Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Archaeothyris Weakness to Ice
Bascinet None
Blue Elemental Weakness to Lightning
Queen Coeurl Still quite strong at this stage.

When you arrive, head towards the door in the northwestern corner of town, the one that’s never been accessible insofar; it still won’t open for you, but you get a scene at least. Go northeast from there and into the Chateau, then into the living room to find Ormi and Logos; watch the scene involving them, then head to Leblanc’s room for another scene, and to the living room for one more scene.

The hidden passage in the Chateau will end up opening up for you. Let’s check it out before someone notices that big gaping hole in the wall! Within, go along to the Save Sphere, then go west and through the door to find the Tetra Band accessory, which is nice as it grants you immunity to most elements (you will still get hit by Holy and Gravity, but they’re so rarely used that it barely matters). You’ll find that useful at some point!

After, check the minimap; notice the crescent-moon shape of the area around the room, with a small connecting point at the southern end? Go south and climb the boxes up to the high, narrow path. Go all of the way around the path now to find the chest at the end; plunder it for Crimson Sphere 4 ! After, return to ground level and head back to the room where you fought Logos and Ormi back in Chapter 2 to find Logos’s Sphere and Ormi’s Sphere after a cutscene. Also look where Logos was looking before for some spheres; press X for a scene there and the Gaol Sphere .

Climb these boxes here (left) and run all the way to the right to acquire the Crimson Sphere 4 (right) chest.

Approach Maechen as well and listen to his speech in full. Good luck with that. After, there’s nothing much left in Guadosalam, unless you’re interested in the shops’ new wares.

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