Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Chocobo None
Coeurl None
Coyote None
Flan Azul Weakness to Lightning
Iron Giant None
Purpurea Fire
Sahagin Weakness to Lightning
Sallet None

Seeing as you plundered most of the stuff from the village in Chapter 1, there’s not much here as of yet. However, a few new chests have appeared. Leave the village and head along towards the beach. At the Waterfall Way area, as you cross the first bridge, jump behind it to find a Wall Ring . Once at the beach, you can climb the ledges to the left and go across to the semi-hidden part of the beach to find 1,500 Gil and two Hi-Potions . If you enter the cavern from before, you should be able to find three Potions and two Ethers as well.

Return to where you saw the Aurochs and speak with them. Talk to them and opt to take on Beclem in the Gunner’s Gauntlet! What is the Gunner’s Gauntlet? It’s actually one of our favorite FFX-2 minigames! Essentially, you have a limited amount of time to run a course (7 minutes here). Along the way, you will encounter a number of enemies, and you won’t actually battle them. Rather, Yuna will be able to shoot at them - lock-on with Circle, and go bang-bang with X. Your attacks will always connect, taking away one HP from the enemy. Once the fiend hits 0 HP, they die and you earn points, and probably some ammunition or something else in a chest. That’s basically it - once you make it to the end within the allotted time, if you’ve gotten enough points, you get rewards, as below.

Level Score Needed Rewards
1 500 Enigma Plate Garment Grid
2 750 Power Wrist
3 900 Silver Bracer
4 1,000 Titanium Bangle
5 1,150 Mortal Coil Garment Grid
6 1,300 Beaded Brooch
7 1,400 Diamond Gloves
8 2,000 Faerie Earrings
9 2,800 Adamantite

Your task is to whittle the enemy’s HP down to zero (found on the right side of the screen) using a set amount of ammo. Enemies will drop chests when dead (right) that contain different ammo types.

You’ll definitely want to hone your skills for a while to get that Adamantite, since it boosts your Defense and Magic Defense by 120 and puts up Auto-Protect and Auto-Shell! It’s not entirely impossible - with a bit of practice, you should be able to manage it.

As a footnote, there IS a glitch (or just clever abuse) in the Gunner’s Gauntlet system, and it’s the same as in the original FFX-2. However, you will need to have played it enough times such that the enemies that drop Volley Ammo appear. Essentially, as you near the end of the path (the last long linear pathway heading towards the beach), there is a waterfall. For whatever reason, standing near or almost behind it makes enemies ignore you. Get a Volley Ammo on the way to the waterfall and, once there, just sit there for a while until a Bicocette arrives on-screen (or longer if you please) then shoot ‘em all down with the Volley Ammo, collect the Volley Ammo dropped by the Bicocette(s), then loop from there. It’s easy enough to exceed 2,800 points (Level 9 par) with a lot of time to spare using this trick.

The Gunner’s Gauntlet is the only thing here to do anyway.

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