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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

How the DMW Works in Crisis Core Reunion

Jarrod Garripoli

The Digital Mind Wave, or DMW is one of the main mechanics in Crisis Core Reunion, and this page will detail the mechanics behind how it works.

One of the main mechanics of battles in Crisis Core Reunion is the Digital Mind Wave, or DMW. This is the slots that appear in the upper left corner of the screen, unless you’re afflicted with Curse or have something like the Cursed Ring equipped. You do not control the DMW at all, as it will spin on its own, with each spin using up 10 Soldier Points (SP). You will receive SP for defeating enemies, or by converting Materia into SP through the in-game menus. If you have under 10 SP during battle, then the DMW will not spin.

(1 of 3) The DMW runs itself in the upper left corner of the screen

When the DMW spins, the left reel will stop first, then the right reel will stop second. Should the left and right reel have matching pictures, then you will enter a Limit Verge (also called Modulating Phase). If you get three matching pictures, then you will be able to perform a Limit Break. If the pictures don’t match, then the center reel will stop. After all those stop, then the numbers on the reels will stop. Depending on if numbers match or not, you may receive a buff, some of which can definitely help out tremendously during intense battles. Note that you can have multiple buffs active at a time, depending on your luck.

DMW Result Buff
7-7-7 Invincibility
6-6-6 All attacks become critical
5-5-5 Immunity to physical damage
4-4-4 No AP cost for entire battle
3-3-3 Immunity to magic damage
2-2-2 No MP cost for entire battle
1-1-1 Invincibility
7-7-? 0 MP cost for brief period
7-?-7 Immunity to physical damage
?-7-7 Immunity to magic damage
7-?-? 0 AP cost for brief period
?-7-? 0 MP cost for brief period
?-?-7 Endure status for brief period

How to Level Up Zack in Crisis Core Reunion

As mentioned above, you enter this mode whenever you have the left and right image on the DMW the same. Things function a little differently here, though, than if you don’t have matching images. The center reel will stop, after which, the numbers will stop. If you get 7-7-7 while in Limit Verge, then Zack will level up. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely sure if this is completely random or not, as there’s supposedly a completely hidden Experience value in the game. It’s said that once you reach specific EXP thresholds, the chances of you getting that 7-7-7 will increase, so you’re never at a complete disadvantage in levels.

How to Level Up Materia in Crisis Core Reunion

With the right luck, the DMW will level up your Materia during combat

Should you get matching numbers other than 7s during Limit Verge, then the corresponding Materia in that equipped slot will level up. For example, you have "Cure" iconCure equipped in the first slot and you get 5-1-1, then Cure will level up. Two of the same numbers will cause the materia to level up once, while matching all three of the same number will cause it to level up twice. As your materia levels up, it gains more stars, with it sometimes receive stat bonuses on it. The actual potency of the spells does seem to increase by leveling it.

How to Use Limit Breaks in Crisis Core Reunion

So, you got two matching pictures and the third reel stops, revealing a third matching picture. This will cause a Limit Break to be banked, which is assigned to the DualSense-ButtonTriangle-Filled/Xbox-ButtonY-Filled/Joy-Con-ButtonX-Filled button (default controls). The level of the Limit Break is random, but these are powerful attacks that do free damage, since they are done in cutscenes. At the beginning of the game, you will only have Angeal and Sephiroth, but you will unlock more as you complete the story/Missions or loot them.

(1 of 3) Get three of the same portrait in the DMW to unlock a Limit Break

There are more than just character-related ones, as you can get summons, too. These work similarly, although Summons have their own mode once you reach the Limit Verge/Modulating Phase. There is a chance the DMW will switch over to Summon Mode, which plays out similarly to the normal DMW. If you get three of the same portrait, then you will bank a summon and can use their Limit Break with the same button mentioned above. All of the Summons have their own method in unlocking them for use in the DMW.

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