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Fallout 3


Nathan Garvin

1) Kaelyn’s Bed & Breakfast

North, north-west of Vault 106 you’ll find Kaelyn’s Bed & Breakfast, which is crawling with Raiders. They can be pretty rough, and there’s more of them under a bridge north of the house, but again, you should be able to handle them with just a little temperance. Grab the loot strewn about the floor of the house before moving on. If you go north, north-west from Kaelyn’s Bed & Breakfast you’ll find Arefu-a shanty-town built on a ruined highway. We’re not going to deal with Arefu yet, but there’s no harm in discovering the location for future fast travel purposes. Just be careful not to provoke Evan King… and backtrack to Kaelyn’s Bed & Breakfast when you’re done.

2) Patrick’s Farewell

From the western side of Kaelyn’s Bed & Breakfast, turn south, south-west and spot a dirt path heading uphill through some rocks. Ascend this path and immediately turn north-west when you get around the rocks. Follow the edge of the cliff heading west, north-west at first, then west, and finally south-west as the cliffs turn and rocks get in your way. As you turn south-west you should see a collapsed radio tower in the distance. To the west are several dead trees, in front of which will be a “Scenic Overlook” sign.

To the north-west of this sign you’ll spot a motorcycle, and further north-west you’ll find a metal box at the very edge of the cliff, which contains the note “Patrick’s Farewell.” If you’re good at hugging the edge of the cliff, you can ride this one down safely and survive where Patrick did not. On his body is a Switchblade, for what it’s worth. Continue west, either from the top of the cliff or the bottom, it doesn’t matter-and you’ll find a metal shack near the VAPL-58 Power Station which has some goodies worth grabbing.

3) VAPL-58 Power Station (and Power Substation)

Book - Dean’s Electronics

Book - U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes

Since we’re so close to the VAPL-58 Power Station we might as well loot it, as it has a Dean’s Electronics inside. There’s also a U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes book on the roof. On the main floor there’s a hackable computer [Very Hard] and a locked safe [Very Hard], neither of which we can really do anything about just yet. When you have 100 Lockpick or Science , come back and get that safe open and take your 60 Caps, Silenced 10mm Pistol, and your slew of drugs. Make sure you grab the Nuka-Cola Quantum and the Stealth Boy while you’re here.

4) Ghoul Wastelander Shelter

Keller Family Transcript (1 of 5)

From the VAPL-58 Power Station head north, following the line of electrical towers until you find one with a shelter built under it. It’s the third one up from the fenced area near VAPL-58. Inside the shelter you’ll find two Ghoul Wastelanders who need some death followed by a bit of looting. The best of this loot is a Pre-War book and Mini Nuke which are on two of the cement supports for the electrical tower. There’s also a Keller Family Transcript (1 of 5) on a bookshelf, which is really the reason to even come here. Come back when you have 100 Lockpick to get the loot in the personal footlocker [Very Hard].

5) Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal

Book - D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine

Head west, south-west (more or less) and you’ll find the Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal site. Either Unlock the gate [Easy] or go into the Office building to the west (or both). Inside it there’s a terminal [Average] which you can use to open a locked safe [Very Hard]. Inside is a 10mm Pistol, some ammo, and some money. On top of the shelf near the first aid kit is a copy of D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine . Go down some stairs and smite some Radroaches. In a metal locker [Average] you’ll find a number of goodies, including two Radiation Suits. There’s also a First Aid Box [Easy] on the wall. Go up some stairs and get the Nuka-Cola Quantum on the desk, then leave the office. When you exit, you’ll be catching some Rads-there also tends to be a random encounter here (see the Random Encounters section of the guide for more information). Run north through the Jalbert Brother’s Waste Disposal site, past a truck, around some waste barrels, over a bridge spanning some obviously unhealthy water, and exit through another gate. Don’t stop moving until the Rad counter goes away.

6) Ghoul Town

Book - Duck and Cover!

Book - Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

Book - Tumblers Today

Now that we’re out of the heat, continue uphill to the north, north-west until you’re past the rocks. To the north-east you’ll find some houses, in fact, it’s an entire settlement full of Ghoul Wastelanders (not marked on your map). They’re hostile, but armed with weak weapons. In fact, one hit of Fisto! should do them in. Loot their town and their Abandoned Shacks. The southern-most shack shows signs of barricading, and the skeletons on the floor give us the impression that these ghouls weren’t the original inhabitants of the town. There’s a Combat Shotgun and Laser Rifle on the floor, both in lousy condition. Also there’s a locked [Average] ammo crate, a Mini Nuke, and a copy of Duck and Cover! In the western shack you’ll find a Combat Shotgun and a locked [Easy] ammo crate, and outside of this shack you’ll find an overturned fridge with a Tumblers Today inside. In the northern shack you’ll find a Stealth Boy and a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor on a desk. South-west of the ghoul town you’ll find an overturned truck, and a Nuka-Cola Quantum on the ground.

7) Rockbreaker’s Last Gas

West, north-west of the Ghoul town you’ll find Rockbreaker’s Last Gas. Out in front of two Nuka-Cola machines is a dead Wastelander with some food and a 10mm Submachine Gun near her. She won’t be needing it anymore. If you go along the road leading west and look up at the mountain to the west, north west you should see a shack on top of it. That’s where we’ll go next. Yeah, it’s a detour, but it’s a worthy one.

8) Mountain Shack

Book - Deans Electronics

Book - Guns and Bullets

Keller Family Transcript (4 of 5)

Head south west to find a path leading up to the shack. Inside you’ll find some captive Radroaches, one named Jitters and another more appropriately named Fluffy. Loot the place, particularly take the copy of Dean’s Electronics hidden in a wooden crate on the workbench the Keller Family Transcript (4 of 5) on the workbench, the Pre-War Book on the bedside table and the copy of Guns and Bullets underneath it. Also loot the ammo box [Average], the safe [Hard], and… the locker [Very Hard] will have to wait. When you finally have a Lockpick score of 100, be sure to come back and open this locker to claim the Victory Rifle . Once you leave you’ll most likely be attacked by Talon Company Mercenaries (or Regulators, depending on your alignment.) Either way, it can be a bit of a fight. You can also expect a patrol of Super Mutants to appear at the bottom of the mountain. At this stage in the game they can be pretty rough.

9) Five Axles Rest Stop

Book - U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes

Head mostly north and slightly east until you find the Five Axles Rest Stop. As you approach the ring of trucks, be wary of landmines. In the back of one of the trucks will be three Raiders and their beds. Kill them and loot, in the back of this truck is a copy of U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes . There’s also another truck with tires in it that is worth exploring, as it has the note “partial CB Radio backup” inside of it.

10) Abandoned Car Fort

Book - Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

Go north until you find a bridge, an old highway, to be more precise. Get on it and follow the road over the river until you find the Abandoned Car Fort. This is… quite a walk, but just keep following the road-you’ll be heading south, south-west by the time you spot the Abandoned Car Fort. There’s plenty of ammo, some beds, and a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor nearby.

11) Internment Orders

Book - Pugilism Illustrated

Now continue to head north, north west along the highway until you come to a broken down truck, in the back of which you’ll find a note “Internment Orders.” If you look at the note you’ll notice the names are all obviously Chinese. The dead body outside with the 10mm Pistol nearby indicated that ‘non-lethal’ force was not the kind used, but who can guess if this happened before or after news of the bombs falling came. There’s plenty of food, Purified Water, a copy of Pugilism Illustrated , and two First Aid Boxes (one locked, [Hard]) in the back of the truck as well. Note that on the highway to the south you’ll see a jack-knifed red truck, in the back of which you’ll find some drugs, a surprisingly intact Laser Rifle, and a Mini Nuke, if you feel like taking the time to go over there. Time for a somewhat long detour, but it’ll result you you nabbing a schematic and a skill book, so why not?

12) MDPL-05 Power Station

Book - Dean’s Electronics

Schematic - Dart Gun

Further down the road in the back of a bus you’ll find some Frag Grenades near a skeletal torso. Ignore the satellite towers to the south-west for now and follow the road as it connects with the ground again. When it forks into two crumbling paths follow the western fork uphill, not the north-eastern one. The road will fork again shortly where a car rests-veer to the north, north-east and follow the crumbled fragments of roadway until you find some electrical towers. Follow those towers to the north-east until you hit the MDPL-05 Power Station and a random encounter (see the Random Encounters section of the guide for more information). Around the station are two locked gates [Hard]… or you could just go around the side where the fence is broken. Inside is a skeleton, and near him you’ll find the Schematic - Dart Gun and a copy of Dean’s Electronics . In his toolbox you’ll find the MDPL-05 Power Station Key, which unlocks the gates… but why not pick them for experience?

13) Corpses and Cars

Book - Duck and Cover!

Now it’s time to back track, but even in this we’ll be profitable. Our goal is to reach the SatCom Array NW-07c we bypassed earlier, and score some loot along the way. Carefully scale down the cliffs, then head through the wasteland going south, south east. Keep an eye out for Mirelurks, but more importantly, look for a group of cars in a line. It can be tricky, as there are plenty of broken down cars around. The ones we’re looking for, however, have a skeleton, two grenade boxes [Average], and an ammo box near them, and lie south-east of some shallow, Mirelurk-infested pools, and north-east of an elevated highway. On the ground near the skeleton is a copy of Duck and Cover! Once you’ve found it turn south-west and head towards the large satellites in the distance.

14) SatCom Array NW-07c

When you find SatCom Array NW-07c enter the Satellite Facility to do what little looting there is to do. When you’re done there, head west, south-west to find the collapsed bowl of another satellite, which has been cleverly converted into a shelter. It’s hidden behind some rocks, as you’ll see if you look west, south-west from the door to SatCom Array NW-07c, so you’ll have to walk around them, but there’s plenty to steal there. Sure, you’ll lose karma, but the loot is worth it! If you head south-west you may just find another random encounter… but our goal is to head south, south-east until you find Shalebridge-it’s just beyond an elevated railway… or the ruins of one, anyways.

This D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine (left) blends in well, but it’s there. The Giant Ant Queen (right) is a large foe, but her girth impedes.

15) The Two Tunnels

Book - D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine

Shalebridge consist of two ant hills, one in the north (marked as Shalebridge Hill) and one to the south (Shalebridge Tunnels). Before we explore either, head east of the tunnels to find some irradiated land. Near an Ant Egg Clutch you’ll find a D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine and a Stealth Boy. They blend in surprisingly well, but they’re there.

16) Defending the Forager Ants - (Shalebridge Tunnels)

Book - Big Book of Science

Now, back to the ant hills… enter the southern most one first, which is full of docile Forager Ants. Some Invader Ants will be around attacking them. Kill the big mean ants and help the small nice ones! In the northern part of the tunnel you’ll find a dead Ant Researcher, who has a Big Book of Science in his inventory. There’s also a Hunting Rifle and some ammo around. Also, if you investigate a large ant egg clutch you can use a Stimpak to help the ant pupae grow. When you’re done, leave and head over to the northern ant hill.

17) Killing the Shalebridge Ant Queen - (Shalebridge Hill)

This place is crawling with Giant Ants of all sorts. Navigate through and kill any you find. During your exploration you can grab some Metal Armor and a Scoped .44 Magnum. Your goal is to find the Giant Ant Queen, who can be a pain due to her high health and damage output. Instead of getting in a shootout with her, get up close and stay away from her head. You can strafe around her more quickly than she can turn. With Fisto! you can pretty safely pummel her to death. Loot her chambers for various guns and ammo strewn about the bones. When you’re done, leave and continue south.

18) Broadcast Tower KT8 - (Radio Signal Sierra Romeo Drainage Chamber)

Book - Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. Training Manual

You should eventually find Broadcast Tower KT8, which has a fair number of Super Mutants around it. Still, they shouldn’t be too rough for you. Go up to the tower and activate it to discover Radio Signal Sierra Romeo. Head north-east off the cliff to find a Drainage Chamber, from where our enigmatic signal emanates. In a room to the east you’ll find an Encryption Key on the desk. Pick it up and activate the working terminal, using it to open the secure hatch. You’ll find a pair of dead Chinese Remnant Spies. In this secure area you’ll find a Mini Nuke and a copy of Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. Training Manual . Leave the Drainage Chamber and head south, south-east.

19) Everglow National Campground

Book - Guns and Bullets

You should pass by a heavily irradiated area with Super Mutants to the south. Don’t even bother trying to get past the radiation… it’s a killer. Head south east until you find Everglow National Campground. You’ll find Raiders and Super Mutants fighting it out. Kill both groups and loot. While in one of the trailers Super Mutant and Raider reinforcements will arrive… much stronger ones than the originals. In one of the trailers you’ll find a great number of Sugar Bombs and a copy of Guns and Bullets .

20) Huntin’ Irradiated Bear

Go south-west until you find Little Lamplight. We won’t explore it now, but it might come in handy to have it on your map. You can loot the buildings outside for some minor loot, at least. Now head to the south, south-west until you find the Yao Guai Tunnels. Yao Guai are pretty dangerous, as you’ve doubtlessly discovered. However, if we’re careful not to get entangled fighting more than one at once we should be fine. Use Fisto! , V.A.T.S. a lot to ignore the damage they deal and quickly inflict pain on them, and most of all, when you’re not in V.A.T.S., make sure to block their attacks. It significantly reduces the damage they deal and leaves them open to a counter-attack. Oh, and if you’re sneaking, popping them with a Combat Shotgun can be devastatingly effective, even at a surprisingly long range!

21) Something Big Lurking in the Shadows… - (Yao Guai Tunnels)

Head east, you’ll pass a picnic table with some food and loot on it. Continue east, then north to find some shelves with more loot… Apparently somebody was making a go at living in these caves. Continue east through a narrow tunnel and you’ll see a Yao Guai run in front of you. Loot this room as well, especially the book shelf, which has a variety of ammo on it, and the cabinet, which has a Laser Pistol inside. A little further to the east the path will split four ways. To the east is a room full of minor loot and to the south is a Yao Guai guarding an area that is mostly uninteresting.

22) Bear-ricade

Sneak up to the north and you’ll find a large room. A Yao Guai will push through a barricade in front of you. If you’re quick with a Combat Shotgun you can blast it before it even knows you’re there. That one shot was all it took to kill it, which is an optimal way of dealing with Yao Guai. Too bad we’re not quite good enough at Sneak to put it to use all the time, eh? Grab the Nuka-Cola Quantum on the table and continue east.

23) Shotgun Shots and the Three Bears

You’ll find a chamber with three Yao Guai about, but with any luck only two will be close enough to threaten you at any one time. Get a sneak attack critical on one with a Combat Shotgun and eliminate the other with Fisto! When that’s done hunt down the third and final Yao Gui. You’ll find some ammo boxes which will help heal your Shotgun woes. Head south, then east to find the door to the Yao Guai Den.

Yao Guai are fearsome foes (left), but the Bobblehead - Sneak (right) is a prize worth fighting for.

24) Stealing the Bobblehead - Sneak - (Yao Guai Den)

Bobblehead - Sneak

Go forward down the tunnel until you find a dead Wastelander, who can be looted for some drugs. Continue on until you find a lone Yao Guai, whom is easily sneak attacked. Continue on to the south, where a large chamber will open up. You should proceed with some caution and try to sneak attack all the Yao Guai you can see, especially if there’s only one nearby. There are three in total, so make sure to get them all before you start looting. Search the Dead Settler in the water to get the Yao Guai Den Note, and with it, better understanding on what happened. From the water where the note was head north until you find a metal box, on top of which you’ll find the Bobblehead - Sneak .

25) Ledges, Books and Bodies

Book - Grognak the Barbarian

Continue down a tunnel to the south, then west, and kill another Yao Guai foolish enough to be alive near you. Loot the dead Mercenary and continue west until you find a door back to the Tunnels. Head north off the ledge down to the ledge with the Raider, who has a copy of Grognak the Barbarian near him. Take it and cheese it out of the Yao Guai Tunnels.

Rockopolis is well hidden, but if you follow my directions, you’ll spot the party flags marking the entrance soon enough (left). Inside awaits the Bobblehead - Unarmed (right).

26) Rockopolis! - (Rockopolis)

Bobblehead - Unarmed

Alright, to get to Rockopolis (an unmarked area on the map) you’ll need to follow my directions exactly. It’s not far, but it can be easy to miss. From the Yao Guai Tunnel entrance head south, south-west along the trail past three trees that are close together. To your south-east you should see another tree. Run to it, and past the cliff face that it is next to. From here you should see three small trees close together, on lower ground. Run to them. Directly south you should see three branchy trees and one tree stump. Run over to the tree stump and turn south-east. You should see a rock formation at the edge of a cliff ahead of you. Run over and jump up on them to get a good vantage point of the area below you. Right in front of you (again, to the south-east) you’ll see another large rock formation that is partially obscuring a tree. Again, directly to the south-east. The tree you’re looking for is a thin one, not a branchy one. Jump down the cliff face and jump on this new, lower, rock formation. Head down this cliff face as well, still going south-east. Once you’re on the ground by the tree that was half-hidden behind the rocks turn around. You should see a large rock with party flags hung over it, with one tree on the right and two trees on the left.

If you’re not sure this is the place, check the Local Map on your Pip-Boy 3000, which should indicate that it is indeed Rockopolis. Search the stone to find the door to Rockopolis. You won’t find much inside besides the note “Rollings – We’re Done” and to the north the body of Argyle, from the GNR program. Near Argyle is the Bobblehead - Unarmed , on the floor.

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