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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

How to Unlock Materia Fusion

Matt Chard

When playing Crisis Core Reunion for the first time you may notice an option in the menu called Materia Fusion which is locked. This handy system allows you to customize Materia to create new, and exciting combinations by combining your old Materia. This page will explain how to unlock Materia Fusion as well as the fundamentals on using it correctly.

Materia will have a Type (Color), a Rank (indicated by the stars), and an attribute which will be added to your status when it’s equipped.

When Can You Unlock Materia Fusion

As mentioned above, you’ll unlock it by progressing the story, to be more accurate, when you reach Chapter 3. At the beginning of the Chapter, Zack will get a hard-earned promotion to Soldier 1st Class that allows him to fuse Materia. Later on (Chapter 5 onwards), you can get an "Item Fusion Tome" iconItem Fusion Tome that will allow you to affix an item to the process which will add a stat bonus to the Materia. But this won’t be available until you complete the second mission in the “Seeking Priceless Items” category.

How to Use Materia Fusion

When you have access to the Fusion system you may realize that it’s quite in-depth, and there are a lot of things you won’t understand. Here are the basics of Materia Fusion:

Materia Types

First things first, let’s talk Materia types. There are four types of Materia such as Magic, Command, Special, and Support. All of these are tied to a specific color, for example Magic Materia is green, and Command Materia is yellow.

Icon Materia Type Description
Magic.png Magic Materia These Materia will all be magic-based like "Fire" iconFire, "Blizzard" iconBlizzard, and expend MP.
Command.png Command Materia These Materia are attack-based like "Assault Twister" iconAssault Twister, and expend AP.
Special.png Special Materia These Materia increase your attributes like HP UP, and ATK UP.
Support.png Support Materia These Materia will grant benefits to other equipped materia, although some are independent.

Materia Ranks

Next up is Materia Ranks (levels). There are five ranks that range from one star to five stars with the last rank being Master. The higher the rank of the Materia, the better the stats attached to it. There are a couple of ways to level your Materia, especially if you’re lucky enough with the DMW (Digital Mind Wave). If this displays two or three of the same number (except 777) it can level the Materia either once or twice. For example, if the DMW displays 444 during the battle, then the Materia in Slot 4 would level up twice. If it displayed 442, 244, or 424 then it would only level once. There are other ways of leveling up Materia in the game like the Moogle Summon where all Materia will level up in relation to the Summon’s level. Another example, If the Moogle Summon is level 2, then all material will level up twice when it appears in the DMW.

Materia Class

Finally, we have Materia Classes. This is a subcategory of each Materia Type. Although this isn’t an official term, each type will have separate classes. For example, Magic will have "Fire" iconFire, Ice, "Thunder" iconThunder, and so on as its classes. Then each class will contain several Materia such as the Ice Class having "Blizzard" iconBlizzard, "Blizzara" iconBlizzara, and "Blizzaga" iconBlizzaga while the Fire Class will have Fire, "Fira" iconFira, "Firaga" iconFiraga etc.

Materia Fusion Combinations

Now that the basics are covered, you may be wondering what Materia you can combine, what the outcome will be, and how you do it. First off, you’ll need to go into the Materia Fusion Menu in the main menu, and use all the SP you’ve been accumulating the past few chapters on powerful Materia combinations. The higher level the Materia, the more costly it’ll become, thankfully SP is easy enough to come by, and you’ll never run out of it, so feel free to experiment. If you don’t want to experiment, you can follow our Fusion list below.

Materia Type Materia Class Materia Type Materia Class
Magic Fire Magic Ice
Magic Thunder Magic Defensive & Restorative
Magic Ultimate Command All
Support All
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