Like the first time you looked through the CommSpheres, you are again about to look through most of the CommSpheres you set up around Spira one more time to trigger some more cutscenes. As before, if your file percentage is not optimal for whatever reason (68.2%, read as 68%), there’s little point in bothering since it’s rather time-consuming.

The final round of Commspheres.

  • **Besaid:**
    • Turn the camera to the right and watch scenes with Lulu and Wakka.
    • Zoom in on Beclem again for another scene with him.
  • **Kilika - Camera 1 (Docks):**
    • There's a scene with Dona; just focus the camera on her. Two other scenes also will occur.
  • **Kilika - Camera 2 (Temple):**
    • Nothing.
  • **Luca:**
    • Nothing.
  • **Mi'ihen:**
    • Nothing.
  • **Mushroom Rock:** *(nothing to those siding with New Yevon)*
    • A scene with Lucille
    • Another scene with Yaibal
  • **Djose:**
    • Nothing new.
  • **Moonflow:**
    • You can see a scene with Elma.
    • You can also see a Shoopuf crush the CommSphere, though that part has nothing to do with 100% completion. It is still funny.
  • **Guadosalam:**
    • There's another scene with Fatt-- we mean Ormi.
  • **Thunder Plains:**
    • Nothing here.
  • **Macalania - Camera 1 (Woods Entrance):**
    • Nothing important.
  • **Macalania - Camera 2 (Travel Agency):**
    • If you didn't get the scene with O'aka the first time, you have to get it now.
  • **Bikanel:**
    • Nothing on either camera, though the first one will explode.
  • **Bevelle:**
    • Nothing.
  • **Calm Lands:**
    • Nothing.
  • **Mt. Gagazet:**
    • Nothing.
  • **Zanarkand:**
    • There's a scene with Isaaru.
    • If you turn to the left, you'll see Isaaru lying on the ground; zoom in and you'll hear him say something.

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Set two years after the defeat of Sin, Yuna, the High Summoner who brought about its destruction, finds a mysterious sphere of a man who closely resembles someone she thought was gone forever. She sets out on a journey to find him, with help from faces old and new, only to discover the mysteries run deeper than she ever thought possible. Yuna is called on once again to protect the world she loves. Final Fantasy X was Tidus’s story; X-2 is Yuna’s.

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