80), but doubles your maximum MP (up to the limit), boosts your Magic by 100, and gives you the Turbo Black Magic ability. For this, you must *NOT* talk to Tobli, and make sure all the bags (five) are safe. This will somewhat delay the earning of the Gun Mage and Mascot Dresspheres, but you will *not* get 100% completion.
  • **Option #3 - Key to Success** : This is perhaps one of the coolest accessories ever: it doubles your EXP gain, AP gain, Gil gain, item drops earned, and the damage dealt. Essentially, it would be *amazing* to have, and we'd almost recommend it then simply getting 100% completion on the New Game+ playthrough. You can do this mission imperfectly or skip the mission to earn this. You will be allowed to get the Gun Mage Dressphere, but not the Mascot one, however.
  • **Option #4 - 100% Completion** : You drive a hard bargain. Anyhow, completion of this mission - and it has to be perfect - will assure you the Gun Mage Dressphere and Mascot Dresspheres at their appropriate times, and you will get 100% completion - or at least be able to attain it.

Talk to Tobli (left) the little guy in red to start the mission process. Once you find the Hypello, stick close to the cart and chase the bandits down when they arrive (right).

When you arrive on the southern bank of the Moonflow (it’s better to come from the airship than from Djose, or you can mess things up), speak with the person dressed in red running around. After, continue along to the South Bank Road and go along the path until you meet someone crying for help. You’ll end up meeting a Hypello (not Barkeep) with a Chocobo-pulled cart. Speaking with the Hypello starts the mission.

Basically, you’re asked to escort his cart in this mission. As you go along, three waves of 1, 2, then 2 more thieves will try to take the bags from it, of which there are five. If the thieves snatch a sack, kick ‘em in the sack or, more appropriately, just shoot them down in battle to regain the bag. You’ll have to chase them down, though, and press X when near them. The second and third waves can also be handled before the theft occurs, and by the same means. It’s a pretty simple mission, too - if you complete it perfectly, you’ll get a Gun Mage Dressphere, Circlet , and the Helios Guard Garment Grid .

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