Here you’ll find all the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute Bobbleheads in the game. Each one of these Bobbleheads will raise the corresponding S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attributes by one point (to a maximum of ten). You should avoid picking these up unless your attribute is nine, as when you get the Almost Perfect perk all your attributes will be raised to nine. If you get an attribute Bobblehead before getting Almost Perfect , you’ll just end up wasting that Bobblehead’s benefits. If you get the Bobbleheads after Almost Perfect , you’ll end up with an attribute score of ten.


Location: Megaton - Lucas Simms House

“It’s essential to give your arguments impact.”

This is one of the easiest Bobbleheads you can get. It’s located in the house of sheriff Lucas Simms, in Megaton. You’ll need a 50 Lockpick skill to pick the lock to his house… or you can steal the key from him. Or kill him. It’s upstairs on a desk in the sheriff’s room. If you destroy Megaton before you get this Bobblehead, it’s gone for good, so try and get it fairly early… or if you want to live in Tenpenny Tower, get to level 30 and then destroy Megaton… but that’s waiting a long time for a hovel of your own. Of course, if you don’t mind being an abomination with only nine Strength… you can just ignore this Bobblehead. Any Power Armor you wear will give you a bonus to Strength anyhow.


Location: The Republic of Dave - Museum of Dave

“Only through observation will you perceive weakness.”

The Bobblehead - Perception is located in the “Republic of Dave”, in the north-eastern area of the Capitol Wasteland. You’ll find it inside the Museum of Dave on a shelf. This one is pretty easy to get, it’s just making it to the Republic of Dave that can be a pain early on.


Location: Deathclaw Sanctuary

“Always be ready to take one for the team.”

You’ll find this Bobblehead in the Deathclaw Sanctuary. At the entrance head down the passage and to the right. You’ll find a bunch of dead things, on a metal round object you’ll find the Bobblehead… it’s to the left of a dead Brahmin, right by it’s dead Brahmin butt. This can take a bit of work to get, as Deathclaws are bad news. You can kill the one guarding the entrance from the cliffs above, it’s just going to take some ammo. You’ll find the Sanctuary in the north-western part of the map, just west of the Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel.


Location: Vault 108 - Cloning Lab

“Nothing says pizzazz like a winning smile.”

In Vault 108, in the Cloning Lab, you can find the Bobblehead on a desk inside the central room. Vault 108 is on the eastern edge of the map, near the center. Getting there might be an adventure, but disposing of the clones won’t be. It’s north and east of the Bethesda ruins. If you find the Corvega factory, you’re close, it’s just a little ways north and east.


Location: Rivet City - Science Lab

“It takes the smartest individuals to realize there’s always more to learn.”

In Rivet City, in the Science Lab on a desk. Rivet City is located on the south-eastern corner of the map, just east of the Jefferson Memorial. You can easily head down and grab this Bobblehead before your character turns level three. Head south-east from Megaton to reach the Citadel, then swim across the river to the east, avoiding the Irradiated Metro and the Jefferson Memorial. Avoid Grayditch along the way too, you don’t want to tangle with Fire Ants. Don’t worry about the Rads you’ll get along the way; you won’t get that many from swimming across the river, and it sure beats having to take pot shots from Super Mutants in the city.


Location: Greener Pastures Disposal Site - Office

“Never be afraid to dodge the sensitive issues.”

You’ll find this on the desk in the Greener Pastures Disposal Site, in an office on a desk. You’ll have to take some rads to get this one, but it shouldn’t be too much. You can find the Greener Pastures Disposal Site north and east of the MDPL-13 Power Station. It’s on the north-eastern part of the map, in fact, you can probably grab it on your way to getting to the Republic of Dave.


Location: Arlington House

“There’s only one way to give 110%.”

This Bobblehead is in the Arlington House, in the basement on a shelf. The Arlington House is located midway between Arlington Cemetary South and North, just east of Grayditch. Unfortunately, you can’t just run there, as rubble blocks the way. To actually get to Arlington House, you need to go through Marigold Metro to reach Falls church Metro. From there you have to head through some more city to reach the Arlington/Falls Church Metro. Once there, you can get to the Arlington National Cemetary. There are Fire Ants, Raiders, and Super Mutants to

deal with along the way, so be careful with this one.

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