1) To War!

You’ll find everybody hanging out in the Laboratory, where Sarah is chomping at the bit to get at the Enclave. Tell Elder Lyons that the Enclave has the G.E.C.K., and whatever other knowledge you want to impart. This news gives Sarah all the excuse she needs to mobilize the Lyon’s Pride-and Elder Lyons decides to send a little extra firepower with you. Let’s hope this pre-war hunk of junk is up to snuff, eh? Sarah will talk to you and inform you that you’ve been made an honorary member of the Lyon’s Pride, and give you either a suit of Power Armor or Recon Armor, depending on your preference… Unless you turn down membership… then you get a big fat load of nothing. When you’re ready (and you already should be) tell Sarah. She’ll give a little speech to her Pride before you head out, Liberty Prime will be activated, and the quest “The American Dream” ends.

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The American Dream

Completed "The American Dream"

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With his eye lasers and mini-nukes, Liberty Prime has no trouble cutting through the Enclave defense (left). Even the energy barriers around Projecct Purity are no match for the Brotherhood’s giant robot (right).

2) Liberty Leads the Charge

Head back out into the Courtyard and exit the Citadel. What comes next is an assault on the Enclave-occupied Jefferson Memorial, which involves fighting your way through the outskirts of D.C. Sound rough? Having a giant, nuke-tossing indestructible robot on your side should help, just stay out of its way and pick off Enclave Soldiers as the opportunity arises. From the Citadel head north to reach a bridge spanning the Potomac-you don’t have to worry about pesky Mirelurks, Raiders, or Super Mutants this time. They’re wise enough to keep their heads down when humans go to war. We destroyed the planet once, already!

3) Take it Back!

Cross the bridge to the east, keeping a respectful distance from Liberty Prime. He’s a big target, one the Enclave can’t resist, so standing at his feet is just asking to be pelted by missile fire. When you reach the eastern side of the bridge turn south and head down hill, under a sky tunnel connecting two buildings. Continue until buildings to the south block your way, at which point you’ll need to turn west and follow a winding riverside road more or less south until you reach the bridge to the Jefferson Memorial. Liberty Prime will disrupt the barriers blocking access to the Jefferson Memorial. If you want to really stick it to the Enclave, there’s a horde of them (well, a bunch anyways) in front of the Jefferson Memorial. Kill as you wish, then head into the Jefferson Museum and Gift Shop.

4) Confronting Colonel Autumn

Now we can start doing things the way we’re used to-by sneaking around and assassinating people with the Deathclaw Gauntlet or Combat Shotgun. That you have Sarah around to draw fire for you is just an added bonus. Fight your way into the Rotunda-there’s only a half dozen or so Enclave Soldiers in the Gift Shop area-where you’ll come face to face with Colonel Autumn. You can let him tuck tail and run, or you can kill him here. Given the fact that he was all too willing to execute you back in Raven Rock if you gave him the code for Project Purity, it’s hard to imagine anybody being willing to let him off to thook. Autumn himself is cake, but he comes with two Enclave Soldiers, one with a Minigun, and the other with a Gatling Laser… which isn’t too bad either, but comparatively…

Confront Colonel Autumn outside Project Purity (left). A sacrifice must be made to bring life back to the wasteland (right).

5) Project Impurity

You won’t even have time to complete a celebratory dance when Doctor Li will speak over the intercom, telling you that the purifier needs to be activated, and quickly. The catch? There are lethal levels of radiation inside, and whoever starts up Project Purity is a deader. Thanks, dad! Either send Sarah in, or go on yourself. If you’ve got Fawkes with you, you can volunteer the Super Mutant-who is, after all, immune to radiation. You’ve got another choice to make, beyond being selfless: you have to decide whether you want to put the Modified FEV into the “Auxiliary Filtration Input”. Inserting the Modified FEV is an evil act, of course (enough to cause you to go from Very Good Karma to Neutral.) Make your choice and, if you chose to go activate Project Purity yourself head inside the central area of the rotunda and punch in the code “2-1-6” . After somebody enters the code you’ll get to watch the end of the main game.

If you don’t have Broken Steel installed, this is the end of your adventure.

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