Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Amorphous Gel Variable weaknesses
Armet None
Blue Elemental Weakness to Lightning
Chocobo None
Coeurl None
Death Dauber Weakness to Fire, Flying
Divebeak Flying
Flan Blanco Weakness to Fire
Nashorn None
Peregine Flying
Queen Coeurl Incredibly strong at low levels, beware!
Skink Weakness to Ice
Wild Wolf None

When you arrive, there will be a scene with Clasko, during which you should not follow him, at least for now. Head to the middle of the Calm Lands where the travel agency is; shop if you need, but do make sure to speak with the young Ronso here and they’ll leave. Also look around the south part of the Calm Lands for two Ethers , in the large central area for two Chocobo Wings and two Phoenix Downs , and the bridge area for two Phoenix Downs , with a Phoenix Down in the gorge far below it.

After, head to the east side of the Calm Lands where the Monster Arena used to be in FFX. There are some ruins there, as well as Clasko; speak with him and say “ Sure, why not? “. This will start up another mission.

When you arrive inside, take note that some of the fiends you’ll see are simply mirages; touching them makes them disappear. There will be one real fiend in the encounter, though: no more and no less. The mirages will end up facing the direction of the real one, if you can tell; some are harder than others. Essentially, think about the one that’s not rotated.

Some of the fiends inside are illusions and disappear upon touching them (left). Beware of Queen Coeurl (right) if you are insufficiently levelled. You will struggle!

Go ahead and find those real fiends. After the fifth discovery, you’ll meet up with Clasko and kill the remaining three Blue Elementals to end the simple mission, netting you the Alchemist Dressphere and the Highroad Winds Garment Grid . This place will also become a place for breeding Chocobos. Return to the ruins and examine the Chocobo sign to the right. Say “ Hey, Clasko!“ to receive some Gysahl Greens and Pahsana Greens .

Now try using them to catch a Chocobo you find in the wild before Chapter 3!

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