General Description: This is another job class you ought to be familiar with if you ever play Final Fantasy: thieves are the quintessential class for those wanting a lot of Agility, as well as for hunting treasures some enemies hold. (Many hold valuable accessories, though those accessories themselves are sometimes pointless, even if valuable.) They’re also the only class able to attack twice per Attack, making combos a lot easier to make, and they can steal all sorts of things: items, money, HP/MP… They can even Steal Will to Eject the enemy from battle. It’s a nice class to use every now and then, especially when you need to Eject an enemy or Steal some items, but the class is too flimsy to use in the long run.

  • **General Info:**
    • *Obtained:* Automatic
    • *For Whom?:* Yuna, Rikku, and Paine
    • *General Stat Increases:* Strength, Agility, Luck
    • *General Stat Decreases:* Defense, Magic, Magic Defense
  • **Abilities Learned:**
    • **Steal - Auto - 0 MP Cost:** Attempts to take an item from an enemy.
    • **Flee - 10 AP - 0 MP Cost:** All characters will flee the battle with 100% success, except for certain unescapable fights, such as bosses.
    • **Pilfer Gil - 30 AP - 2 MP Cost:** Attempts to take Gil from an enemy.
      • **Pilfer HP - 60 AP - 10 MP Cost:** Damages the target, and the amount of damage inflicted is the amount by which the user is healed.
        • **Pilfer MP - 60 AP - 0 MP Cost:** Damages the target's MP, using the damage dealt to heal the user's MP.
        • **Soul Swipe - 160 AP - 12 MP Cost:** Berserks the target. (Also applies the Strength +1/12 bonus.)
          • **Steal Will - 160 AP - 18 MP Cost:** Tries to Eject the target, essentially the same as KO'ing it.
        • **Sticky Fingers - 120 AP - 20 MP Cost:** Steal, but with a 100% success rate.
          • **Master Thief - 140 AP - 20 MP Cost:** Attempts to steal a rare item from an enemy.
    • **Borrowed Time - 100 AP - 16 MP Cost:** Inflicts Stop on the enemy.
    • **Item Hunter - 60 AP - 0 MP Cost:** The wielder is more likely to receive enemies' item drops.
      • **Slowproof - 20 AP - 0 MP Cost:** The wielder cannot be afflicted by Slow. (Stop still works.)
        • **Stopproof - 40 AP - 0 MP Cost:** The wielder cannot be afflicted by Stop.
    • **First Strike - 40 AP - 0 MP Cost:** The wielder begins the battle with a full ATB gauge, always.
      • **Initiative - 60 AP - 0 MP Cost:** The party as a whole is more likely to ambush the enemy.

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Set two years after the defeat of Sin, Yuna, the High Summoner who brought about its destruction, finds a mysterious sphere of a man who closely resembles someone she thought was gone forever. She sets out on a journey to find him, with help from faces old and new, only to discover the mysteries run deeper than she ever thought possible. Yuna is called on once again to protect the world she loves. Final Fantasy X was Tidus’s story; X-2 is Yuna’s.

The world of Spira may have changed, but we are with you every step of the way! The guide contains the following:

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