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Fallout 3

Skill Bobbleheads

Nathan Garvin

Below are listed all of the skill Bobbleheads. Each one will increase the corresponding skill by ten points. Unlike the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Bobbleheads, you don’t have to worry about getting any fancy-smancy perks before you pick any of these up-grab them as you find them.

Big Guns

Location: Fort Constantine - CO Quarters

“The best way to win an argument is to be the loudest.”

In the north-western corner of the map, between two SatCom Arrays (NW-05a and NN-03d) you’ll find Fort constantine. One of the smaller buildings, listed as the CO Quarters, is where you want to go. The Bobblehead is in the basement, inside an already opened safe. This house is particularly giving, because is also has two books inside.

Energy Weapons

Location: Raven Rock - Level 2

“Arrive at peaceful resolutions by using superior firepower.”

In the room in the north-western corner of Raven Rock - Level 2 you’ll find this Bobblehead, on a table. It’s not hard to find, but it is one of the few missable Bobbleheads. Grab it before you go to the Control Room, or regret it later.


Location: Drainage Grate to Sealed Cistern

“The best way to solve a problem is to make it go away.”

Just south of the WKML Broadcast Station, you can find the Sealed Cistern, the Bobblehead is on a desk by a Ham Radio. You can find the WKML Broadcast Station in the north-western part of the Capitol Wasteland.


Location: Bethesda Offices East

“Always strive for the unobtainable.”

The Bethesda Offices are east of Big Town, past the river. The Bobblehead is on a desk in a room just south from the center of the map. It’s the desk underneath the safe that you need a special key to unlock.


Location: Vault 101

“The smart man knows a bandage only hides his wounds.”

This is the first Bobblehead you can get, it’s on your dad’s desk. You can pick it up when you’re sixteen, right before you take the G.O.A.T., or afterwards during the breakout.

Melee Weapons

Location: Dunwich Building - Virulent Underchambers

“It’s important to do business up close and personal.”

The Dunwich Building is in the far south-western corner of the map. It’s the south-western most location in the game, in fact. You’ll have to go through the Dunwich Building and the Forsaken Ruins to get to the Virulent Chambers. The Bobblehead is in the southern most room on the area map, near the door that leads back to the Dunwich Building. It’s on the floor amongst some cans and soda bottles.


Location: Arefu - Evan King’s House

“Why go down with the ship when you can try to fix it?”

Arefu is located north-west of Megaton, it’s on one of the old highways spanning the river, so if you follow the river north of Megaton, you should run into. You’ll need a Lockpick skill of 50 to pick the lock on Evan King’s door. It’s right by the door inside, on a table to the left.


Location: Vault 106 - Living Quarters

“Always be prepared to explain the hows and the whys.”

Vault 106 is north-west of Vault 101. This Bobblehead is pretty easy to get, all you have to do is head through the Entrance and into the Living Quarters. From the door head across the bridge to the east, then go south through a door and follow the tunnel. You’ll end up in a room on the eastern edge of the map. The Bobblehead is on a bookshelf.

Small Guns

Location: National Guard Depot - National Guard Armory

“Because it’s easier to have courage from a safe distance away.”

The National Guard Depot is at the edge of the D.C. area near the eastern edge of the map. It’s pretty much due east of Vault 101, but it’s a pretty perilious journey. Inside the Depot, it’s not much better. There are tons of robots in here, and you have to make your way through a couple of areas until you wind up back in the National Guard Depot in an area that was previously inaccessible. (In a room above the room that had the door leading to the Depot Training Wing.) Hit the electrical switch by the desk and go down the hole. You now have access to the National Guard Armory. The Bobblehead is on a metal shelf in the main room of the Armory (the room with all the goodies.)


Location: Yao Gui Tunnels - Yao Gui Den

“The safest distance between two points is a shadowy line.”

The Yao Gui Tunnels are at the far western edge of the world map, north and west of Girdershade. Go through the Tunnels to reach the Den and follow the path into a large open room. Follow the wall traveling around the room to the left and you’ll find a Metal Box, on top of which is the Bobblehead.


Location: Paradise Falls - Eulogy’s Pad

“Let your words be your weapon.”

Paradise Falls can be found north of the Northwest Seneca Station. You can get in by saying the right things, or by being evil and making a [Karma] check. Once in, head into the next area and find Eulogy’s Pad. The Bobblehead is in the south-eastern corner of the house, on a table.


Location: Rockopolis

“When words fail, there’s always fists.”

Rockopolis is an unmarked area on the map, west of Smith Casey’s Garage. If you listen to GNR on your Pip-Boy, you might have heard a tale about it. In any case, head west of Smith Casey’s Garage until you find yourself in a clearing surrounded by rock ledges with three paths leading to the area. There will be a rock to the west that has a line of party flags over it. Search it to find Rockopolis (you could also check your area map to find out where Rockopolis is. Once inside head north. The Bobblehead is on the ground near the body of Argyle.

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