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Fallout 3

Vault 106

Nathan Garvin

1) Raider Bridge

North-west of Vault 101 you should come across a bridge crawling with Raiders, both weak and strong (these Raiders were mentioned earlier, on our way to Big Town, in case you wanted some bonus loot and XP… but now we’re officially killing them!) One of these Raiders typically has a Sniper Rifle, while another has a Flamer, but plenty of them should have melee weapons as well. Its proximity to Megaton and its relative abundance of enemies makes this a fairly good leveling spot. Keep heading north-west from here until you discover Vault 106.

The survivors of Vault 106 and you are not going to become friends (left). You will occassionally experience odd visions as you progress through Vault 106 (right).

2) An Abandoned Vault? - (Vault 106 Entrance)

You should notice something is wrong as soon as you open the door to Vault 106.. by the fact that it actually opens. Inside you’ll notice that this Vault is somewhat more… weathered, than Vault 101. Explore the rooms north and then east. There will be a locked door [Very Easy] to the south. Behind the locked door is a room with two skeletons with Laser Pistols nearby and a Security Terminal [Average].

3) Spooky Visions

Continue back to the room where the locked door branched off from and go through the eastern door. You should come to stairs leading north and south. Either way you go, you’re soon to encounter some of the Vault 106 citizens, who try to maul you with melee weapons. You will also get ghostly images of… life in the Vault before whatever happened? Your screen will blue-tint and you’ll see people walking around for a few moments. Spooky. Explore the place, you should find a suit of Recon Armor and a suit of Combat Armor in lockers on this level. You can find your way further into the Vault by taking the southern staircase and following the hallway until you reach a door leading to the Vault 106 Living Quarters.

4) Book in the Box - (Vault 106 Living Quarters)

Book - Nickola Tesla and You

You’ll be attacked by two more Insane Survivors when you enter this area. They shouldn’t be causing you too much trouble with Fisto! , especially if you block their attacks. In the room to the east there will be a desk with a number of wooden crates stacked on top. In the bottom crate, under some Tin Cans, you’ll find a copy of Nickola Tesla and You .

5) Science Snatched From the Insane

Bobblehead - Science

Next head south to enter the room south-east of the entrance to this level. Go through another door and down a hallway until you come to another room with a single-and very outclassed-Insane Survivor. Kill it and search the room. On the eastern side of the room is a metal shelf with Bobblehead - Science standing there as plain as day. Scoop it up and head back to the room leading to the Vault 106 Entrance.

6) The Overseer’s Office

Now go into the south western edge of the room (where the lights are) and loot the counters for a bunch of Beer and a Frag Mine. To the south is a locked [Hard] door, which is just the upper limit of our Lockpick ability. Pick it and continue on until you reach the Overseer’s office. Loot around and hack his computer [Average], which will give insight to the fact that whatever happened in Vault 106, it was no accident. Head back to the main room and go through the western door.

7) The Lower Level

Follow the tunnel down some stairs and you’ll come to some shelves full of loot-goodies. Go through the next door to get to the lower floor of the room with the door to the Vault 106 Entrance in it. Go south to find a storage room worth looting, and south some more to find a locked [Easy] door that will lead down to the Science Labs. To the north are the actual living quarters. There’s not very rich pickings up there, but we’ll assume you go north just to complete the searching this vault.

8) More Flashbacks

Head through the north door, where you’ll get a fairly lengthy flashback. The two rooms off to the side are uninspiring, and down the stairs will be two more Insane Survivors. Make the second part of their name incorrect and keep going through another door. Go down some more stairs, have another vision, and keep going until you reach some side doors. To the west are some rooms, the most notable of which has the note “Feel The Love Man” on a desk. Search the east if you wish and continue south. You’ll get to another branching path, the east and west doors lead to bathrooms which have little in them. Head down the stairs and go through the locked door [Average], the room beyond which has a locked [Hard] safe that needs opened. When you’re done here, backtrack and head down to the Vault 106 Science Labs.

9) Quickly Through the Science Labs - (Vault 106 Science Labs)

Head down some stairs and take a fork in the tunnel, the left path leads up some stairs, while the right path leads into a room. Explore the room and kill the Insane Survivors. You’ll find some Recon Armor in a locker and .308 Calibur Ammo lying about. Now go up the stairs and kill a few more Insane Survivors. Go through the door that takes you back up to the Vault 106 Living Quarters.

10) The Master Key - (Vault 106 Living Quarters)

You’ll find a Security Terminal in front of you, and on the table next to it the Vault 106 Master Key. As the terminal indicates, the Vault staff was testing some chemical on its residents. Apparently survival just isn’t enough for Vault-Tech. Head back down to the Science Labs continue down the tunnel opposite the stairs that lead back up to the Vault 106 Living Quarters.

11) Another Hidden Book - (Vault 106 Science Labs)

Book - Tumblers Today

Take a right and go down some more stairs, taking another right when the opportunity presents itself. Inside this room you’ll find some lockers to loot, and in the back corner on a collapsed metal object, you’ll find a copy of Tumblers Today . Head back into the main tunnel and continue north.

Be sure to pick up the Bobblehead - Science (left) on your way through Vault 106. At the bottom of the Vault lurks the sole sane Survivor (right). This evil scientist will employ illusions to aid them in combat.

12) The Sole Survivor

Follow the tunnel and ignore the side room, going down some stairs when you reach them. You’ll eventually come to a door, on the far side of which is a Survivor. That’s right, not a crazy, just a hostile gal in a lab coat. When you attack her, the screen’ll go blue and you’ll have to fight the Tunnel Snakes from Vault 101, obvious phantoms, and when her health is below 50% she’ll go invisible (as if she had used a Stealth Boy.) She’s a bit tougher than the other Vault 106er’s, but still not up to snuff. In a cubby to the west you’ll find some ammo boxes and a Mini Nuke.

Your rampage through Vault 106 is now complete, but there are a couple more Bobbleheads we’ll want to get before we return to questing, namely the Explosives , Melee Weapons , Sneak , Speech , and Unarmed Bobbleheads. Go back to town, rest up, empty your inventory, and get ready for a length journey that will take us to the farthest edges of the Wasteland. When you’re ready to go, we’ll pick up right where we left off-Vault 106.

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