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Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

Nathan Garvin

Abandoned Car Fort

Next to a wooden crate by a bed.

Arlington Library - Media Archive

The book is in the room with the pool table, on a table near the fridge next to a coffee maker and some cups.

Arlington National Cemetary

In the Arlington National Cemetary, just north of Mama Dolce’s Food Distribution. The book is on the ground inside of an overturned a truck bed, near some toxic waste barrels.

Bethesda Ruins Area

East of the Bethesda Ruins, you’ll come across a little house known as “The Raid Shack”, which appropriately enough is full of Raiders. Upstairs, in the bedroom with the queen sized bed, you’ll find the book, on a table next to said bed.

Bethesda Ruins - Bethesda Underworks

Near the Bethesda Ruins you’ll find the Bethesda Underworks. This book is in the first large room in the metro, on a bench on top of a bucket.

Capitol Building - Capitol Building East Entrance

From the West Entrance exit head south, then east through a door to find a hallway. Head east down the hallway and go through a door to the left to find some some cubicles. On one of the desks is this book.

Citadel - County Sewer Main Line

Just north of the Citadel along the coast you’ll find the entrance to the County Sewer Mainline. Travel through the place until you find Gallo, a ghoul with a penchent for Nuka Cola items. He has the book on his person.

Dupont Circle - Lady Frumperton’s Fashions

In the Dupont Circle area you’ll find Lady Frumperton’s Fashions. The book is inside a safe [Average].

Grisly Diner

This book is located on a shelf inside the Grisly Diner which is just North of the Temple of the Union.

Hubris Comics Publishing

Behind the receptionist desk near the entrance, on a shelf over a rigged computer.

Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal Area - Abandoned Shack

North of the Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal you’ll find a town filled with Ghouls. This book is in the Northern-most Abandoned Shack on the table.

Little Lamplight - Murder Pass

In the first large chamber to the north of the exit to the Lamplight Caverns. There’s a makeshift shelter, near which is an alcove where you’ll find a screen, a toilet, an ammo box, and a skeleton. The book is on top of the toilet tank.

National Archives - Archival Strongroom

This book can be found on the table near the safes, within one of which is the Declaration of Independence.

National Guard Depot - Training Wing

To the east of your area map you’ll find a room up some stairs. The book is on a desk. They’re both gray, and the book tends to blend in, but if you take a second to look, you’ll find it.

Reclining Groves Resort Homes

North of Germantown Police HQ you’ll find Reclining Groves Resort Homes. In one of the houses to the north-east, you’ll find the book on a shelf.

Red Racer Factory Area

If you head south-west of the Red Racer factory you’ll find a diner with a copy of U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes inside. If you head south-west from that diner along a road you’ll find a ruined truck with a copy of Dean’s Electronics in the back. From this truck, head north to find the sparse remains of a building behind a fence. Up a ramp somebody has built a blue shelter, inside of which you’ll find this book on a stack of large burned books near a bed.

Super Duper Mart

At the back of the store, west from the southern-most entrance. You’ll find the book on a counter.

Temple of the Union Area - Raider Bridge

After completing the quest “Head of State” return to the Temple of the Union and head south west until you find a highway. Get on it and you’ll discover some shacks which are now occupied by Raiders. Inside one of the shacks, on a table, is this book. There’s also a copy of Grognak the Barbarian nearby.

Tenpenny Tower - Tenpenny Suites

In the suite in the north-eastern corner of the level you’ll find this book on a desk, next to a Love Letter.

The Statesman Hotel

In a room on the second floor, in the north-eastern corner of the level. This book is on a desk in the corner, along with a phone, two Coffee Mugs, and a lamp.

Vault-Tec Headquarters - Vault-Tec Guest Relations

Once you reach Vault-Tec Administration, go down the stairs in the north-west corner to reach a door leading back to Guest Relations. This will allow you to reach the previously unreachable north western corner of Guest Relations. The book is on one of the tables.

Vault 92

In the large room to the south you’ll find a locked [Average] door on the second level. Inside is a supply room. The book is on the metal shelf behind the counter with the Supply Shop terminal [Average] on it, on the bottom shelf in the corner.

Willy’s Grocer

East of Tenpenny Tower you’ll find Willy’s Grocer. The book is on the counter.


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    PC, PS3, XB 360
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    Action RPG
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    7 February 2015
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    7 December 2020
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War never changes. The Fallout franchise certainly has, however. In 2008 Bethesda revived Interplay’s famous “Post Nuclear Role Playing Game”, moving from third person to first person, and from the west coast to the east coast. You are the Lone Wanderer, an outcast from Vault 101 who sacrifices a relatively easy life in order to brave the terrors of the post-apocalyptic Wasteland and find your Dad, whose mysterious departure from Vault 101 sets a chain of events in motion that will change the Capital Wasteland forever…

This guide is intended to be the ultimate completionist’s guide to Fallout 3.

  • Every area in the game covered extensively including all side quests and main quests.
  • All the Bobbleheads, skill books and schematic locations.
  • A full trophy/achievement guide.
  • An in-depth information about character creation is also provided so you can create whatever Vault Dweller suits you best.
  • Good, evil and neutral alternatives to quests will be presented where applicable.

Become the Last, Best Hope of Humanity… or add to the continuing sum of human misery in your selfish quest for survival. Sneak past foes, talk your way out of confrontations, shoot everything in the head, or create a character who can do it all. The Wasteland is a big, dangerous place, and this guide will help you experience as much as possible.

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