Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Anole Weakness to Ice
Behemoth Strong
Gecko Weakness to Ice
Nashorn None
White Elemental Weakness to Fire

There isn’t much to say about hunting the treasures, really. If you come into the southern end of the area and walk along the linear path through the area, you should be fine. The first treasure is in the “Dome: Interior” area, and the last in the Great Hall. It is pretty easy to spot them, too.

As you go along, speak with Isaaru just outside of the Cloister in Trials. You’ll be given an objective to find the 24 monkeys and make 12 pairs of them. For the sake of simplifying this task (especially to FFX vets), we’ll call the first area with Isaaru Area 1, and then number them off thereafter through Area 6. (Area 1 = Cloister, Area 2 = large Cloister, Area 3 = under Cloister, Area 4 = Chamber, Area 5 = Great Hall, Area 6 = The Beyond.)

Pair First in Pair Location Second in Pair Location Why they go together, for the curious
#1 Birch Area 6 Sequoia Area 4 Birch and sequoia are kinds of trees
#2 Spring Area 5 Autumn Area 2 The spring and autumnal equinoxes, for the seasons
#3 Dusky Area 1 Dawn Area 6 Times of day: dusk is sunset, and dawn is sunrise
#4 Rosemary Area 5 Thyme Area 3 Kinds of herbs
#5 Terran Area 3 Skye Area 6 Terran = Terra = Earth, Skye = Sky, so the earth and the sky
#6 Minni Area 5 Maxx Area 3 Mini and Max
#7 Summer Area 4 Winter Area 1 The summer and winter solstices, also for the seasons
#8 Peke Area 3 Valli Area 4 Peke = Peak, Valli = Valley, so peak and valley, which are topographical structures
#9 Canis Area 5 Felina Area 1 They’re Latin for dog and cat, respectively
#10 Arroh Area 3 Quivrr Area 1 Arroh = Arrow, Quivrr = Quiver; you put arrows in a quiver
#11 Golde Area 4 Sylva Area 1 Gold and Silver - the elements
#12 Luna Area 1 Sol Area 5 They’re the Latin names for the Moon and the Sun, respectively

You must first find the monkey in love (left) and then their soulmate (right) to complete the union.

Opposites attract as they say. Anyway, you’ll get the Soul of Thamasa accessory after playing Cupid. That finishes this area, and all of the optional missiosn if you’ve been following this guide the whole time.

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