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After the opening movie, you’ll quickly regain control of Rikku and Paine. In case you’re unaware of your bearings, you’re in Luca, two years after the original FFX, clearly exemplified by the myriad amounts of machina being used. Anyhow, you’ll quickly be launched into a fight!

BOSS - ???? & Goon (x2)

This fight is pretty easy, so don’t expect much to come from it, especially if you’re already familiar with the ATB system in previous Final Fantasies (IV-IX, mostly). Even so, it can be a bit annoying to swap from the completely turn-based CTB of FFX to this, especially if you go straight from playing X to X-2.

In any case, the ???? person can’t do much other than impersonate Yuna. She will mostly serve a supportive role: this comes through Haste (increased Agility) and Regen (regular healing). There’s also Ecstasy (this is a concert, remember?), which doubles the Goons’ max HP, restores half of it, and then bestows Haste and Regen together. Granted, this is a doubling to a mere 58. Also expect to see Thunder for mild Lightning-elemental damage, and Absorb to take your HP and MP to heal the ???? person’s parameters.

Oh, and the Goons just Attack.

Anyhow, the fight opens pretty clearly; it is mostly to get you back in the hang of the ATB system after the stuff from FFX - basically, the battle system is somewhat the same (you’ll learn enough as you play), but the whole thing is always moving - you can’t just sit there and think, unless you want to be attacked. In case you can’t tell, Rikku is a speed-oriented Thief while Paine (the gray-haired woman) is a Warrior, oriented for brute force.

Ecstasy (left) can double the parameters of the Goons but it isn’t a significant threat. It is good practice to steal (right) from enemies, especially at this early stage.

After the battle and a scene, you’ll head back to the Luca docks. (Why is there always trouble involving Yuna in this particular spot?) Run after Paine and defeat the enemies as you progress through them. After a while of following the linear path, you’ll end up near someone dressed as a Moogle. Speak with them to restore your HP and MP ( even if you don’t need to - trust us on this one! It helps you to hit 100%!) and continue on to the next dock.

After a brief scene, we go in … all guns blazing!

If you time your attacks, you can Chain them (left) to increase damage. Find the person hiding in the Moogle outfit (right), as this counts towards 100% game completion.

BOSS - Logos, Ormi

Both of these grunts are pretty easy to deal with. Logos can do a basic Attack, although it hits twice; there’s also the ability to use a Potion, which is only 10% as effective as a real one, healing 20 HP here. Ormi can use a basic Attack and Pirouette Pitch , which is slightly stronger. Each attack you’ll see will hit for 10-20 damage.

You’ll want Rikku to open the battle by Stealing from whoever you plan on killing first: those items are some decent accessories for you to equip. We recommend offing Logos first, since he’s the weaker of the two and can do more of a healing job to lengthen the battle. As for what to use? Nothing specific needs mentioning so just keep pounding away.

Ormi will do Pirouette Pitch (left) for quite a while but its damage isn’t that troublesome. Yuna can use Trigger Happy (right) to build up a nice chain of damage.

Not long after those grunts go down, the imposter will reveal herself to be Leblanc, giving Yuna back her Garment Grid (the essence of this game’s Job/Dressphere system) before launching one final attack.

BOSS - Leblanc

Leblanc doesn’t put up much of an offensive. She can use a basic Attack and the Thunder spell, each hitting in the range of 10 to 20 points of damage.

As with the previous miniboss, open the fight with Rikku stealing the Silver Bracers from Leblanc - again, it’s an accessory which you can use now, so you might as well. In any case, you’ll also be introduced to the Dresspheres and job-changing aspect of the game: press L1 and opt to change to the Songstress job class. This will change Yuna into, in essence, the Bard of this game. Have her use Darkness Dance from her abilities list (you’ll be forced to) and you will hit Leblanc with Darkness.

With the Darkness ailment in place, Leblanc will be lucky if she hits you with her Attack - the Thunder spell which you’ll see about half the time can still do some damage, but not enough to be of legitimate concern. Continue attacking her (after stealing that accessory), reinstilling Darkness Dance as needed.

The Garment Grids (left) each have their own parameters and dressphere allowances. Songstress (right) is the Bard of FFX-2 by which they can debilitate enemies using status ailments.

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