Local Enemy Bestiary

Enemy Name Notes
Bully Cap Weakness to Fire
Coyote None
Red Elemental Weakness to Ice
Tonberry Difficult to kill at early levels

When you arrive, consider fighting a Bully Cap. Let’s first assume you have the Psychic Dressphere (earned from winning the Creature Create’s Standard Cup) and the Gun Mage Dressphere (finish the quest in Chapter 1 - Moonflow first). You can use the Psychic’s Confuse ability to have the White Wind skill used on you, which heals 3/8 of your HP and heals a number of ailments. The main reason for this is that the Gun Mage can learn this ability (like the generic Blue Mage or Kimahri of FFX) for your own benefit by using it in future battles!

As you enter the road of Mushroom Rock, you’ll find Logos and Ormi if you head up the road. Follow them for a bit and you’ll find the Youth League. Confirm your knowledge of their leader, Yaibal, then accept his offer - again, another 100% thing . Go along the path with Rikku and Paine to the next area, being sure to speak with Clasko as you do. Go left before following Clasko, too, to find 1,000 Gil behind the statue. Return to the Youth League soldiers and tell them you’re ready; go along the fork to the left and follow Clasko.

This starts another mission within the Mushroom Rock ravine. Basically, it’s a lot of battles - run along the path before you to the other side and kill any fiend that dares impede you. The only real difficulty are the Tonberries, and they’re less fearsome than the deadly Karma-producing ones from FFX - they’re mostly just bulky. Also note that battles occur more when there’s fog around and the screen turns a purplish hue. When you gain control, use the lift and follow the path to find Logos and Ormi. Follow them down into the ravine, then go west and grab the Turbo Ether .

Keep following the destination arrow on the minimap for a while; as you go through the narrow passage, get the Phoenix Down nearby, then the Hi-Potion further along. Continue along to the Save Sphere, then go through the opening above. You’ll encounter Ormi and Logos there, who will end up dropping a Crimson Sphere 9 . These are valuable and there are ten to collect in all - you’ll really want those by the end of the game.

When the purple mist descends (left) fiends come to battle more often. The Crimson Spheres (right) are full of valuable info so you should collect them all.

After regaining control, touch the statue nearby and head to the Save Sphere. There will be a scene as you go on regarding the Den of Woes; after it, simply backtrack out of the ravine. Go along the originally-intended path and use the lift at the end of the path. This should complete the mission, netting you a Glass Buckle and a Heart of Flame Garment Grid .

Now that the mission is over, go south and grab the F avorite Outfit from the treasure chest, then use the lift nearby to head to the Youth League’s HQ. Save there if you need, then go east. Look on the minimap and look for a bit of a nub on there; you should be able to go down there to the Restless Sleep Garment Grid . Return up and go towards the large tent, speaking with Lucil twice; she will tell you about Nooj, though there’s not much you can do here regarding him yet. Also speak with the old man who is sitting down nearby; FFX players might recognize him as Maechen. Listen to his ramblings (all of it) and shake his hand when he’s done - another 100% objective.

Return to the airship and redeposit yourself at the beginning of Mushroom Rock. Go along the path to Clasko - he’s to the northeast of where you start, shaking his head. Allow him aboard the airship, then return to the airship. You can speak with Shinra to view the Crimson Report from the Crimson Sphere then go to the cabin and speak with him, and that’ll pretty much close the events in Mushroom Rock for the time being.

Head down the thin path here (left) to pick up this Garment Grid. If you wish to get 100%, you have to endure all of Maechen’s ramblings (right). Sorry!

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