Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Barbuta Weakness to Lightning
Cephalotus Weakness to Fire
Flan Rojo Weakness to Ice
Machina Ranger None
Mycotoxin Weakness to Fire
Peregrine Flying
Queen Coeurl Fairly strong
Scout Machina None
Watcher-A None
Watcher-R None
Watcher-S None
Zu High Hp, strong for low-level parties.

As you arrive on the Mi’ihen Highroad, you’ll be given a mission pretty quickly. Start it to learn the objective: destroy the 13 tandems of errant machina throughout the Highroad, or at least as many as possible. The big thing to keep in mind with that is that there is another group that is, in essence, competing with you for the machinas’ destruction. You would obviously need 7 or more to guarantee a win on that front.

As usual, keep an eye out for the treasures. There are too many to list here but they are all easy to find on the linear path going from south to north. However, we’d personally prefer it if you held off until after the mission, as it could waste time. You’ll start off at the south end if you came from the airship or Luca, by the way, and we’ll assume as such, though it has no true affect on the mission outcome.

From the southernmost portion of the Highroad, head northward. As you do, keep an eye on the minimap; you should see a green square on there, designating an errant machina. Approach it and there will be a brief battle you have to do with it. (FFX veterans beware: Steal is USELESS against machina in FFX-2 and most also absorb Lightning-elemental attacks as well which is a complete turnaround from FFX.) After, it’s on to the next one. In all, going south to north, you’ll find three, one, three, zero (that’s the agency), three, and three conflicts per area, with nothing special dividing them, so it’s mostly walk-‘n’-smash. Do note that, at the north end (Mushroom Rock entrance) of the area, you need to attack the machina near the northernmost exit to help you get an accessory in Chapter 5.

Run up to the machina to initiate combat (left). You can find the machina by looking for the green squares on your minimap (right).

After the mission, if you killed off seven or more machina, you’ll gain 10,000 Gil and the Undying Storm Garment Grid in addition to your 100% completion contribution. Head to the northern part of the Newroad (southeast from the Mushroom Rock entrance) next and you’ll find Shinra nearby. Speak with him regarding the CommSpheres (it’s a thing for Chapter 5, again), and be sure that, if you didn’t go by the agency for whatever reason, Shinra also installs a CommSphere there. Speaking of the Travel Agency, you may be interested in its new wares (Hi-Potions and four different accessories). That’s it.

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