Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Amorphous Gel Variable weaknesses
Chocobo None
Deep Haizhe Strong during first visit, Weakness to Lightning
Gold Elemental Weakness to Water
Haizhe Weakness to Lightning/Gravity
Red Elemental Weakness to Ice
Sallet None
White Elemental Weakness to Fire
Xiphactinus Lightning/Gravity

You should note the Amorphous Gel, which operates a bit similarly to the Spherimorph you fought in Macalania Woods in FFX. Essentially, the Amorphous Gel can change its element, making it weak to one element while absorbing another. You can tell which it is currently weak to based on the spell it uses - if it uses Spell X, then it is weak to Spell X’s opposite and absorbs those of Spell X. For example, if it uses Blizzard then it will be weak to Fire and will absorb Blizzard.

Also take huge note of the Haizhe enemy ! If you Confuse it with the Brain Storm ability (learned by Psychics, a Dressphere earned from the Creature Create Standard Cup), you can have it cast Mighty Guard on you, a skill that Gun Mages can learn. It’s extremely useful as it applies both Shell and Protect on your party!

When you arrive in the south side of Macalania Woods, you’ll see Bayra nearby. After the scene with Bayra, go east an area and south another, then southwest one more. Speak with Donga here, then go back to the Woods’ entrance and use the prominent sparkling path. This should take you to the Lake Road area; go southwest an area and walk along the path to find the third of the musicians in Macara– we mean Macalania Woods.

Go back to the Lake Road area and go northeast to another spring. Speak with Tromell here four times and you will get the Full Throttle Special Dressphere and the Unerring Path Garment Grid . Sweet. After this, go to the Lake Road once more and go northwest and leave the area to find the Macalania Travel Agency. During the scene there, you’ll get an Al Bhed Primer , too. O’aka will also come by; you can speak with him if you want, and also get the Hi-Potion from the chest nearby. Continue after O’aka and a mission will begin!

You can corner O’aka in this spot (left). Speaking with Trommel four times, after hearing the Woods’ sad tale from its other denizens, nets you Paine’s special Dressphere Full Throttle (right).

In this mission, your goal is to simply tail O’aka. From the agency, go to the south and back along to the Lake Road, then further south an area. Go along the path to the large tree and press X near it; O’aka will appear. He will then go south another area; go there and try to speak with him where he’ll run off again. In the next area, grab the White Ring and proceed south another area to the Woods’ entrance. Go east an area, then east another, then north one more to the campsite. Speak with Rikku and Paine here if you want, then examine the northwest corner to find O’aka. Opt to let him on the airship and you’ll get the Ice Queen Garment Grid !

For letting O’aka on the ship, you can buy items from him. These items are about 90% cheaper if you end up paying off all of O’aka’s 100,000 Gil debt.

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