Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Bolt Drake Weakness to Ice
Chocobo None
Fly Eye Flying
Hrimthurs Weakness to Gravity
Killer Hound None

As you enter the Bikanel Desert, you’ll simply have to follow Rikku for a while, fighting a few forced battles on the way until the party eventually passes out. Upon awakening, you’ll be in an Al Bhed camp and will gain an Al Bhed Primer . You can use the Save Sphere in the area to return to the Celsius, but, otherwise, you won’t be leaving. Speaking of the Save Sphere, there’s a vendor next to it.

This is as far as you’ll get without the Letter of Introduction - if you lack it, go to Chapter 1 - Djose for the details. In the northeast corner (after getting it), you can watch a scene. After it, speak with the two men nearby and another scene will be triggered. Upon its conclusion, speak with the newly-arrived Nhadala and give her the letter to finally begin the mission.

When you regain control, tell the pilot to take you to the western expanse. There, you’ll find a Picket, your partner during digs. You’ll also be introduced somewhat to the rules: essentially, you have 60 seconds to find an item marked by a yellow cross, which appears on the map. Simply move Yuna there and the item will be excavated from that spot. If you want, you can go for the white crosses beforehand to find items, money or even battles.

The white crosses (left) are good for finding random items and sometimes battles. The yellow cross (right) is your objective for that dig.

When you’ve gotten the designated item, go back to the hovercraft to head to the western Bikanel Desert automatically. There, you’ll be given an Elixir and the Still of Night Garment Grid , which officially ends this section.

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