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Fallout 3

Shock Value

Nathan Garvin

1) The Citadel Run-Around

Talk to Paladin Tristan and he’ll tell you that he needs you to head to the Olney Powerworks to retrieve a Tesla Coil-a vital component to a weapon the Brotherhood is working on that will help deal with Enclave Vertibirds. Talk to Scribe Vallincourt in the Citadel Laboratory to get a weapon that will hopefully scramble the devices the Enclave uses to control Deathclaws… or you could just kill the Deathclaws. Why mess around with them and hope they do what you want, when you can just put a few bullets in them?

2) Those Are MY Deathclaws!

You can go mess with the Enclave post-south east of Old Olney in order to gain a subservient Deathclaw chum for a few minutes, but since the thing will die once you get too far from the base, it doesn’t seem worth the bother. Here you can find some Enclave crates, ammo boxes and a Plasma Pistol, a Plasma Mine and some Energy Cells on a table near an “Enclave Field Research Terminal” [Average]. Head into Old Olney and head down into the Old Olney Sewers. Since we’ve been here before, you can expect the sewers to be clear of Deathclaws, right? Wrong. Ah well. Kill whatever Deathclaws you must and make your way to a ladder leading to “Old Olney Underground”.

3) Old Olney Underground

Once you arrive you’ll be talked to by some Ghouls led by one named Wint, who provide a flimsy excuse for why you magically have access to this part of Old Olney now. Head south through a room and up some stairs, then when on the second level go north over a platform, then west. You’ll find the bodies of Badger and Connelly, presumably the pals of Wint and Kidd. Go west through a door and turn south until you find the bodies of Dunbar and Carl, the former of which has a note “Dunbar’s Note”, which explains why the Ghouls were here in the first place. Head down the stairs to the west and into a sewer tunnel. Cross the tunnel to the west, go through a hole in the wall and head up a dirt ramp, where you’ll hear the demise of Sanders and see his body fall down the ramp. This is presumably the -S on Dunbar’s Note.

Wint is one of the few survivors of a team of Ghouls that foolishly tried to plunder Old Olney Underground (left). Deathclaws prowl around-sneak attack criticals are your friend (right).

4) Through the Ruins

Go up the ramp where you’ll reach a pre-war building that is occupied by a few Deathclaws. Pick your way through the ruins to the south-west to find a door. Enter the hallway beyond it and head north into another room. Drop down the hole in the floor to reach what can generously be called a cafeteria, where you can find food items and cooking utensils in abundance, as well as a trapped baby carriage. Drop down another level to reach what is by all appearances a maintenance level and continue west, then go through a doorway north of an out-of-place bathtub to reach a room where you’ll find a hole in the wall blocked by debris. A helpful Frag Mine will clear out the debris if you stray too close.

5) A Futile Last Stand

Continue through the hole in the wall to find more basement area filled with components we really don’t need. And Deathclaws. Best not to forget the Deathclaws. Continue west to find a Cell Door [Average] which leads to some stairs, down which you can find a room where some sort of futile last stand was made. Take the Chinese Assault Rifle, the 5.56mm ammo, the Nuka-Cola Quantum behind the Ham Radio, and loot the first aid box and ammo boxes. Head back upstairs and continue west, then turn north when you’re able, then east when you run out of north. Go through this last room, kill a Deathclaw, and head up some stairs to the north to find a door leading-finally-to the Old Olney S. Wilson Building.

6) Old Olney S. Wilson Building

Back to the Enclave again. Either they know you’re after the Tesla Coil, or they’re here hunting Deathclaws. The Deathclaw cage in the center of the level suggests the latter. In the middle of the level, on the ground floor, you can find a pair of Mini Nukes on the ground. If the Vertibird is annoying you, find a spot from which you can see it and shoot it a few times to encourage it to explode. To get through this level you need to get to the bottom level and head through a door to the east. Go up some stairs to the north and cross over a fallen GNR billboard to the south-west, then cross what little floor remains to the north to find a door to the Olney Powerworks.

7) A Shortcut

Finally, we’ve reached our destination! Now to find that damn Tesla Coil. Head south and go up two flights of stairs, then turn west and go through a door to find another, more formidable door that can only be unlocked by hacking a terminal [Very Hard]. If your Science skill is up to snuff, you can hack the terminal and be right at the Tesla Coil… but, in case your Science score isn’t 100, we’ll cover the long route, too.

8) Science Pays

From the stairs head east, then turn south around a corner and into a large room. Hack the “Automated Control Terminal” [Hard] if you are able to can shut off the robots in this area. If your Science score isn’t up to snuff, you’ll have to resort to more violent methods. Head south down some stairs, then go through a door to the east, which will take you through some hallways until you wind up in a room to the south. Head up the stairs and deal with another robot-or hack another “Automated Control Terminal” [Hard]. If you were able to hack the terminal select the “Vent Radiation” option, if not, just tough it out and catch some Rads-alot of Rads. Either way, continue through a doorway to the west, then go through a hallway south, then west to reach a room filled with electricity emitting machines and Sentry Bots. There’s one last “Automated Control Terminal” [Hard], near the eastern door, and a “Security Terminal” [Hard] near the western door. If you haven’t figured it out by now, it really pays to know some Science in this area.

If your Science score is up to snuff, you can bypass most of this area by hacking the terminal that opens this door (left). However you go through this area, your prize is the Tesla Coil (right).

9) Taking the Tesla Toil

If you go through a door to the south you can squeeze through a rubble-filled hallway and into a bathroom filled with food items and a chess set comprised of Beer and Milk Bottles. Continue through the electrical-vats room and through a doorway to the west. If you didn’t disengage the security system at the terminal by the door, you’ll have to duke it out with a pair of Mark VI Turrets, or run down the hallway to the north and flip an “Emergency Electrical Switch.” Go through the doorway to the east to reach the room with the Tesla Coil in it. Head through another door in the north-western corner of the room and go down some stairs, then through a pipe-lined hallway to the south to reach a small lab, where you can score some more precious Alien Power Cells. Hack the “Remote Access Research Terminal” [Hard] and select the option “Trigger Machine Failsafe” to make it safe for you to grab the Tesla Coil… or just go through the door to the east and grab the Tesla Coil while it’s active and lose half your health. Now go back upstairs and exit via the ladder leading to Old Olney. At least we don’t have to run all the way back through that crap!

10) Turning in the Tesla Coil

Report back to Paladin Tristan at the Citadel, who’ll take your Tesla Coil and send you off on your next mission. This time it’s off to Adams Air Force Base, and of course you’ll need to go alone. The quest “Shock Value” ends and the quest “Who Dares Wins” begins.

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Shock Value

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11) The Final Mission

Make your way to the White House Plaza (good thing we discovered all these areas earlier, eh?) and head down the ‘Manhole to Utility’, which normally takes use through some sewers to just outside the White House. Now that Broken Steel is installed and the quest “Who Dares Wins” is active we can head through a door opposite the one that leads to outside the White House and into the Presidential Sub Level.

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