Do you remember how, aboard the Celsius earlier, you were able to look through the CommSpheres in Besaid, Kilika, Mushroom Rock, and Bevelle and watch some scenes involving passersby or whomever you decided to stare at? For 100% completion of the game, you have to look through other CommSpheres you placed throughout Spira and start up more scenes. It will take a while, though - if you didn’t get all 20 CommSpheres placed or didn’t give the Awesome Sphere to the Youth League or simply don’t have 63.0% completion at this time, don’t bother with this.

Speak with Shinra and look through the CommSphere Network. Below are the details on the 100% completion-required scenes; there are others to view, but they aren’t required for 100% so view them at your own discretion.

View all the necessary scenes here for 100% completion points and to have a good chuckle too!

  • **Besaid:**
    • Stare at Wakka's house for a bit until he comes out and acts odd.
    • There's another scene involving Beclem and him criticizing the Aurochs.
  • **Kilika - Camera 1 (Port):**
    • Nothing required here
  • **Kilika - Camera 2 (Temple):**
    • Look at the entrance of the temple until Barthello comes out. Focus the camera on him until he breaks the CommSphere.
  • **Luca:**
    • Keep looking after Shelinda and her interviews. It seems the Sphere cuts off after each. Eventually, after the third interview, you won't be able to view Luca, meaning you got the 100% completion requirement.
  • **Mi'ihen Highroad:**
    • Focus on the travel agency until Rin appears. You'll have to help him solve the mystery of the Mi'ihen Highroad. You'll need to shift the camera between various areas. First go to the Ruins and wait until a machina appears from them, then press Circle to call Rin. On the Mi'ihen Newroad, look at the crowd of people and call Rin there, too.
    • Next head to the hovercraft's crash site and focus on the machina in the bottom-left; call Rin after. Head to Shinra's CommSphere now and call Rin. If he claims to see nothing out of the ordinary, continue on with the next bullet. Otherwise, skip to the fourth one.
    • Look at the back of the travel agency and a woman will mess with the station. Call Rin there. Also look at the front of the agency and watch as the baby Chocobo chases the bird; call Rin when the Chocobo Eater appears. Then head to the Newroad and basically do the same thing.
    • After that, head to the front of the agency and call Rin over with Circle. Then head to the back of the agency and look for the guy on the roof and call Rin.
    • Eventually, you'll find whoever's "guilty" of the doings here. Ideally, Rikku will be found guilty to help you get the **Ragnarok** accessory in Chapter 5, but simply doing this stuff should suffice.
  • **Mushroom Rock:**
    • Nothing related to 100% here. (Those having sided with New Yevon shouldn't be able to view this one anyway.)
  • **Djose:**
    • A man will approach the Sphere and speak in Al Bhed for a bit. That's about it for the 100%-required stuff. Eventually, the Sphere will get stolen for parts. Keep watching until then, though, for some **Al Bhed Primers** .
  • **Moonflow:**
    • Nothing related to 100% here.
  • **Guadosalam:**
    • You'll see a scene involving Ormi speaking about Leblanc, but that's it here.
  • **Thunder Plains:**
    • Turn the camera far to the right and zoom in on the Chocobo. (Kweh!) Eventually, Yuna and Shinra will get in a conversation about the Chocoporter, which is what you need to hear.
  • **Macalania Woods - Camera 1 (Entrance):**
    • Focus on the three musicians; they'll speak about "fading away".
  • **Macalania Woods - Camera 2 (Travel Agency):**
    • Focus on the Agency's front door; you'll see O'aka and he'll talk about business for a while.
  • **Bikanel - Camera 1 (Excavation Area):**
    • Speak with Nhadala. You can leave after she eventually mentions a "new threat".
  • **Bikanel - Camera 2 (Cactuar Nation):**
    • Nothing required for 100% here.
  • **Bevelle:**
    • Nothing required for 100% here.
  • **Calm Lands - Camera 1 (Travel Agency):**
    • Nothing for 100% here.
  • **Calm Lands - Camera 2 (Chocobo Ranch):**
    • Clasko speaks with the Chocobo and also talks to Yuna about the ranch.
  • **Mt. Gagazet - Camera 1 (Gate):**
    • Focus on Kimahri and watch the scene involving him.
  • **Mt. Gagazet - Camera 2 (Hot Springs):**
    • Eventually Tobli will leave the spring. Two girls will giggle and Tobli falls and leaves the area.
    • A while later, you can turn the camera to the right to see Buddy getting a massage. This scene ends automatically.
    • O'aka will be nearby, and there's a 100%-critical scene involving him.
    • There's yet another scene involving Isaaru, Pacce, and Maroda...
    • ... and another with Elma and Lucille speaking about Clasko ...
    • ... and another with Maechen speaking with a monkey ...
    • ... and another involving Cid, Rin, and Nidhala ...
    • ... and another with Dona. Phew!

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Set two years after the defeat of Sin, Yuna, the High Summoner who brought about its destruction, finds a mysterious sphere of a man who closely resembles someone she thought was gone forever. She sets out on a journey to find him, with help from faces old and new, only to discover the mysteries run deeper than she ever thought possible. Yuna is called on once again to protect the world she loves. Final Fantasy X was Tidus’s story; X-2 is Yuna’s.

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