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D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine

Nathan Garvin

Anchorage Memorial - Anchorage Memorial Facility

On the western side of the level, in the medical bay (the room with the gurney and x-rays) the book is on a table.

Big Town - Red’s Clinic

In the room with the bed on the table.

Capitol Building - Hall of Columns

Near the entrance to the Capitol Building West Entrance, there are stairs leading to a raised area upon which lurks a Talon Company Mercenary with a Sniper Rifle, a lot of .308 ammo, and nothing constructive to do with his time. This book is up there as well, on the railing spanning the hall, on the southern side.

DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac

You can find the entrance to the DCTA Tunnel in the Georgetown area by heading southish from Georgetown West. Once inside, fend off Mirelurks and head south. You’ll have go go underwater for a some what lengthy period of time, but once you can surface again you’ll be in a small room. Get out of the water and head onto the scaffolding around it. The book is on a large electronic… thing.

Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro

From the exit to Mason District head north then west, going into the first bathroom you see, which will be on your right. The book is on a first aid box on the wall between two stalls on the eastern wall.

Fort Constantine - Bomb Storage

In the locked room, against the door of which Tara is lying, that contains the T-51b Power Armor . The book is on a table near a Fat Man and two Mini Nukes.

Germantown Police HQ - Top Floor

In one of the rooms with a table running the length of the room, the book is on the edge of the table, near where a live Frag Mine is.

Greener Pastures Disposal Site - Makeshift Shack

North-west of the MDPL-13 Power Station you’ll find the Greener Pasture Disposal Site. North west of the map marker you’ll find a makeshift shack. Inside, on the floor under a bed you’ll find the book.

Hallowed Moors Cemetary

Hallowed Moors Cemetary, in the ruined chapel. You can find this book on a shelf.

Jalbert Brother’s Waste Disposal - Office Building

In the Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal, in an Office Building. The book is on top of a bookshelf near a locked safe.

Mason Dixon Salvage

In the northern Abandoned Shack, the book is on the floor on a Large Destroyed Book, near a bucket and a metal shelf.

MDPL-21 Power Station - Northern Pond

North of the MDPL-21 Power Station you can find a pond filled with radioactive barrels. Swim to the west past a half-submerged truck bed to find a cubby with a bed, a table, a locked safe, and plenty of RadAway around. This book is on a table.

Minefield - Benson House

In Minefield you’ll find the Benson house, to the north-east of the Gibson House. This book is on a desk on the second floor near a destroyed computer terminal.

Museum of History - Museum of History Lower Halls

From the entrance go north into a large cafeteria. Head into the room behind the counter to the east. The book is on a metal shelf near the floor.

Oasis - Sunken Chambers

The second underground portion of Oasis, you need to start the quest to mess with Harold’s heart in some way, shape, or form in order to get access. Take the first left (west) to get to a disorderly formerly inhabited area. To the left of the bed are some wooden crates. The book is in one of them.

Our Lady of Hope Hospital

In the small room in the south-east corner of the area map. The book is on a table in the corner.

Our Lady of Hope Hospital 2nd Lvl

In the cafeteria room to the east of the exit to the lower level, the book is on a table.

Red Racer Factory - Factory Floor

On a ledge against the eastern wall of the factory, the book is hidden under a bucket between two pieces of machinery. The only way to reach the ledge is to jump down to it off some railing above. It is not on the ground level.

Relay Tower KX-B8-11 - Radio Signal Oscar Zulu Drainage Chamber

Near Relay Tower KX-B8-11 there is a drainage chamber the book is in the room to the east on a desk with radio signal Oscar Zulu.

Rivet City Area - Broken Bow

Behind the gurney with the corpse on it in Pinkerton’s home you’ll find this book.

RobCo Facility - Offices and Cafeteria

In a room to the far south on your area map, the book is on a desk in the corner of the room, next to some jet and a first aid box.

Roosevelt Academy

In the Roosevelt Academy nurses station, on a desk.


Next to an ant egg clutch east of the ant hill entrances you’ll find this book.

Vault 92 - Living Quarters

In the southern-most part of the map, in the small clinic. The book is on the table near the “Laboratory Terminal”.

Vernon Square - Sewer

South-west of Vernon Square North (Metro Junction) you’ll find a crater with a downed aircraft at the bottom. The place is very unfriendly due to an unusually high radiation concentration, so getting some rad resistance-either from Rad-X or gear is really mandotory. At the bottom of the crater is a sewer entrance, inside of which is a Super Mutant camp. The book is on a metal shelf inside the sewer.


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