Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Barbuta Weakness to Lightning
Cephalotus Weakness to Fire
Chocobo None
Flame Dragon Weakness to Ice
Gemini None
Haunt Weakness to Holy + Variable
Malboro Inflicts a myriad of status ailments, fairly high HP
Pairika Weakness to Fire/Holy
Queen Coeurl None
Spine Drake None
Enemy Name Notes
Watcher-A None
Watcher-R None
Watcher-S None
Zurvan Weakness to Fire

When you enter Besaid Village, head into Wakka’s house and speak with Lulu for a brief scene, after which you should head outside for another. After, head out of the village for a bit so you can plunder some chests - you’ll find a Moon Bracer below the bridge at Waterfall Way, 2,500 Gil and an X-Potion at the secluded part of the Beach, and two Hi-Potions and three Ethers inside the cave from Chapter 2.

That done, return to Besaid Village and approach the guy at the base of the Temple stairs. It seems some fiends have appeared within the Cloister of Trials, and it’s your job to kill ’em. Or burn ‘em. Or eat ‘em. Whatever you feel appropriate. In any case, the path in the temple is easy to navigate (unlike FFX, there’s no more solving a pointless puzzle). When you spot Wakka near the end, go into the nearby room to get the two Mana Springs from the chest before speaking with Wakka. After the scene, go east and you’ll find someone familiar.

You can use the Besaid Key on the chest to get the Search Sphere (left). This allows you to search for spheres around Besaid needed for Wakka’s cave. In the temple, you won’t have to solve the Trials puzzle but there are still items (right).

BOSS - Dark Valefor

Dark Valefor Details
Max HP / Max MP 8,430 HP / 9,999 MP
Elem. Weak / Resis / Immunity / Absorb None / None / Gravity / None
EXP / GIL / AP 1,500 / 1,200 / 15
Common Steals / Rare Steals Healing Spring x4 / None
Common Item Drops / Rare Item Drops Moon Bracer / None

Another boss whose offense you can extrapolate from Final Fantasy X. Dark Valefor will use a basic Attack ( roughly 200 damage) and Sonic Wings , mostly; the latter will attack MP in lieu of HP, so magic-heavy parties will want to be careful about that. Dark Valefor also can use both of its FFX Overdrives, Energy Blast and Energy Ray ; both attack everyone for heavy magical damage, usually in the range of 250-500.

Opening the battle with Mighty Guard from a Gun Mage or Protect and Shell party-wide from a White Mage will be immensely helpful in halving the damage you take, especially from those Overdrive attacks. Shell will be a bit problematic for your healers, though, since it will also halve the Curaga healing you should be able to do by now; Hi-Potions (buyable in stores now) will probably comprise the main healing you do, or White Wind if your Gun Mage learned it (37.5% healing).

After that, you’ll likely want to get a Warrior to induce the four Stat Breaks on Dark Valefor, halving its Attack, Magic, Defense, and Magic Defense, essentially quartering the damage you take (in conjunction with Protect/Shell) and doubling your damage. Other than that, there’s nothing specific you really ought to do for an offense other than something strong; as usual, this Dark Aeon is immune to most other statuses you’d care to use, so once you’re buffed up it’s mostly a powerful offense and healing when needed.

Dark Valefor is fond of spamming his Overdrives during this battle so keep your HP topped up constantly.

After the battle, the mission will end and you can run the Gunner’s Gauntlet in Besaid’s Cloister of Trials. That finishes up Besaid for the time being, too.

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