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Deans Electronics

Nathan Garvin

Anchorage Memorial - Anchorage Memorial Facility

On the western side of the level, in the medical bay (the room with the gurney and x-rays) the book is under the table near the x-rays in a floor safe.

Bethesda Ruins - Bethesda Offices West

On the top floor of the Bethesda Offices West, in the room that has three rigged shotguns set as traps. The book is at the bottom of a wooden crate on a desk in the corner. There is a steam gauge assembly on top of the crate.

Canterbury Commons - Dominic and Machete’s House

In Dominic and Machete’s House, on a metal shelf.

Corvega Factory

In the second part of the Corvega Factory (the area where the ant queen is) in the southern part of the map. The book is in one of the raised areas, on a desk.

Dunwich Building - Forsaken Dunwich Ruins

The book is in a room on the southern end of the area map, on a shelf next to a Toolbox.

Dupont Circle - Dry Sewer

Just north of Dupont East you’ll find the Dry Sewers. Inside, in a small room to the south, you’ll find the book. It’s on a metal shelf on top of another book.

Hubris Comics - Utility Tunnels

In the Hubris Comics Utility Tunnels which are located directly south of the Farragut West Metro Station, across the river. From the exit to the Capital Wasteland, it’s in a room on a desk by some electrical equipment.

Hubris Comics Area

Just south of Hubris comics, in a Pulowski Preservation Chamber.

Jury Street Metro Station

In the Jury Street Metro Station. Head right around the first corner to find a Raider camp. The book is on the Workbench.

Mama Dolce’s - Mama Dolce’s Processed Foods

From where you found the Guns and Bullets book in this area, head up some stairs. On a landing in the stairwell you’ll find a metal shelf. The book is on the shelf, next to a smashed computer.

MDPL-05 Power Station

In the north-west corner of the world map is the MDPL-05 Power Station. Inside the fenced area, by a skeleton, you’ll find the book. The book is leaning against a tool box, near a Schematic.

Metro Central

In Metro Central, on the second floor, between the exits to Foggy Bottom Station and Freedom Street Station. On a round table in a caged-in area.

Nuka-Cola Plant - Factory Floor

From the entrance head east, then go into the room on the left. You’ll find this book on the inside corner of the L-shaped counter in the middle of the room.

Nuka-Cola Plant Area

North-west of the Nuka-Cola Plant, on top of a hill you’ll find a ruined truck bed, inside of which are a number of metal crates. The book is in the back, on a footlocker. This truck is due west of the diner in which you can find a copy of U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes .

Ranger Compound

From the entrance go down the stairs and take a left, then immediately take another left and continue down a tunnel to the south until you reach a room. The book is on a generator, although it can be hard to find a way to pick it up. If it’s being a bother, blow up the generator and try and find it that way.

Red Racer Factory - Factory Floor

From the entrance head north through some doors. You should be in a room with a conveyor belt, above which is an over-sized tricycle with a Teddy Bear on top. Go west along the railing to find some metal barrels by a door. Jump on top of them to get on top of the conveyor belt machine, where you’ll find this book next to a tool box.

Rivet City - Broken Bow

In the Broken Bow (the half of Rivet City that is no longer connected), in Pinkerton’s room. The book is on the shelf, not too far away from the Big Book of Science. To get into the Broken Bow you must either swim under water under the eastern (shorn) side of the ship or have a Lockpick score of 100.

Rockbreaker’s Last Gas - Abandoned Shack

West and slightly north of Rockbreaker’s Last Gas, there’s an Abandoned Shack on top of a mountain. The book is in a wooden crate on the workbench. There’s also a Guns and Bullets book and a Keller Family Transcript inside, so you’ll know if you’re in the right place.

Temple of the Union Area - Abandoned Farm

North-east of the Temple of the Union, up a large hill you’ll find a farm, complete with a silo, water tower, and wind mill. South-east of the outhouse where you can find a copy of Guns and Bullets you’ll find a small pond over a cliff. Inside an overturned truck bed on the shore of the pond you’ll find some radioactive barrels, upon which rests this book.

Tepid Sewers

In the Tepid Sewers. To the east you’ll find a tunnel where Rocksalt and his Raiders are located. The book is in one of the rooms to the east of the tunnel, the room with the large generator. It’s behind a Toolbox and by a wrench.

VAPL-58 Power Station - Power Substation

At the VAPL-58 Power Station, in the Power Substation. The book is on the desk next to a working computer terminal and a safe.

VAPL-66 Power Station - Power Substation

At the VAPL-66 Power Station, in the Power Substation. The book is on a desk with a broken computer on it.

Vault 92 Area - Raider Barn

West of Vault 92 you’ll find a barn full of Raiders, which is nothing like a barrel full of monkeys. Inside the barn, on a metal shelf is this book.

Vernon Square - Sewer Entrance

Near the Cinema you’ll find a Sewer Entrance leading to the… Sewer Entrance. Fair enough. Inside you’ll find a copy of Dean’s Electronics on a table beyond a locked [Average] door.

Warrington Station

From the room where Roy Phillips stays head out a door to the north, then go east down some stairs. Finally go north into a storeroom with a red light. The book is on a metal shelf.


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War never changes. The Fallout franchise certainly has, however. In 2008 Bethesda revived Interplay’s famous “Post Nuclear Role Playing Game”, moving from third person to first person, and from the west coast to the east coast. You are the Lone Wanderer, an outcast from Vault 101 who sacrifices a relatively easy life in order to brave the terrors of the post-apocalyptic Wasteland and find your Dad, whose mysterious departure from Vault 101 sets a chain of events in motion that will change the Capital Wasteland forever…

This guide is intended to be the ultimate completionist’s guide to Fallout 3.

  • Every area in the game covered extensively including all side quests and main quests.
  • All the Bobbleheads, skill books and schematic locations.
  • A full trophy/achievement guide.
  • An in-depth information about character creation is also provided so you can create whatever Vault Dweller suits you best.
  • Good, evil and neutral alternatives to quests will be presented where applicable.

Become the Last, Best Hope of Humanity… or add to the continuing sum of human misery in your selfish quest for survival. Sneak past foes, talk your way out of confrontations, shoot everything in the head, or create a character who can do it all. The Wasteland is a big, dangerous place, and this guide will help you experience as much as possible.

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