After arriving, Yuna will go through some nostalgia regarding what exactly happened during the time Leblanc impersonated her earlier in the game, starting a mission. After the scene, go south an area to the Square and, there, you’ll be yelled at by a man; go and speak with him when you regain control. In the end, you have to deliver some balloons - you can give them to:

  • The dancing woman near the balloon cart
  • The kid near the statue
  • The old woman on the bench to the west
  • The two people near the west side of the statues
  • The two people in the northwest corner
  • Approach the glass windows nearby, below the two TV screens, and press X to sell two more
  • The man at the far north side is the last one

Doing this small quest gets you the **Healing Wind Garment Grid** !

After this, return to Luca and jump to the nearby chest for two Lunar Curtains . Head to the Square to the south again, then go east to the Theater’s reception area if you want - you can buy Movie (2,000 Gil) and Music (1,000 gil) Spheres to watch and listen to music you’ve seen and heard throughout the game. You can enter the Sphere Theater to access them. There’s no point in wasting Gil on them right now, and there isn’t a Trophy for acquiring them, unlike FFX HD. Oh well. It’s your money.

Find all the people you can give balloons too (left). There are some items spread around Luca (right) one of which is a Garment Grid!

Head back west and south some areas to the entrance to Luca Stadium; from there, go southeast to Dock 5. Go to the end of the dock and open the chest there for the Thunder Spawn Garment Grid . Return to the stadium entrance and enter the basement to the northeast; you can find Rin at the end of the path - remember him from FFX? He’ll give you an Al Bhed Primer here. (You know, we’re wondering about how the Primers got lost between FFX and X-2. Not to mention Rikku should already understand Al Bhed being an Al Bhed.)

After this, go into the other basement from the stadium and you can speak with Shinra down here to learn about Sphere Break; it’s essentially a mathematics game which we will cover in more detail later. In any case, you’ll receive five Helm Coins, five Zurvan Coins, five Coyote Coins, and five Flan Coins . That’s it for Luca.

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