Enemy Name Notes
Angra Mainyu Massive HP, impossible to kill during early chapters.
Bolt Drake Weakness to Ice
Chocobo None
Fly Eye None
Hrimthurs Weakness to Gravity
Killer Hound None
Tawrich High HP
Zarich High HP

A word to the wise: If you find Angra Mainyu somehow when digging or something, run! It’s way beyond your level of skill at this point, and the main reason we would suggest saving as much as possible whenever you decide to go digging.

Be sure you complete the details regarding Chapter 1 - Djose and Chapter 1 - Bikanel before you do anything here. It’s actually required, and, yes, you can still do these things in Chapter 2. When you arrive in Bikanel after that stuff, speak with the hovercraft pilot, then Nhadala, then the pilot again. When given the choice, head on to the Oasis. There, approach the nearby sphere, which happens to be Rikku’s Machina Maw Special Dressphere !

BOSS - Logos and Fem-Goon x2

Logos Details
Max HP / Max MP 1,030 HP / 48 MP
Elem. Weak / Resis / Immunity / Absorb None / None / Gravity / None
EXP / GIL / AP 160 / 120 / 3
Common Steals / Rare Steals Mega-Potion / Elixir
Common Item Drops / Rare Item Drops Silver Bracer / None
Fem-Goon Details
Max HP / Max MP 167 HP / 172 MP
Elem. Weak / Resis / Immunity / Absorb None / None / None / None
EXP / GIL / AP 10 / 70 / 1
Common Steals / Rare Steals Potion / None
Common Item Drops / Rare Item Drops Potion / Hi-Potion

Like Djose, you can acquire a Special Dressphere in Bikanel (left) which starts a boss fight. Logos is back with some She-Goons who will chip away at your HP with spells (right).

Logos still uses his two-hit Attack. You’ll also see him throw a Flash Bomb (45 damage and Darkness to all) and a Hush Grenade (same thing, but Silence in lieu of Darkness). He’ll be the main threat in this battle. Finally, there’s the generic Fem-Goon: she’ll use Fire, Fira, Thunder, Thundara, Blizzard, Blizzara, Water, and Watera for the most part, though there is a basic Attack she’ll use, too. If you have some of those elemental accessories, you may not have as much trouble as others, depending on your luck. This battle is almost identical to the one you just fought in Djose, minus Ormi.

Opening this fight with some Reflect will be very useful in bouncing back the Fem-Goons’ magic spells: just imagine those first-level spells hitting your party and being bounced back twice per turn. Reflect has a lot of utility that way. That and maybe Protect are all you really need to set yourself up. After that, Logos will go down pretty easily so long as you keep the ailments off your party. The Fem-Goons will probably end up killing themselves in the meantime.

After the scene and obtaining the Syndicate Uniform and Hour of Need Garment Grid , you’re more than welcome to leave.

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