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Fallout 3

Blood Ties

Nathan Garvin

We’ve explored an awful lot of wasteland up around Arefu, so that getting there isn’t really a problem. Fast travel to Fordham Flash Memorial Field or the VAPL-58 Power Station or somewhere nearby and head up the elevated highway to find Arefu… or, just fast travel right to it, if you can. All that useless exploration in the past comes in handy for the present!

1) Arefu

As you approach Arefu you’ll be explosively greeted by one Evan King. He’ll reveal that the town is under assault of sorts by a group of thugs called the “Family”. Succeed at a Speech challenge and he’ll admit that they creep him out. Offer to help and he’ll ask you to check out the houses around town to make sure everybody is okay. Ask him about the Family and he’ll give you several locations where they might be. Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema (where we know from experience they aren’t here), Hamilton’s Hideaway (they’re not here, either), and the Northwest Seneca Station (hmm…).

2) Roll Call

Bobblehead - Repair

Go check out the houses. Inside the Ewers house you’ll find Ken Ewers, who is a prick, and his wife Brailee Ewers, who is crazy and thinks she lives in yesteryear. Seems to happen a lot. Next go check on the Schenzy residence. Inside, Karen Schenzy complains about Evan King as much as she does about the Family. Next go check out Evan King’s House [Average], you know… just in case, right? On a table near the door you’ll find the Bobblehead - Repair . Loot upstairs as well, as Evan King has plenty of ammo boxes going to waste up there.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Yes I Play with Dolls

Collected 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

Trophy icon

Not everbody survived The Family’s attack on Arefu, it seems (left). Be sure to “borrow” the Bobblehead - Repair (right) from Evan King’s house.

3) The West Residence

Finally check the West residence-the only place not locked. Inside you’ll find the desicated corpses of the Wests. Check them. With a high Medicine you can determine more about what killed them, but alas, our Medicine skill is only high enough to give us some of the information. With a higher Medicine you’ll notice that there is blackish residue on the bodies, like the kind found in trainyards. In any event, all that matters is that you find out that they are dead.

Report back to Evan King with the news. He’ll tell you about the Wests’ son Ian, and ask you to find the Family. The only place remotely promising to us right now is the Northwest Seneca Station, so head north and slightly east find it. Bonus points if you’re brave enough to jump off the bridge into the water to get down faster.

4) Grocery Stealin’

You should easily be able to find the entrance to the Seneca Station, but first explore the Grocer nearby. There are minor treasures within, and only a pair of Radroaches to stop you. A few Nuka-Colas, Whiskey, Beer, Tin Caps, Sugar Bombs, and Abraxo Cleaner make up your haul. Behind the counter you’ll find some Pre-War Money and a first aid box. You’ll also find a terminal [Easy] and a safe on the floor [Easy]. Now exit the Grocer and enter the Seneca Station. You’ll probably get attacked by either Talon Company Mercenaries or Regulators, depending on your alignment. If anything, this makes the looting all the sweeter.

5) Ultrajet!

Go to the west to find a Nuka-Cola Vending Machine, an Eat-o-tronic, and a Plasma Grenade in the back of one of the toilets in the bathrooms. Head east and you’ll find a Ghoul named Murphy, along with his body guard. He’ll tell you that he’s trying to create a new form of Jet called Ultrajet, which is twice as potent. He’ll ask you to help him gather some of the ingredients… namely Sugar Bombs. He’ll offer you 15 Caps a box. Succeed at a Speech challenge and get him to raise it to 30 Caps to make it even worth your while to bring them here. Ask him about the family and he’ll tell you they live east of here, he’ll also tell you that you can reach them through this metro.

If you look on your World Map you’ll discover that of the four closest areas east of here, Hallowed Moors Cemetery, Meresti Trainyard, Agatha’s House, and the Scrapyard, we’ve explored three of them. This leaves Meresti as the only area east of the Northwest Seneca Station that could house the Family. Steal what you can from them and head through the door to the west, past the radioactive barrels, and down the manhole to the Meresti Service Tunnel.

6) Traps and Tunnels

Book - Tumblers Today

It’s time for us all to get reacquainted with our good friends, the Mirelurks. Make your way north until you find a long tunnel that starts to slopep. The path ahead is liberally strewn with traps, so keep your eye out for pressure plate, trip wires, and landmines. Take the first left you find and move between subway cars and you’ll eventually come upon a man named Robert behind a barricade. You can bribe him, succeed at a Speech challenge, or show him the letter from Lucy West in order to get past. He’ll tell you to talk to somebody named Vance. Head past Robert and steal everything you can, but especially grab the copy of Tumblers Today from the table near the fridge. As of now, we probably have no way to access the “Meresti Trainyard Station Entry Terminal” [Very Hard]. When you’re done head north past Robert’s little shack and enter the Meresti Metro Station.

Vance is the charismatic chief of this cannibal cult (left). Ian West struggles with his demons while considering his future (right).

7) In Search of Ian

Book - Lying, Congressional Style

First things first, run up the stairs to the balcony and jump down onto the northen traincar. On top of it you’ll find a wooden crate, which you can turn over in order to find a copy of Lying, Congressional Style . You can find out where Ian is by talking to just about anybody in the Family. Justin will tell you if you succeed at a Speech challenge, Karl/Brianna will spill the beans if you use Black Widow / Lady Killer , and likewise , but you should talk to Vance himself to get anything done. If you fail your first Speech challenge with him, Vance will give you the password to the computer in the commons area so you can “learn” about what they are. Either succeed at the Speech challenge or read up about the Family and identify that Vance is teaching these cannibals that they’re vampires, and that they shouldn’t eat human flesh. It’s not much better, but Vance does seem to be imposing a semblence of order on them. Ask about Ian and convince him to let you speak to him. Up the stairs and to the south you’ll find a locked door.

8) Symbiotic Relationship

Schematic - Shishkebab

Activate the nearby terminal and enter the password to get access to Ian. Talk to the little cannibal and either show him Lucy’s letter or succeed at a Speech check to get him to leave. Go back and talk to Vance and discuss Arefu with him. You can either succeed at a Speech challenge, make two Medicine checks, or an Intelligence check. Get them to defend Arefu in exchange for Arefu donating Blood Packs. Vance will agree and give you a proposal to take back to Evan King. Tell him that Ian left the Family and he’ll give you the Schematic - Shishkebab as well.

Now that you’re done in Meresti, loot everything that’s not nailed down. In Vance’s room you’ll find a locked sword cabinet [Hard] that has the Vampire’s Edge inside. As for “The Family’s Terminal” [Very Hard] (if you didn’t get the password from Vance), and ‘Vance’s Terminal’ [Very Hard], those will just have to wait.

9) Delivering Lucy’s Letter

Head back to Evan King and tell him about the arrangements with the Family. We’ll get ourselves a quest reward, which is more than enough experience to level me up. Also, visit the Wests’ house and deliver Lucy’s letter to Ian, who has taken up living in Arefu again. Go back to Vance with the news that Evan King accepted the proposal. Ask him to teach you the ways of the vampire and you’ll get the Hematophage perk, which allows you to drink Blood Packs in order to restore 20 health. There’s no real point to do so.. Stimpaks are weightless and they heal for more, but hey, free perk, right?

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Blood Ties

Completed "Blood Ties"

Trophy icon

10) Alan’s House

Book - Pugilism Illustrated

You’ll notice that, now that peace has been made with Arefu and the Family there are new Brahmin outside of town, more importantly, live Brahmin. Check the house near them to find out that Alan now lives there. Head inside to find some loot and a copy of Pugilism Illustrated on a table by the door.

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